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Full Color Press Kit for JBP, Jazz Baptiste Productions, World Dance Show Production

Transcript of JBP Press Kit

  • Jazz Baptiste Productions

  • Working with JBP is an amazing experience. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a creative person. Jennifer Barnes

    My experience with Jazz Baptiste has been memorable. She is a true professional. I worked on her SambaRet production as House Manager. She maintained her integrity

    and stayed true to the objectives of her production. She adhered to the time constraints

    of the venue and stayed prepared for opportunities to present her talent and vision. As a student, I watched her diligently hone her craft and select music and dancers to

    represent the artistry she choreographed. Francesca Lowe

    Jazz Baptiste brought an elegant ease to all the events we created together in the dance troupe Gypsy Duende. Dancing and co-creating with Jazz is always pleasurable. Leilainia, Co-Founder of The Shimmy Sisters and Nomad Artz Entertainment

    I LOVE SambaRet! That was a super sexy, great, great show! JB

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Jazz as a dancer in several shows. Her passion and

    dedication to her art are evident in every detail. She always maintains a cheerful attitude of

    professionalism, making sure I am clear about all the details including venue, payment, call

    time, and costuming so I am fully prepared, and delivers high class entertainment to all her

    clients. I definitely recommend Jazz Baptiste Productions to anyone seeking fun and

    exciting entertainment." Laura Dasi

  • Jazz Baptiste Productions

    Jazz Baptiste Productions (JBP) creates original world dance show

    productions, taking audiences on a cultural tour to regions of the

    world. JBP is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, a region

    rich in cultural diversity, creative inspiration, and a fantastic stage for

    world class productions of dance and music. JBP presents clients with

    a world of limitless imagination through vivid stories told in an

    intricately woven tapestry of fantasy, mystique, and with an element of

    surprise. Each dance production is uniquely crafted with captivating

    musical composition, high-caliber artistry, authentic costumes,

    innovative choreography and production design. All of this is

    combined to deliver highly entertaining, awe-inspiring, unforgettable

    spectaculars for audiences worldwide.

    JBP brings you the WORLD through dance.


    Chegou Carnaval! Carnaval has arrived in this dynamic presentation of

    beautiful Brazilian samba dancers in sequined feathered costumes, live

    pulsating percussion, high-flying capoeira martial artists, and an energy thats

    out of this world! Let the spirit of Brazil take you on a journey to the greatest

    party of the year: CARNAVAL!

  • Una Gitana (he-ta-na) Libre (lee-bray), (A Free Gypsy), sets out on a journey

    around the world. Traveling through elements of fire, wind, water and earth,

    and across the seasons of the year, la gitana libre meets unique characters

    along the way. Gitana Libre is an exploration, discovery and celebration of

    the human experience through the free moving spirit of dance.

    Gitana Libre


    Some of the most talented Latin jazz musicians and dancers in the country

    come together to perform to the music of Astor Piazzolla and Baden Powell

    led by the multi-talented Eric Larkins, classical guitarist, and Jazz Baptiste,

    world renowned dance producer, choreographer and performer, in this

    enchanting production of vibrant Latin rhythms and classical artistry. This

    beautiful love story weaves a harmonious union of music and dance through

    the intense passion of tango, the gentle grace of ballet, the sexy sensuality of

    samba and the rhythmic rumba of Spain. Experience true love, with La Musica

    de La Danza.

    La Musica de La Danza

  • SambaRet (Sam-ba-ray, like Cab-a-ray), is a beautiful and exhilarating

    spectacular of sensational samba of Brazil, blended with the classy, old-

    Hollywood glamour of cabaret dance. Arouse your senses in this tantalizing

    thrill ride of theatrical splendor! This amazing adventure begins in a sultry jazz

    club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and takes the viewers on an exotic journey

    revealing the best of Brazil Samba, the beach, tropical beauties, the Amazon,

    and more! It is very hot! Are you ready for the HEAT?


