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  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    Making maps using Photoshop  Author: Jeremy Elford/

    PHOTOSHOP: MAP MAK!" : #$EA%!" %E&%'$E ()$ A (#%)!A* MAP SKILL LEVEL :  !%E$ME+A%E

    ABOUT: #)!#E!%$A%E, )! APP*-!" A $E*E( %E&%'$E %) %E MAP #$EA%E+ ! P$E)', %'%)$A*,0 #)E$!" %E ',E )( "$E-,#A*E E"% !()$MA%)!. % A,,'ME, -)' AE A% *EA,% *))KE+ )E$ %E )%E$ %'%)$A*, )$ AE ,)ME K!)1*E+"E )( P)%),)P A!+ A*PA MAP,.

    f you2re not a complete 3eginner0 or 4ant to skim through all the detail e5planation0 26e highlighted the key parts0 so just look out for those.

    %E (!A* $E,'*%:

    %his is the end result. creating a relief map to gi6e a top do4n 7+ look. %here are 6arious options and thistutorial 4ill co6er the thee sho4n a3o6e

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    (irst0 something 4orth co6ering: 4hat is a height map;

    t2s a gray scale image that uses tonal 6alues from 4hite to 3lack to determine the height of that image0 or an image the height map 4ill 3e used 4ith. (or all height maps the highest point is 4hite and the lo4est 3lack. t can 3e used in Photoshop0 3ut also in 7+ applications like 7+s Ma5 or Maya < among others = used as a 23ump map2 or 2height map2 and also a 2displacement map2.

    ere2s some 6ery 3asic illustrations. All these use the first gray scale image. (irst some test in Photoshopand the t4o 6ersions in perspecti6e are in 7+ma5 rendered to sho4 the polygon density. 21hite is igh2

    !o4 4hat you can do in Photoshop0 using (ilters. 1e 4ill use *ighting Effects and Em3oss in this tutorial0 3ut it2s encouraged that you try the others and play 4ith the settings as you might like the results and it can effect ho4 your map turns out > you might disco6er a ne4 techni?ue@ f this is all ne4 to you0 then  suggest try playing around and e5perimenting 4ith 6arious settings

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05



    eight maps are also used to create 2normal maps2 4hich are used to define detail on a lo4 polygon model for use in 6ideo games.  4on2t go into detail in this tutorial0 3ut you can find a definition here and a tutorial here . t2s used to large effect on most ne4 games like "ears of 1ar 0 Mass Effect0 Army of %4o and Medal of onour0 to name a fe40 4ho all use just one application 'nreal Engine > 3ut there are may others.

    -ou can get a Photoshop plugin to help create a normal map here 4hich uses grey scale information > aheight map. < though it must 3e said that not all normal maps are created from a grey scale image0 some are created from high polygon models =

    )K@ that2s the 3asics o6er 4ith > lets mo6e on...

    .9: 2m starting 4ith the result from the pre6ious tutorial. "et your coloured map > you can ha6e anything you like0 as long as you ha6e the alpha map you made it 4ith and it2s in the Alpha #hannel as it 4ill 3e needed to use as a mask.

     Also put one in your *ayers 0 3ut n6ert < #trlB = it so the land is 4hite and the sea is 3lack < you could ha6e your alpha like this it doesn2t matter0  used 3lack for the land mass to make it easier to read as a silhouette > it2s a personal choice > 3ut height maps must conform to 4hite 3eing high0 Clack is lo4 =

    .: +rag the n6erted Alpha map > 4hich is no4 a height map > to a ne4 layer. then select the top of the t4o

    .8: "o (ilter D Artistic D Poster edges. 1hack all the settings up as high as they 4ill go D )K

    .7: #reate a ne4 duplicate of that one0 3y dragging the layer to the ne4 *ayer icon. (ilter D Crush ,trokes D Accented Edges. put the %hickness high0 3ut the others lo4 until you get something like this..

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    .: Edit the ne4 layer to r emo6e any un4anted 3lack lines around the edge of your art 4ork . -ou don2t need to accurate. %hen (ilter D Clur D "aussian Clur.  did .F . +rop the )pacity +o4n to a3out GFH

    .F: Jump to the Poster Edges layer you did in .8 . Clur it a 3it -ou 4ant steps of 3lurriness  did a3out F > 4e are de6eloping the height map. +rop the )pacity to F9H. -ou should no4 ha6e 7 layers that sho4 the ri6ers are at a lo4er height than the surrounding land > ,omething like this...

