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Japanese Entertainment. 芸脳. By: Brett and Michael. ブレットとマイケル. A Geisha’s job is to entertain a customer, whether it involves communication, dancing, singing, serving, or performing an instrument. Geisha. 芸者. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Japanese EntertainmentBy: Brett and Michael

  • Geisha The word consists of two kanji, (gei) meaning art, and (sha) meaning person or doer.A Geishas job is to entertain a customer, whether it involves communication, dancing, singing, serving, or performing an instrument.Traditional Makeup

  • MaikoYoung woman varying between the ages of 15 to 20. Maiko are known as apprentice Geisha until they come of age and are accepted as a fully fledged Geisha in the community.

  • Video Games The most popular Video Game companies in the world originated from Japan, including Sony and Nintendo.ArcadeHandheldConsole

  • Nintendo

  • Sony

  • Animation/Manga/Japanese filmmakers experimented with animation techniques originating from France, Germany, the United States, and Russia. There are many distinct different art styles.

    Olden day AnimationModern

  • Japanese Music The word for Japanese music is (ongaku), on meaning sound and gaku meaning comfort or fun. Just behind the United States, Japan holds the second largest music market in the world. Genres vary under the categories traditional and modern.Modern

  • Traditional Music One of the oldest form of traditional music is known as Shomyo, literally Buddhist chanting. Another form of traditional is Gagaku, which was classical music performed at the imperial court.

  • Modern Music The early arrival of Western Music brought many new genres to Japan. Some of the most popular styles of music today include J-pop, rock, punk rock or alternative, and heavy metal, which mimic the American versions.

  • Popular Music GroupsSpeedV6Glay

  • Japanese Television One of the most popular types of TV shows are game shows. Different than American game shows, Japanese test the strength of your body, and mind. Japanese drama is also quite a popular genre.

  • Check out this game show!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKRQQUVPJJE