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Jaypee Garden City Agra build by Jaypee Greens in Agra City.Jaypee Garden City offering plots in Agra city near by agra expressway with owesome price tentative BSP Rs.12,060 call us for more detail +91-8447744867, 9582555098 http://www.jaypeeplotsagra.com/

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2. New Project Of Jaypee Greens In AgraJaypee Garden City Agra is Jaypee Greens latest venture in the city of Agra.Because of their Location by the Yamuna Expressway these plots are alsoknown by the name Yamuna Expressway plots. The township named JaypeeGarden City Agra, which is Jaypees major project in Agra, is the locationwhere these plots are being made available. The township in itself has anumber of major facilities which make this venture a great success. Beinglocated at such a convenient location these plots have a futuristic appeal tothem. The reason behind this being that, these are strategically placed byYamuna Expressway, which is soon going to emerge as the industrial andcorporate lifeline. Call us: +91-8447744867, 9582555098 3. Call us for Booking Jaypee Plots inagra cityClick To Call+91-8447744867, 9582555098 4. Jaypee Plots Agra Jaypee Plots is the promised piece of land which is gifted to the residentsof the rustic city of Agra. There are a number of facilities which areavailable within the bounds of these plots as well as in the neighbouringarea of these plots. For example Jaypee Garden City Agra includesfundamental amenities such as Multi speciality hospital & nursinghomes along with number of renowned universities and colleges. JaypeeGarden City Plots are designed to provide comfort to its residents, byproviding all amenities and facilities required by a modern nuclearfamily within the residential premises. These facilities include shoppingcentres and grocery stores, shopping malls, transport hub, cultural parketc. Apart from these there will be available other recreational luxurieslike musical event park, botanical gardens, sub district centre, miniaturegolf course, world class hospitality, Agra haat and many more. Call us:+91-8447744867, 9582555098 http://www.jaypeeplotsagra.com/ 5. Jaypee PlJaypee Plots Agra Click UsFOR BOOKING JAYPEE GARDEN CITY AGRA Contact Us For Bookingus: +91-8447744867, 9582555098Call Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Noida Apartments+91-9711188273,+91-9582777189 6. Facility ofJaypee Garden City Agra are the luxury plots in Agra which are created to provide allmodern day comforts at your doorsteps. Its location at the Yamuna Expressway opensthe gates of this beautiful city to many important cities of northern India including thenational capital, Delhi. This Township has got a lot of potential in terms of being theentertainment and corporate hub of Agra. The entire township is uniquely designedprovide open spaces along with planned walkways and meandering macadamizedroads. The day is not far off when Jaypee Garden City Agra will be famous as a realestate landmark in the history of Agra. Call us: +91-8447744867, 9582555098 7. Contact Us For Booking jaypee greens garden City Call us+91-8447744867, 9582555098 If you are interested in buying plots or 2/3/4 BHK flats in Agra, Delhi or Noida, you can visit this source http://www.jaypeeplotsagra.com. For more information about residential and commercial projects or properties log on to www.jaypeeboutique.in, or Contact Us Helios Developers Ph: - +91-0129- 4256666 M: - +91-8447744867, +91-9582555098Yamuna Expressway Plots 8. Jaypee Garden City Agra is the latest venture of Jaypee greens in the charismatic city ofAgra. Jaypee Greens is renowned amongst the connoisseurs of real estate as the leaddeveloper of modern day Noida city. It has a number of successfully completed and ongoingprojects which are located in Noida as well as Delhi-NCR. Coming up with a luxuriouslyplanned township in Agra was a surprising decision on part of Jaypee Greens. Located inJaypee Garden City Agra the Yamuna Expressway plots have gained this pseudonymbecause of its unique location by the lifeline of northern India, The Yamuna Expressway.Being located by this highway Jaypee plots are well connected to a number of importantcities of northern India which includes popular names such asDelhi, Gwalior, Varanasi, Lucknow, Mathura, Jhansi, Jaipur and Shivpuri. Reaching thenational capital is a matter of seconds if you take the Yamuna Expressway, along withconnectivity the location of Agra Plots makes available a number of transport options to itsresidents. Jaypee Plots Agra is a project aimed to turn Agra into a multi-facilitymetropolitan city with all luxury abilities located in close proximity. This is Jaypee Greensprimary project to redefine the standard of living of the populace of Agra. This is the firsthaven of the unique sorts being developed for the public of Agra by Jaypee Greens. Thistownship has the potential to be a landmark in the real estate history of Agra. 9. Plots in Agra By Jaypee GreensCall Us For More Detail OrBooking +91-8447744867, 9582555098Yamuna Expressway Plots have the chances to become one of thepioneer cities of India with all luxury and athletic amenities beingprovided within its bounds. There are a number of facilities withinand in the neighbouring area of Agra plots. These include a stadiumin close proximity which is a plus for sports lovers, in addition to thisthere is an auditorium available for the residents of this township. Ifyou wish to see your kids grow up in this community then there are anumber of options available for them getting quality education asthere are available a number of famed universities situated nearbythe residency. Booking +91-8447744867, 9582555098 10. If you are interested for Jaypee Plots then you can visit this site http://www.jaypeeplotsagra.com/click to call us Free : +91-8447744867, 9582555098For more infojaypeeboutique.in,orjaypeeboutique.comContact us:+91-0129-4256666