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DescriptionPredictions and trends for 2012 and 2012+ in sports marketing, social media, digital, entertainment. What are the trends for 2012 and beyond ?Many may well be in development. Many may have been tried and failed. Many will never make it past this collection of slides. But all of them, in my opinion, are better to have been considered and discounted, than to have never been thought or talked out loud.Topics covered include:-Social media beyond fans and likes (to engagement metrics)Social media strategy, not tacticsThe Social Olympics 2012 (London)Facebook for things and collectorsGoogle + for brandsPredictive Filtering & Smart SuggestionsGoogle Goggles, layers, and augmented reality2 screensDigital ConciergeSocial Media ConciergeSilly abbreviationsagile contentthe year of mobileVoice activation and voice recognitionalgorithmsdigital amnesty daysocial commerce with CSRlocation based software (LBS)my web, applicationssnap and shop, picture recognitionstorage cloudslinkedinsocial media b2b2social media measurement, social media ROI 2011, social media RO1 2012, ROSS, return on social spendCompiled by Jez Jowett, Social Media Director at Havas Sports & Entertainment (all the opinions and thoughts contained in this presentation however remain my own, and in no way reflect HSE)To follow me i'm on Twitter here :!/JezmondTo connect with me on Linkedin i'm here : mail me jezjowett@hotmail.comI welcome all suggestions, comments, opinions, discussions, challenges to the attached.many thanks jEZ Coming soon: Social media predictions 2012social media review 2011social media case studies 2011

Transcript of Jez jowett social media, digital, sports and marketing predictions for 2012

Social media beyond fans and likes after heavy flirting with social media in 2011 brands will go beyond merely looking at likes and fans, and start caring more about engagement and commumity building. The value of a meaningful relationship will be apprecaited, to build strong commumites, CRM, loyalty and intergrated into transactioning.

Social Media,Sports Marketing, Brand Entertainment

Predictions for 2012Jez Jowett

All the predictions contained within this document, are my own gazing out of window thoughts. Some of them may well be in development. Some of them may have been blogged about before. Some may never come true. But thats the beauty of predictions. It is my opinion that at some point in the past, the present or the future, these will be considered, developed, or realized. Some present great opportunities for brands and consumers. Some scare the pants of me and I hope never happen. But better to have open ears and eyes, than shut ones.Social Media & Marketing Predictions 2012 and beyondJez Jowett (@Jezmond)All of these may actually become irrelevant if Nostradamus' prophecies about the end of the world and Mayan Calendar happens on 21 December 2012, as speculated. Rather than worry about doom and gloom, Ive always preferred to be optimistic, happy and have an opinion, to stimulate conversation and learn more.

After heavy flirting with social media in 2011 brands will go beyond merely looking at likes and fans, and start caring more about engagement and community building. The value of a meaningful relationship will be properly appreciated to build strong communities, CRM programs, loyalty and integrated transactions. Social Media Beyond Fans and LikesThanks to creative commons

Brands will commit to their social presence with dedicated teams, processes, resources and guidelines. Every company will have a Social Media Director. There will be a SM strategy aligned for all stakeholders, not just for tactical campaigns. No longer here today and gone tomorrow, but always on, listening and responding. Especially at the weekends and when people are social.Social Media Strategy, not Tactics Thanks to creative commons

London 2012 will be swamped in social media. More tweets, shares, likes, posts, comments, views will take place in 1 month, than ever before.

News, scandals, records & exclusives will all be read on Twitter first. Then the news channels and papers. Footage we arent supposed to see, we will. Thanks to Facebook, and YouTube.

There will be more likes and friends for London 2012 than any other sporting event, ever.The Social Olympics 2012Thanks to creative commons

Your favourite objects will have their own profiles and history. Previous owners or similar collectors will connect to your objects, and build communities around physical products.

Expect your roland 303 to get messages, likes, friends, virtual meet ups and go dating. Facebook for things, objects and possessionsNot just for peopleThanks to creative commons

2012 release of brand pages, and synchronization of search and marketing opportunities will tip Google+ into the mainstream, beyond the current early adopters. Acquisition strategy by Google will see Google+ make up ground on Facebook, but the market share will only impact APAC and BRIC where Facebook remains vulnerable.Google + for brandsNot quite Facebook yetThanks to creative commons

Behavioral diagnostics (geo location, most active time period, what you respond to, why, what you share and like, etc) will all create a positive big brother effect.

