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Jesmond Swimming Pool. How it was done. Brief History. 1992 60 yrs old, 25 x 13 pool, 2 sunbeds JSP formed registered charity, limited by guarantee 5 yr lease, no funding, reserves or support Business plan and community support £ 2 weeks before opening £50,000 grant FSA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Jesmond Swimming Pool

  • How it was done

  • 1992

    60 yrs old, 25 x 13 pool, 2 sunbedsJSP formed registered charity, limited by guarantee5 yr lease, no funding, reserves or supportBusiness plan and community support 2 weeks before opening 50,000 grant FSAConfident but cautious April opening

  • Pre 1992

    Users96,500Income35,424Exp86,400Recovery rate41%Income/user37p1998

    Users145,000Income242,356Exp224,543Recovery rate108%Income/user1.67

  • Doubled availability of public swimming from 40 to 80+ hoursSignificantly reduced energy costs (halved)Consistent programmeEfficiently managed water spaceNo wasted water timeOpen bank holidays and weekendsControlled staff costsVolunteers

  • Board of Trustees and members

    Created smaller sub groups Operations Personnel Communications Finance and fundraising Building developmentMonthly meetings anyone can attend

  • Dedicated board of TrusteesTremendous community supportUse of volunteersCareful original team selectionAbsolute honesty with staff and usersClear objectivesUnderstanding of rolesFlexibility of staffWill to win

  • A sense of ownershipA sense of achievementVery clear objectivesInstant feedbackFeeling in controlTremendous job satisfactionBest ever teamworkFeeling valued

  • 1.6 million upgradeIncrease in turnover and costsDifferent challenges/new customersDifferent local authority viewpointFocus drift from money to impact (SA)Trustee development/recruitmentReview of objectives from (SA)

  • ExpandingReviewing status and objectivesLooking for more challengesTalking to councilDeveloping Social Accounting workBroadening horizons but reaffirming local tiesConsidering purchase of building

  • Must have Social CapitalMust have proven demand and needRight people from day1Appropriate overall structure/governanceLocal authority support or toleranceGood business planCommunity recognition and supportPotential to grow

  • Glenn Armstrong 2812482

    St Georges Terrace Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2DL

    *Asked to talk about CSR, but little direct knowledge, happier talking about Social Accounting as have done this successfully for over 6 years and understand the benefits.Currently working nationally to produce a toolkit for leisure trusts.*Facts and figures do not give the whole picture, and there may be countless pieces of information, that you cannot normally present or tell about.Are you telling the right people the right things ?Are you letting people know what impacts you have, and the benefits of you being there.*If youre doing well and dont need support then why botherActually no one should be that lucky, we should all recognise the benefits

    Picked 3 areas to discuss*Accepted as having resources, so should do thisIs it just to demonstrate they are better than competition?Is there always a risk they need to score brownie points?Do different countries and cultures expect this hence global CSR policies *Big changes hereLAs and public bodies under great scrutinyProfits, salaries, bonuses fly in face of general expectations worse at presentLAs now have to prove impactPerformance indicators ruleProve that you are making a difference *Why are they there failed public provider?Their continued presence will require demonstration of public benefitAre they more accountable than others?Need to prove what others failed to doWhy use them at all what difference have they made?Very important these fit*Values, mission and objectives are key, and reportable to.Stakeholders difficult 1st exerciseDo them all , or selectConvince all organisation to supportTime consuming Several years to convince all at JSPPanel of peers or selected people, intense meetings re review, then redo*Every year or notAfter review, will things change?Do you need to review objectives can they be measured?Are the gathering systems effective, do they need to be reviewed?*Are there things about social enterprises, that make them different from others?Is that a good thing or not?Are the people issues important?Will the government really help?Must still remain a business and perform financially well*Do you qualify and prioritiseIf involved, then you should, if not, wasted time.If you know who to targetIf you involve many, the should be supported by manyValidation every time???Business objective review and auditWho needs to see ?