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Transcript of J.M. (Jimmy) Xu

Curriculum VitaeJ.M. (Jimmy) Xu
Charles C. Tillinghast Jr. ’32 University Professor Professor of Engineering and Professor of Physics
Brown University Providence, Rhode Island 02912
Cell: 401-714-7132; Tel 401-863-1439; Fax 401-863-9107; [email protected]
_____________________________________________________________________ 3. Degrees: Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota 1987 M.Sc, Physics, Drexel University 1984 (Bypassed B.Sc. degree) _____________________________________________________________________ 4. Appointments
“Charles C. Tillinghast Jr. 1932 University Professor”, Engineering and Physics, Brown University, 1999 - (One of the Endowed-Chair Professorships of Brown University)
Director, Nortel Institute for Telecommunications, University of Toronto, 1997-99 James Ham Chair Professor of Optoelectronics, Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto,
1993-1999 James Ham Junior Chair & Assoc. Professor, Electrical Eng., University of Toronto, 1990-93 Assist. Professor and NSERC Junior Chair Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, 1987-90
5. Awards/Honors/Services:
• Fellow: AAAS, APS, IEEE, InstP (UK), Guggenheim, • Steacie Prize of Canada, 1995, (An annual award to one scientist or engineer under 40 for
outstanding achievements in the fields of Science and Engineering) • Award of Professional Excellence, Canadian-Chinese Professional Association, 1998 • Conference Board of Canada - NSERC Awards for "Best Practices in University-Industry R&D",
1998 on behalf of Nortel Institute; and 1995, as individual, 2nd Place (Honorable Mention). • James M. Ham Chair Professor in Optoelectronics (University of Toronto, endowed by Northern
Telecom Ltd., Bell - Northern Research Ltd. and NSERC), 1992-97 • Nortel Chair Professor of Emerging Technologies, University of Toronto, 1997-99 • Senior Fellow, Massy College, University of Toronto, 1998 • NASA Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Office of NASA JPL’s Chief Scientist, 2000-02 • NASA Tech Brief Award for NTR no 30207, “Waveguide-Embedded Carbon Nanotube Array RF
Filter and RF Filter Bank” by B. Hunt, M. Honek, F. Noca, and J.M. Xu. • Distinguished Visiting Professor, POSTECH, Korea, Summer, 2003 • Charles C. Tillinghast University Professor, Brown University, 2005-present • Guggenheim Fellow, 2005 (one of the four in the fields of engineering) • World-Class University Professor (visiting), 2008-13, Seoul National University • Professeur Invite’, 2014-16, CNRS-IEMN&Universite de Lille, France • Chang-Jiang Chair Professor (visiting), 2015-17, 18-20, UESTC, China • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, USA, 2018 • • Editorial Board member: IoP, J. of Physics D, UK, 2003-05; Editor (compound semiconductor),
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 1992-1997; Executive Editor, Springer Nano Convergence 2018-
• Advisory Board Member: IMS of NRC Canada (Three consegetive 3-year terms 1998-2009); Brown U, Provost Search; Brown U VP-research; Brown U VP-intl affairs; Brown U Academic Priorities (Academic programs), Brown University Resources; Nortel Networks Inc., Nortel Technologies Inc., Bell-Northern Research Ltd., Cebra Ltd, LightCross Ltd., Altamira Funds,
Bessemer Venture Capital, Matrix Partners; Foreign Associate, Canadian Institute of Advanced Research, 1999-2004; CNTY Group 2013-
• Selected as one of the 24 Successes of AFRL research program in 2008(“AFRL NanoScience Technologies”, pp.29, 24 Nov 2008)
• Co-Chair, Future Trends in Microelectronics, (formerly a NATO ARW), 1995-2015 • Co-Editor, Future Trends in Microelectronics, Wiley, 1995-2015 • Advisor to the LED and Photonics programs, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Korea • Reviewer for founding agencies in US, Korea, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Canada, China.