Not spying for the good of the corporation, but spying, cataloguing and suggesting for the benefit of you, and others. Stream management filters. A social media PA to manage your preferences and info streams to restrict info overload.Predictive Filtering & Smart SuggestionsThanks to creative commons

Well hold up a device, and it will layer information (with drop down filters) onto the screen. Every thing within the zoom will have a story to tell.

Architects will have to become story tellers, thinking about the story they tell about their creation.

Wikipedia will allow others to modify and edit the information, crowd sourced and voted upon. Joke versions will thrive. Mickypedia.Google Goggles, layers and ARThanks to creative commons

Everything we watch or listen to, will have an additional interactive feature.

Ability to connect with others, discuss, share, comment, adapt, or dive deeper into the storyline.

Well process more information and interact with more comment.. But theyll be a backlash. Well switch the second screen off, and veg out alone. Retro TVs (but with digital) will have a comeback.2 screensThanks to creative commons

More data, more sources, more often, more interests and likes, will require tighten filtering. Not enough time in the day to read even a half of those you follow. Aggregators of information, and curated content, will charge subscriptions. A service will be launched to have your own Social PA ( I-Google in person). Your PA for info, to avoid info meltdown. Digital ConciergeYour own Social PAThanks to creative commons

Keeping up with the slang, txt speak and abbreviations will spawn a new international language. 2nd after English. Social + mobile = mocial fan + reach = freach virtual + real = vreal Social media + guru = twat Silly Abbreviations OverloadThanks to creative commons

Campaigns created in days and weeks, not months or years. Real time listening, creation, and distribution will mean a trending topic is acted upon, to create the long tail effect of relevance, overnight.

Content costs will go down, but licensing costs will go up (benefiting bedroom content creators). The next net millionaire will be a teenager, getting rich quick at the press of a button.Agile content, more relevant, less costly Thanks to creative commons

2012 will be quoted as the year of mobile. So will 2013, 2014, 2015. to infinity.

By 2016 well have mobiles phones integrated into what ever device, handset, notepad or object we want. Someone will put the technology into our hand. Physically. Ill touch the palm of my hand to make a call, and hold my hand up to my ear to speak. Ill get laughed at, at first. Pranav Mistry wont.The year of mobile, again and againThanks to

Everything will be voice activated. Open, shut, dial, send, buy, re-stock.

Encryption error will create a big mistake. Voice Activation EverywhereThanks to creative commons

Google algorithm will be leaked online, only after the Russians have made millions from this error.

Google stocks price will fail, but then recover.

Algorithms will learn in real time, and welcome open source contributions. Algorithms get hackedThanks to creative commons

1 day a year, everything will shut down, almost.

It will be a beautiful day of real relationships and friendships the old fashioned way, face to face.

Well re-discover social skills. Well put into perspective digitals role.Digital Amnesty DaySwitch off and unplug for 24 hoursThanks to creative commons

Groupon with a CSR angle.

Buy more together, save the world together.Select the priorities that you and the community want to fix first.Social Commerce and Social ShoppingWith CSRThanks to creative commons

When we shop, our social presence and activity will be shared.

When we arrive somewhere a shop will know it and talk to us. When we bump into something, it will say hello or sorry.Location Based Services everywhereThanks to creative commons

Increase in all handheld devices and integration of digital communications (through applications) will see YOY decrease in traditional web traffic.

Applications will be the half way point between future and traditional website access, pushing info to you, when you want it and how you want it.The web brought to youNot you brought to the webThanks to Jez Jowett, Lily & Hooper

Picture recognition on all mobiles will recognize the item, our location, and nearest stockists.

If we share it and like it, well get it cheaper. If we get snapped wearing the item by others, the wearer will receive some additional benefit.

Everyone will potentially become a walking advert and sales lead for a store. Fashionistas will make a living out of dressing up, hanging out, to be snapped and rewarded.Snap and ShopThanks to creative commons

Theyll be everywhere. Virtual storage devices in the sky and on the streets. Upload and download zones, sponsored by brands, will pop up.

Well h