J.D.C. Bytco Memorial Municipal Hospital, Nashik Bytco Hospital...Page 1 Report of Access Audit...

download J.D.C. Bytco Memorial Municipal Hospital, Nashik Bytco Hospital...Page 1 Report of Access Audit J.D.C. Bytco Memorial Municipal Hospital, Nashik Road, Maharashtra :- Prepared by -:

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Transcript of J.D.C. Bytco Memorial Municipal Hospital, Nashik Bytco Hospital...Page 1 Report of Access Audit...

  • Page 1

    Report of Access Audit

    J.D.C. Bytco Memorial Municipal

    Hospital, Nashik Road, Maharashtra

    :- Prepared by -:

    Suresh Dhondge Programme Manager




  • Page 2

    Introduction :

    Accessible India Campaign (Sugmaya Bharat Abhiyan) launched by Department of Empowerment of Persons with

    Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment as a nationwide campaign for achieving accessibility for

    persons with disabilities based on the principals of

    Universal Design. This will help to understand the barriers in full participation and can get roadmap/guidelines to

    implement for inclusive society.

    The Leprosy Mission Trust India is doing access audit for accessibility for persons with disabilities of Nashik city.

    Audit Team :

    1) Mr. Suresh Dhondge- Access Auditor

    2) Mr. Daniel Choudhary- Physiotherapist

    3) Mrs. Dhanalaxmi Kubendran- Civil Engineer

    4) Mr. Rupesh Mankar- Person with Disability

    5) Mr. Ramesh Kamble- Team Member

    6) Mr. Pradip Shinde- Team Member

    7) Mr. Chandrakant Wadaskar- Team Member

    8) Mr. Swapnil Talole- Team Member

  • Page 3


    Content Page No.

    Introduction 2

    Audit Team 2

    Standards of Accessibility 3

    Objective 4

    Principles of Audit 4

    Introduction of Building 5

    Access Audit Observations

    and Recommendations

    6 -19

    Summary 20-24

    Specifications 25-30

    Rating 31

    Vendor Details 32-35

    Standards of Accessibility:

    Ramp :- 1:12, Ramp width - minimum 1200 mm, Landing : 1500 mm Handrails: diameter - 40 -45 mm, should be at two levels 760 mm & 900 mm from the floor All Signage: - to be in bold and contrasting colors & minimum 300 x 300 mm size Washbasin: - 700 -800 mm height with 200 mm deep space Door Opening: - width minimum 900 mm Grab Bar: - Not more than 800 mm from the floor Desks & Benches: As per the age of students Public Dealing Counter: not more than 800 mm from floor with 200 mm deep space Stairs: Risers 150 mm and width 300 mm and color contrast Corridors: Minimum 1200 mm width Toilets: Dimensions 1750 mm x 2200 mm, with commode and Grab Bars Lifts: Braille and audible with door open space 900 mm

  • Page 4

    Objective: The objective of the Accessible India Campaign is to create

    mass awareness for accessibility, which will enable persons with disabilities to live independently and participate fully

    in all aspects of life. The building being audited shall be judged for the accessibility based on standard and the

    identified barriers will be looked into the inherence accessibility. This will help barrier free environment for

    People with disabilities, children, old age people, pregnant women, people with temporary disabilities and people with

    less mobility.

    Principles of the Audit The Access Audit has been undertaken to appraise defined

    areas of the existing buildings/campus to access the extent of accessibility to services and facilities and propose the

    extent of works required to improve the current facilities in accordance with the definitions of the Disability

    Discrimination Act 1995. The Audit takes into account the needs of people with mobility impairments (Including wheel

    chair users) and sensory impairments. The audit will be identify physical barriers to access against pre-determined

    criteria. The audit should be treated as the starting point of an ongoing access plan, constantly updated by the

    committee. This audit should only be seen as a snapshot of the position at the time of the report. Changes made

    after the site inspection may improve or reduce levels of accessibility. As the DDA evolves, so will buildings, and

    review of audits already completed should be considered on a periodic basis. The DDA is not compliance-based

    legislation and relate to discrimination, not directly to the buildings and physical standards.