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    .G: #reate a ne4 *ayer and fill it 4hite.

    .: ,elect the ne4 *ayer and go to (ilter D $ender D +ifference #louds . %hen (ilter D +ifference #louds < at the top you2ll see it2s a repeat (ilter option = or #trlB( . +o that a3out 79 times. -ou should end up 4ith something like this..

    .I: "o 3ack to your *ayer you created in . make sure it2s a3o6e the other layers. ,et the *ayer 3lend type to +ifference. -our ri6ers should come through.

    8.9: +uplicate the original height map < .9 > that the one 4here the land is 4hite and the sea 3lack = and place it a3o6e all the other layers. set the layer 3lend to #olor Curn. %he details of your ri6ers should come through0 and it2ll mask out the sea to 3lack...

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    !o4 our height map is starting to sho4 mountains and 6alleys. 1hite high0 Clack lo4.

    8.: < )ptional = #reate a ne4 layer. "et a fall off / soft 3rush and 3lack as your colour and set the ne4 layer )pacity to F9H. paint o6er areas you like to ha6e lo4er ground. 

    -ou can change the opacity of your layer0 to suit the lo4est and then adjust the opacity of your 3rush to gradually 4ork up to higher altitudes. -ou can also use the +odge and 3urn tools on the height map0 3ut try not to 3leach it out or go completely 3lack. its easy to do0 that2s 4hy  do it this 4ay as it gi6e me more control and easier to change it goes 4rong.

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    8.8: ,elect all. the #trlB,hiftB# then #trlB . -ou should ha6e all your layers merged together on a ne4 layer.

    8.7: #opy it and then add it to your Alpha #hannel as Alpha 8

    8.: #reate a ne4 *ayer in your *ayers Palette a3o6e all the other ones. (ill it 4hite.

    8.F: "o (ilter D render D *ighting Effects. %his 4ill open a 3o5 for your to Edit. Make sure -ou ha6e your Alpha 8 layer selected and 24hite is high2 checked. -ou 4ant +irectional *ighting0 3ut e6erything else you can play a3out 4ith see 4hat happens. -ou2re looking for an o6er al lighting0 not harsh. so try and keep the highlights do4n. Also try and keep it matte 0 not shiny > here 4ere my settings0 3ut its really a uni?ue setting for your 4ork...

    8.G: +uplicate your )riginal colour layer and put it under the render you just did. ,et the 3lend to !ormal and gi6e it a3out IFH )pacity. ,et the layer 3lend of the render to )6erlay < this is not set in stone > try mo6ing them a3out and see 4hat 6arious 3lend modes do > you might find something 3etter to your liking =

    8.: < )ptional = +uplicate #olour layer again. then duplicate the height map layer0 and run it through the (ilter D ,tylize D Em3oss . ,et the light direction to match your render lighting effects.

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    8.I: 1hen that2s done0 turn the Clend of the Em3oss to )6erlay > Make sure your colour map2s 3lending

    mode is !ormal and at 99H )pacity.

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    8.L: +uplicate the height map and place it at the top layer. ,et the 3lending mode to ard *ight. )pacity a3out G9H t 4ill lighten the mountain tops and darken the 6alleys.

    -ou should no4 ha6e t4o 6ariations 4ith one mountainous and one a lot less 3umpy. f one is harder lit than the other try selecting the layer that the relief layer and change the mage D Adjust D *e6els so it looks 3etter for you. ere2s the t4o  ha6e...

    -ou could stop here if you 4anted. -ou can play 4ith the le6els and adjust stuff. %he reason 26e got you to do t4o is so you could see different 4ay of doing this0 3ut also to do more from here on in...n many 4ays0 this is only the 3eginning@

    7.9: (latten 0 or create a ne4 file so these t4o has one a3o6e the other. %hen0 using your eraser  delete a4ay

    so you 3ring through the flatter areas of your land.

    (ree for personal use #opyright Jeremy Elford 899

  • 8/20/2019 Jezelf Tut Map05


    7.:  also made sure my height map 4as on the top layer > 3ut not flattered 4ith them.  also 3rought across the original alpha mask and put it in the alpha channels. then0 4ith the sea area selected0 cut and past a3o6e all layers to 3righten it up.

    7.8: As you can see 3elo4N the edges of the map has some artefacts 4hich make look too 3right and in some places some nasty sharp cont