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    Jon Doe

    September 12 2020


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    Medium: Oil on wood Signed: Yes Artist: Alberto Pasini Title: Unknown (Fishing Port) Creation Date: Circa 1864 Measurements: Height: 17.75, Width: 22.75, Depth: 1.5 inch Broad Media: Painting


    Alberto Pasini (1826-1899) was an Italian painter recognized for Orientalist scenes and related urban landscapes. Born in Busseto, he trained at the Academy of Fine Art of Parma and in the ateliers of Pierre-Luc-Charles and Eugène Cicéri in Paris. He traveled and painted extensively throughout Turkey, Persia, Armenia, Egypt, Arabia, and Istanbul, among other locations. His work is represented in the permanent collections of such prestigious public institutions as the Museo Nacional Thyssen- Bornemisza, Madrid.

    The subject work is a landscape featuring an urban port with small fishing boats docked along the left side of a lightly rippled sea-green body of water; a row of architectural formations lines the distant horizon. The work is executed with loose, painterly brushwork in a restricted palette.

    As the signature at lower left was found to deviate slightly from known versions of the artist's signature, the work has been indicated to be attributed to Alberto Pasini. Further art historical research and/or the undertaking of a formal authentication procedure would be necessary to conclude authorship.

    For the purpose of the present assignment, the work has been valued in relation to past auction sale prices of comparable works by the hand of the artist.SA

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    FAIR MARKET VALUE A valuation is not a certificate of authenticity of an artwork

    Fair market value is the price that property would sell for on the open market. It is the price that would be agreed on between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. This value is available only for artists included in database of auction houses.

    Minimum: 5000 USD Maximum: 10000 USD


    "Fishmonger in Cavak" Oil on canvas 8 1/4 x 9 1/8 inches Capitolium Art, Brescia, Italy Presale estimate 1,500 - 3,000 EUR ($1,713 - $3,427 USD) Sold for 1,905 EUR ($2,176 USD) December 19, 2018 Lot 313

    "Boating at Sunset" Oil on panel 8 3/4 x 14 1/4 inches Nagel Auction, Stuttgart, Germany Presale estimate 1,800 EUR ($2,077 USD) Sold for 3,200 EUR ($3,692 USD) October 10, 2018 Lot 548

    "Veduta Persiana" Oil on panel 8 3/4 x 16 inches Sant'Agostino Auction House, Turin, Italy Presale estimate 7,500 - 10,000 EUR ($8,887 - $11,850 USD) Sold for 5,000 EUR ($5,925 USD) December 4, 2017 Lot 336

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    1. Mutual Art Services Inc., the operator of ("MutualArt" or "Us" or "We") offers valuation and appraisal services to you ("You"), for a works of art for which you provide Us with the information about (the "Artwork"), subject to your agreement to adhere to the following terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions detailed in this agreement (the "Agreement") herein below are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

    2. The online valuation services, offered to you by MutualArt, will be based solely on the images and information provided to Us by You. The outcome of this online valuation is only as good as the information You will provide Us with, regarding the description, condition and provenance which may greatly affect the value of the Artwork. An online valuation is limited in that it cannot provide the same detail as an in-person appraisal.

    3. MutualArt aims to provide Your valuation report on the basis of a Fair Market Price, which is considered to be the price at which a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither under any compulsion to buy or sell, without the necessity of a forced sale and commensurate with the market in which the item most commonly sells and with both parties having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts agree on the sale price of the property. This valuation reflects Our opinion of the fair market value which has been established by rarity, comparability to similar items in the current market being offered and sold at private galleries and public auctions, published sales records, desirability, condition, and recent market trends.

    4. MutualArt shall provide you with a report containing a valuation (high and low estimates), of the Fair Market Price, based on the information and the photograph of the Artwork provided by You (the "Valuation Report"). MutualArt, at its sole discretion may refuse to provide Youwith a Valuation Report, without the need to provide any explanation or reasoning.

    5. The price of the Valuation Report will be as per the rate card of MutualArt and as published on the MutualArt website. MutualArt reserves the right to adjust the prices from time to time and offer special offers and discounts at its sole discretion. Payments received for the Valuation Report are non refundable, unless the Valuation Report was not provided to You within 6 business days as of the date payment was made, provided that all submitted information was complete and satisfactory. Should You decided to accept the Valuation Report despite the late delivery, You will be required to pay 50% of its full list price.

    6. MutualArt does not take into account for the purpose of the Valuation Report reserve price, sales expenses, commissions You might be required to pay or taxes that may be levied on the sale. As such, the valuation is an estimate on the gross amount a buyer might be willing to pay, ignoring all and any expenses that may apply.

    7. All information provided to MutualArt regarding your Artwork is deemed accurate and complete. MutualArt shall not be held liable nor shall it be accountable in any manner for any errors or omissions due to inaccuracy or missing information provided to Us. MutualArt expects that You provide all and any documents and information that may be accessible to You or in Your possession or control (i.e. invoices, sale receipts, Certificates of Authenticity, previous insurance schedules, previous appraisal reports, etc.).

    8. By providing MutualArt with information, images and any other material (in any form), (the "Material"), You warrant MutualArt that You have obtained the right of use in the Material and that no third party rights are infringed by providing it to MutualArt. You grant MutualArt with a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free license to use any of the Material for its own purpose and benefit.

    9. By requesting the Valuation Report You warrant to MutualArt that you are duly authorized to request such a Valuation Report regarding the Artwork and that each of the Artworks submitted for valuation is free from any third party interests, liens, restrictions, encumbrances or any form of claims.

    10. MutualArt assumes that there are no hidden conditions and therefore assumes no responsibility for the same.

    11. Information, estimates and opinions furnished to You by MutualArt, which may be contained in this report, were obtained from sources considered reliable and believed to be true and correct. No responsibility for the accuracy of items furnished to MutualArt by other parties may be assumed by MutualArt.

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    12. Unless We state otherwise, the Valuation Report will be provided on the basis of the information provided by You, without any physical inspection, restoration work or any other physical action pertaining to the Artwork, or any research into the Artwork's background or history.

    13. In the Valuation Report We base our conclusions on our opinion rather than on fact. MutualArt does not provide guarantee or warranty or any representations regarding the authenticity, origin, provenance, age or condition of the Artwork. Nor does MutualArt guarantee or warrants the functionality, longevity or merchantability of the Artwork or its fitness to any purpose.

    14. Our estimate of the Fair Market Price, does not guarantee that the same will indeed be achieved once sold.

    15. In the event that an error is made in the Valuation Report, the liability of MutualArt shall be limited to the amount of the fee for the appraisal You paid. The online valuation is furnished to You for Your use at your own risk. You have no remedy for damages. MutualArt will not be held liable and You will have no remedy for damages for any claim of any kind whatsoever concerning Your use of the appraisal regardless, of legal theory, and whether arising in tort or contract. In no event will MutualArt be liable to You for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind including but not limited to compensation, reimbursement, or damages on account of the loss of present or pro