  • Page 5

    Introduction of Building :

    J.D.C. Bytco Memorial Municipal Hospital, Nashik Road

    Bytco Memorial Hospital is very old and well known

    hospital at Nashik Road where many people are visiting on

    daily basis. The flow of patients on daily basis is an average

    2000 and visitors are different. The hospital is providing

    good quality services to the patients

    This hospital is very old and the process of new building is

    in the process. The recommendation of the audit will be

    helpful for new building of the hospital.

  • Page 6

    Access Audit Observation and Recommendations

    External Environment:


    1. Common parking is available for all in the campus.


    There should be specific parking for people with disabilities

    in the 500 mm distance from entrance with signage of

    Reserved parking and directional signage. The size of the

    bay should be minimum 3600 x 6000 mm and at least 2

    bays are required

  • Page 7

    2. There is no tactile floor which is for People with

    Visually Impairment in the premises of the Hospital.

    Recommendations : Provide tactile guiding path at main entrance gate and whole premises. Tactile guiding path is

    required to ensure visually impaired person familiarize with the road and path.

  • Page 8

    3. No Alighting point- Access audit team identified alighting point and discussed with the staff of the

    Hospital. The alighting point identified in next to the entrance gate

    4. There is no proper signages for PWDs to overall premises such as brail signages of location map,

    general signage, building signage, & directional signage anywhere.

  • Page 9

    5. Approachability of the Hospital is very good. The

    car/bus can go up to the main gate. Main entrance

    width is 4060 mm

  • Page 10

    Internal Environment:


    Entrance Ramp :

    1. Accessible and There is a ramp with height 250 mm,

    width 2120 mm, length 3470 mm and no railings

    Recommendation: There is an accessible entrance only

    need to provide directional signage and railings.

  • Page 11

    Recommendations : Need to provide directional


    2. Door is wide enough with width 2120 mm without any barrier

    3. There is no building map and also no general signages

    at the reception of the building, guiding the user to

    various sections/departments.

  • Page 12


    Building map should be provided for easy to understand to

    the visitors and it will also help people with disabilities

    4. There are counters like reception, Case paper, Medicine but not visible from entrance and wheel chair users need

    to go inside to reach to the counter as ramp is fitted in another side. Reception counter height is 1040 mm and

    deep space is 200 mm and other counters for case paper, medicine height is 880 mm with deep space 200 mm

  • Page 13

    5. Drinking water not accessible for wheel chair users

    and not visible for general community. Tap height is

    850 mm from the floor and approachability to the tap

    is very poor.

  • Page 14

    6. Ramp is available to reach to first floor but length is

    less but width is very good 2480 mm. It may built to

    carry stretchers but wheel chairs user cannot use it.

    So lift is required.

  • Page 15

    7. Proper waiting area is available in front of all the

    consultation rooms but need to provide reserved space for wheel chair with accessible signage.

    8. Toilets are not accessible for wheel chair users, No Commodes. At least one toilets should be accessible

    like below given picture.

  • Page 16

    9. Lighting and air ventilation is very poor. 10. Steps sizes are width 1200 mm, length 280 mm,

    height 160 mm, No Noses and railings are required

  • Page 17

    Recommendation : Color contrast is required and also provide color contrasting strip.

    11. The corridor width 2930 mm for both floors

    Barriers in the corridor for both floors railing need to fix in the wall.

  • Page 18

    12. There is no emergency evacuation provision for

    Hospital 13. All door opening widths- Doctors Room, Gynecology

    Room, Office door opening width are below 900 mm minimum should 900 mm

  • Page 19

  • Page 20


    Provide proper signage for the hospital

    Provide reception and other counter with sign

    language interpreter in the entrance foyer.

    Implement as soon as possible to improve access.

    Plan adaptation work to be implemented to suit

    identified building users requiring adaptations to be


    Implementation as part of specific regular


    Provide directional signages for activities Horizontal &

    vertical circulations.

    Provide handrails & grand bars in corridors, staircase

    & landings as per the PWDs guidelines.

    Needs to improve maintenance of emergency &

    evacuation system.

    Provide beveling to cater to level differences at each

    doors & Remove

    No hurdle / obstruction should be there in foyer &

    corridors such as air cooler, window panels, potted

    plants, electr