John Steinert Has Helped Teams And Individuals To Achieve Common And Shared Goals

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Transcript of John Steinert Has Helped Teams And Individuals To Achieve Common And Shared Goals

  1. 1. John Steinert Has Helped TeamsAnd Individuals To AchieveCommon And Shared Goals
  2. 2. John Steinert Has Helped Teams And Individuals ToAchieve Common And Shared GoalsJohn Steinert has gained huge recognition as a recruiter andtrainer of talent. He led and developed over 130 staffmembers, including certified, non-certified and supportstaff. Steinert identified suitable candidates fromdatabases, directories, personal networking, as well asATS, and directed a hiring process with the potentialcandidates from the point of contact, through theacceptance of job offer. In addition to this, he also guidedadministrators on policies, process and issues in HRprocedures, which played a vital role in increasingefficiency in upper management leadership.
  3. 3. Worked As A Social Studies Teacher At Woodland Middle SchoolJohn Steinert is an extensively experienced and a highlyeducated professional. From 1985 to 1989, he attendedErie High School in Erie, Illinois, whereby he was lettered inFootball, Basketball, Track and Golf. Later in December1993, he received his Bachelor of Education degree inHistory/Secondary Education from Trinity InternationalUniversity, and in June 1999, he received his Master ofEducationdegreein Administrative/EducationalLeadership, from National-Louis University in Wheeling,Illinois.
  4. 4. Contributes Towards Accomplishment OfStronger Business ResultsJohn Steinert is a visionary leader and is committed tosecuring a leadership position that plans, organizes andfacilitates organizational training, solutions, support anddevelopment, and contributes towards the accomplishmentof stronger business results. In addition to this, he ispopularly known as a go-to-leader and has maintained aproven record of accomplishing leading key projects andmanaging several initiatives like education, research andsupport.
  5. 5. Highly Detail OrientedJohn Steinert, a successful professional, believes indeveloping strong interpersonal skills. Additionally, he is agood listener. He follows a collaborative approach, throughwhich, he has helped teams and individuals to achievecommon and shared goals. Steinert is highly detail orientedand has achieved huge success, owing to his exceptionaltime management, prioritizing and multi-tasking skills.
  6. 6. Possesses Effective Presentation SkillsJohn Steinert is a strong communicator, and possesseseffective presentation skills, which have been proventhrough his teaching success. He has played a significantrole in the accomplishment of the district goals andobjectives. Furthermore, he has also been recognizedseveral times by the senior management, for hisoutstanding performance and project management.