  • Hot! Hot! Hot! Sizzling Latin dancers set the house on fire with their fast

    spins, fancy foot work, and awe-inspiring tricks! If you have the Latin fever,

    then get ready for more heat. A fusion of salsa, tango, rumba and cha-cha-

    cha create an electrifying review of passion, fuego, and calor! Muy Caliente!

    Flamenco embodies the strength of Spain combined with the heart of the

    Gypsy culture of Arabic, Indian, African and Oriental influences that shaped

    this intense dance form. The spirit of flamenco comes alive as the dancers

    feet beat rapidly against the floor creating an electrifying sound and dance

    experience, accompanied by castanets and strong rhythmic guitar vibrations.

    Get swept up in the fiery heat of Fuego Flamenco!


    Two To Tango

    Buenos Aires, Argentina, is where this

    passionate and intense dance originated,

    and now we bring it to you! The dancers

    engage in a dangerous game of love and

    hate, fire and ice! They are absolutely

    captivating! You will not be able to take

    your eyes off the pair. It takes Two To

    Tango, but what a crowd pleaser!


    Themed Events JBP can provide your guests with an unforgettable entertainment

    experience. Let us take you to a different part of the world and celebrate in

    grand style! Popular themed events include: A Night of Jazz, Arabian Nights, Caribbean Breezes, Cinco de Mayo/Fiesta Latina, Dancing

    Under The Stars, Hawaiian Luau, and Mardi Gras! Give your guests the most authentic themed event experience with entertainment by JBP.

    Custom Entertainment If you are planning a special event and do not find a show production from

    the JBP listings to fit the theme or concept of your event, we will custom

    design an entertainment package to meet the needs of your company and

    your event. JBP is dedicated to customer satisfaction by providing the highest

    quality professional show entertainment. CREATE YOUR OWN SHOW!



    Corporate Dance Challenge is a new approach to

    team building. Through this dance challenge,

    participants will exercise practical applications to

    build greater team relationships, improve

    interpersonal skills, develop communication skills,

    adapt to new tasks by coming out of their comfort

    zones, and increase competitive drive in a fun

    dance-sport competition.

    Are you ready for the ultimate Dance Challenge?

    Contact us today for full program details.

  • Wellness in the Workplace: Creating Balanced, Healthy Employees


    JBP Dance and Wellness Workshops are very beneficial for companies

    today. Wellness or Alternative Health Practices are used to prevent common

    work or stress related ailments such as back strain, neck strain, chronic back

    pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other muscular/skeletal

    conditions. The workshops are an excellent way to relieve stress, improve

    the well-being of employees, increase productivity, boost team morale, and

    contribute to a healthier workplace.

    A healthy employee makes a more productive employee.

    Dance and dance fitness workshops are offered in: SALSA, BALLROOM

    AND LATIN DANCE, and BRAZILIAN DANCE (Fit). Wellness workshops are

    offered in: YOGA, PILATES, and MASSAGE THERAPY. Workshops can be

    scheduled for one day, one week, or one month. We can design a dance,

    dance fitness, or wellness program to meet the goals and objectives of your

    company. Contact us for more details.

    Make a wise investment in your company and your employees for a

    stronger healthier corporate body through dance and wellness

    workshops with JBP!

  • PASSPORT: Education through dance, language, and culture.

    Open the door to a world of opportunities! Take new adventures.

    Explore the world. Experience a new culture.

    Delve into cultural diversity in a fun way!

    Diversity training in the work place is growing increasingly necessary as

    businesses go global and conduct affairs internationally. The current

    work environment is a diverse makeup of backgrounds, skill sets, and

    different points of view. Awareness, knowledge, and respect of other

    cultures are important for companies committed to the growth and

    development of individual, team, and company members with the

    outcome for great success. PASSPORT offers cultural diversity through a

    fun and encouraging dance-based program accented by language and

    cultural education.

    Where in the world will you go today? Get your PASSPORT today and

    be ready for business anywhere in the world!







    CALL: 510.379.6465 or E-