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  • 1. Flipping Brilliant! An undergraduate e-learning pilot and study Jane Burns Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing

2. Flipped Sessions - Aim Students to watch recorded lectures which had pause points and questions for reflection Lecture and seminar time dedicated to discussing questions and exercises, exploration and elaboration of key concepts 3. Context and some issues 1st year UG module Introduction to Marketing 100+ bright/demanding students; 3As; International Mixed discipline backgrounds, marketing history Packed lecture rooms Change of textbook edition 4. Grants, Awards and Support UCL Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant 2013 e-leaning Development Grant 2013 HEA Changing the Learning Landscape Award 2013 Pearson Education Pilot, licences, training and development support 5. Student Echo360 Lecturecast Groups Workbooks Conditional Releases Open Badges Tailored Materials Flipped Lectures 6. Students as Partners Six undergraduate students employed over the summer for 3-6 weeks each, plus a project manager 7. Moodle 8. MyMarketingLab- Lecturer View 9. MyMarketingLab Student View 10. Carrots and Sticks Weekly Tasklist Activities linked to the online lecture materials, submission as a proxy for attendance Seminar attendance compulsory Weekly test for credit Chasing non-contributors Frequent updates and help Skype me Badges . Small prizes Multiple opportunities for 2 way feedback Fast turnaround 11. Leaderboard Student A Student C Student D Student E Student F Student G Student H Student B 12. Student Responses Its a very interesting module and I'm enthralled by what I have learned so far. Looking forward to the future lessons! So far I think the course has been interesting and very well organised. I think it is useful to have assigned readings and quizzes because it helps me to remember to do the reading. Very excited to get stuck in! 13. Change is not always comfortable Some students voiced concerns about paying increased fees and not having face to face lectures I would really like to have physical lessons once in a while. Even if it is not a proper lecture. Maybe more lectures would be good 14. Workload Reasonable; much re-thinking and structuring of resources & online materials Being responsive to a changing situation at short notice Keep your nerve! Up until midnight for the 1st deadline 15. Teething troubles? Remarkably few 172 enrolments logistics challenge Some parts more seamless than others Easy to tailor and modify 16. Analytics 17. By activity level 18. Individual activities by student 19. MyMarketingLab Student Exercises 20. Recorded Lectures 21. What worked well Bulk registration on MyMarketing Lab Student engagement levels typically high, though some stragglers needed chasing Programmed activities with conditional releases to drive and signpost students through the materials Completion certificates popular Skype access to teaching staff well used though perversely rated as adequate on evaluation! 22. What didnt go so well Google Challenge - delayed by Google, couldnt be fitted in emergency replacement assignment Open Badges and Leaderboard bowtie effect MyMarketing Lab Quizbank Echoserver down one week caused delays 23. What students liked The seminars were very, very good. They made you really understand the theory and everything related to it. The online lectures and the delivery. I like the fact that Jane answers the emails all the time and we can skype her whenever in need. Moreover, I find the lecture casts more effective than the traditional ones as we can stop the recording when we want to and take notes, a break, a nap... Hmmm The video coursework, because its doing marketing in a fun way the combination of online lecture, materials, course work and seminar really enable us to learn something from the course. 24. And not so much. I really don't like the online lectures. I prefer having a set time in a lecture hall that I know I can attend. More interactive and less online. I felt as if I was teaching myself the whole course. I don't like the online textbook, It's very difficult reading such large chapters online. Why are we paying 9000 to do online lectures ? 25. Results Students Average % Minimum Maximum 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 172 118 102 67.2% 64.7% 62.8% 30 32 40 86 83 81 By UCL standards, a very large cohort 26. The Challenges Dealing with instrumentalism Motivating students to explore and take responsibility for their learning Overcoming expectations of spoon feeding 27. Conclusions thus far Structured approach worked pretty well though needs work for next year Carrot and stick approach with conditional releases and weekly quizzes worked as a concept Problems of dependency on a 3rd party need avoiding (Google in particular) e-books dont suit all students When left to explore MyMarketingLab, many didnt Its scalable for large numbers, but dont underestimate the support requirement and accessibility issues 28. Whats next? Will students be prepared to pay? Detailed analysis of student behaviours and results Learning about student behaviours and any relationships between behaviour and results Snagging and modifying for next year Take this summer off! 29. Thank You for Listening Any Questions?