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Japanese Festivals

Japanese Festivals

Matsuri () is the Japanese word for a festival or holidayThere are a lot of local festivals in Japan as almost every shrine celebrates a festival of its own. Most festivals are held annually and celebrate the shrine's deity or a seasonal or historical event. Some festivals are held over several days.

The Sapporo Snow festival is where Large snow and ice sculptures are built in the city In early February.

located Odori Park Sapporo, Hokkaido

Sapporo Snow Festival

Cherry Blossom festivalJapan celebrates the entire spring season of the cherry blossoms. All over Japan festivals are held which include food and at night lanterns. The Cherry blossom trees are usually at their best during what is called the Golden Week from late April to early May.

The Nango Summer Jazz Festival is a music festival where Jazz artists from all around Japan perform on an outdoor stage with a large audience. Nango is one of the biggest jazz festivals, becoming more and more popular each year. The Nango jazz festival is also a free event.Nango Summer Jazz Festival

The Doll Festival is where families pray for the happiness and health for the girls in their family. The display is a set of dolls sitting on a red carpet platform representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants and musicians in traditional court dress.Doll Festival

Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3 and the dolls are usually displayed for a month and taken down on a specific day to avoid bad luck.Lake Shikotsu Ice FestivalEvery year, Lake Shikotsu turns into a coloured ice playground as part of the Ice Festival, which runs from the end of January to the middle of February.

Aomori Nebuta FestivalThe Aomori Nebuta is a summer festival that attracts the most tourists of any of the country's nebuta festivals, and is counted among the three largest festivals in the region. The festival is held from August 2 to August 7, where the float is carried through the city. A fireworks show is held on the evening of the final day while the float is carried into the sea.

Japanese Lantern Floating Festival

The Lantern floating festival is very famous. The small paper lanterns containing a burning flame are either set afloat to a river, lake or sea to drift away into the night. Japanese people believe that the lanterns light guides the way for their deceased family members' spirits. Usually the person who lets the lantern go will write a message on the inside.