Refereed Journal Publications (~280 refereed journal papers; ~290 invited talks/keynotes; ~200 conference proceedings; ~24 patents): 10 representative publications in selected areas
1. D. Routkevitch, T. Bigioni, M. Moskovits, and J.M. Xu; "Electrochemical Fabrication of CdS Nano-Wire Arrays in Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Templates”; Vol. 100(33), 14037-14047, J. Phys. Chem., 1996.
2. J. Li, C. Papadopoulos, and J.M. Xu, “Growing Y-junction carbon nanotubes”, Nature 402, 253-254 (2000) ( 1st report on growing structured carbon nanotubes).
3. J. Li, C. Papadopoulos, and J. M. Xu, “Highly-ordered carbon nanotube arrays for electronics applications,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 75, 367-369 (1999)
4. A. Rakitin, Aich, P., Papadopoulos, C., Kobzar, Yu., Vedeneev, A.S., Lee, J.S., J.M. Xu, “Metallic conduction through engineered DNA: DNA nanoelectronic building block”, Phys. Rev. Lett., 86(16), 3670-3673, 2001.
5. A.J. Yin, J. Li, W. Jian, A.J. Bennett, J.M. Xu, “Fabrication of Highly Ordered Metallic Nanowire Arrays by Electrodeposition”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 79(7), 1039-1041, 2001
6. S. Cloutier, P. Kossyrev, and J.M. Xu, “Optical gain and stimulated emission in periodic nanopatterned crystalline silicon”, Nature Materials, 4, 887-891 (2005) (1st demonstration of stimulated emission in crystalline silicon patterned with nanopore arrays).
7. Z. Xia, L. Riester, W. A. Curtin, B. W. Sheldon, J.Y. Liang, B.H. Chang and J. M. Xu, “Direct observation of toughening mechanisms in carbon-nanotube ceramic matrix composites” Acta Materialia, 52, 931-944, 2004.
8. H. Chik, J. Liang, S. G. Cloutier, N. Kouklin, and J. M. Xu, “Periodic array of uniform ZnO nanorods by second-order self-assembly” Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, 3376-3378, (2004)
9. M. Steward, A.J. Yin, J.M. Xu, and J. Valles, “Superconducting Pair Correlations in an Amorphous Insulating Nano-Honeycomb Film”, Science, 318, 1273-1275 (2007) (This work was cited as one of ‘Ten Top Physics Stories of 2007” in the year-end issue of AIP Bulletin of Physics News, 850 #1, Dec. 13, 2007).
10. C.-H. Hsu, S. Cloutier, S. Palefsky, and J. Xu, “Synthesis of diamond nanowires using atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposition”, Nano Lett. 10, 3272-3276 (2010) (an accidental discovery of crystalline diamond nanowire formed in CVD synthesis under atmosphere pressure).
5. (a) Books/Monographs
1. S. Luryi, J. M. Xu, and A. Zaslavsky, eds., Future Trends in Microelectronics: Reflections on the Road to Nanotechnology, NATO ASI Series E Vol. 323, Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic, 1996.
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9. S. Luryi, J.M. Xu, and A. Zaslavsky, eds. Future Trends in Microelectronics – into the unknowns, New York, Wiley, 2016
5. (b) Chapters in books:
1. E.H. Sargent and J.M. Xu, “Tunnel Devices”, Wiley Encyclopedia, Vol.22, ed. John Webster, 1999.
2. E.H. Sargent and J.M. Xu, “Lateral Injection Lasers”, in “Advances in Semiconductor Lasers and Applications to Optoelectroncis”, World Scientific, Singapore, eds. M. Dutta and M. Stroscio, 2000.
3. J.M. Xu, “Carbon Nanotube Engineering and Physics”, Artech House, ed. T. Steiner. 5. (c) Publications in Refereed Journals and Refereed Series
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