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Transcript of Joseph Chen PPP 4.4

  • My name is Joseph ChenPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • deserves the very bestBridging Cultures in Message and MusicMy mission is about:Photo credit:

  • Bridging Cultures in Message and MusicBridging Cultures in Message and MusicPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • I am a music producerPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • who cares about Photo credit:

  • not just how your music soundsPhoto credit:

  • but what it does out in the worldPhoto credit:

  • Music is not just something to likePhoto credit:

  • but something that touches peoples livesPhoto credit:

  • To accomplish thisPhoto credit:

  • you need musical excellencePhoto credit:

  • messages that inspirePhoto credit:

  • and the highest quality productionPhoto credit:

  • I offer you all three in one packagePhoto credit:

  • I myself am a mix of culturesPhoto credit:

  • I am Taiwanese-AmericanPhoto credit:

  • I am fluent in English and Mandarin


  • I was classically trainedPhoto credit:

  • at the Oberlin Conservatory of MusicPhoto credit: credit:

  • but appreciate all genres of musicPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • I work in the studioPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • in my own studioPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • and in live sound reinforcementPhoto credit: Joseph Chen

  • I will finish my trainingPhoto credit:

  • in Audio Production at Full Sail UniversityPhoto credit:

  • this year in 2016Photo credit:

  • And put together the highest qualityPhoto credit:

  • Music, Message, and ProductionPhoto credit:

  • Because our music and our worldPhoto credit:

  • deserves the very bestPhoto credit: