January month gk quiz

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Transcript of January month gk quiz

  • 1. Who comes to your mind , when you think of Macedonia a) Nepolean b) Pope c) Alexander d) None ANS : c) Alexander
  • 2. The chief advocate of Fascism was a) Mussolini b) Hitler c) St. Simon d) Robert owen ANS :Mussolini
  • 3. which great womens name first appeared in history a) Queen Victoria b) Rani laxmi bai c) Queen hatshepsut of Egypt d) Cleopatra ANS : Queen hatshepsut of Egypt
  • 4. what is the duration of zero hour in the Lok Sabha a) 15 min b) 30 min c) 60 min d) not specified ANS : 60 min
  • 5. The Rajya Sabhas life is a) 6 Years b) 2 Years c) Permanent d) 7 years ANS : c) Permanent
  • 6.which one of the following is a secular state a) India b) Iran c) Iraq d) Egypt ANS : a) India
  • 7. Name the capital of mangolia a) Ulan bator b) Yangoon c) Kathmandu d) Muscut e) ANS : Ulan bator
  • 8. Which country known as the valley of kings a) Sweden b) Thebes c) Kabul d) Madagascar e) ANS : Thebes
  • 1. Which one of the following is an element? (a) ruby (b) diamond (c) emerald (d)sappire ANS :(b) diamond
  • 2.Which one is not a periodic property ? (a) atomic number (b) atomic radius (c) ionic radius (d) electron affinity ANS : (a) atomic number
  • 3.Quick silver is another name for (a) silver (b) mercury (c) aluminium (d) copper ANS :(b) mercury
  • 4.Which of the following element has 92 as the atomic number ? (a)lead (b) platinum (c) thorium (d) uranium Ans:(d) uranium
  • 5.Red shift in stars is due to (a)Doppler effect (b)raman effect (c)newton effect (d)none Ans:(a)Doppler effect
  • 6.Which of the following is used for repairing watches? (a)simple microscope (b)compound microscope (c)astronomical microscope (d) none Ans; b)compound microscope
  • 7.Artificial satellites are used for (a)TV transmissions (b) detecting minerals (c)space research (d) all Ans:(d) all
  • 8.Which of the following is the best insulator of heat? (a) cotton (b) wood (c)paper (d)Ebonite Ans:(d)Ebonite
  • 1. which of the following became the first high court to introduce online payment of court fee in July 2013 a) Delhi High Court b) Madras High Court c) Mumbai High Court d) Guwahati High Court e) Madhya Pradesh High Court ANS : a) Delhi High Court
  • 2. The Reserve Bank has increased the minimum daily Cash Reserve Radio (CRR) balance maintenance requirement for banks to __________from July 27, 2013. a) 70% b) 75% c) 76% d) 99% d) 100% ANS : d) 99%
  • 3. Which of the following restored supply of subsidized cooking gas (LPG) and kerosene to Bhutan on August 1, 2013 after a month long gap? a)OIL b) IOC c) HPCL d) BPCL e) ONGC ANS : b) IOC
  • 4.The Union Health Ministry on August 2, 2013 issued a notification revoking the suspension it had earlier imposed on the drug pioglitazone. It is used in the treatment of a) Cancer b) Diabetes c) Meningitis d) Tuberculosis e) Hypertension ANS : b) Diabetes
  • 5. Prime Minister Manmohan Singhn laid foundation stone for the 850 MW Ratle hydroelectric power plant in Jammu and Kashmir on June 25, 2013. it is being built by which of the following companies a)NHPC b) Tata Power c) GVK Power d) Adani Power E) Reliance Power ANS : d) Adani Power
  • 6. Who among the following was conferred the world trophy for promoting participation of women in sports at the 2013 IOC women and sport Awards in Lausanne in July 2013? a) Ishrat Afreen b) Fouzia Saeed c) Shahanz Bukhari d) Ahlam Salem Mubarak al Mana e) Ghazala Rahman Rafiq al Sabah ANS : d) Ahlam Salem Mubarak al Mana
  • 7. Which of the following is the online service launched by Google to assist in tracking those missing in Uttatakhand floods in june 2013? a) Google people Finder b) Google people Locator c) Google person Finder d) Google person Locator e) Google Citizen Finder ANS : c) Google person Finder
  • 8.Which countrys people truxst their banks the most according to a survey conducted by Gallup in may 2013? India has been ranked 24th among 134 countries in the survey. a) France b) Rwanda c) Finland d) Iran e) Canada ANS : b) Rwanda
  • 1. In which year did the first modern Olympics games takes place? a)1908 b)1910 c)1806 d)1895 ANS c)1806
  • 2.Who won the Olympic hockey title in the Beijing games 2008? a)USA B)Holland c)Brazil d)Germany ANS b) Holland
  • 3.Play the game in the spirit of the game was said by a) Samaranch b)Coubertin c)Pt. Nehru d)None ANS c)Pt. Nehru
  • 4.How many gold medals did India win in the 16th Asian game? a)14 b)4 c)7 d)16 ANS a)14
  • 5.Who started the ancient Olympic games? A)The Egyptians b)The Greeks c)The Indians d)The Romans ANS b)The Greeks
  • 6.Who is known as Tiger in sports? a)Mhd. Ali b)Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi c)Alexander Vorun d)Saurav Ganguly ANS b)Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi
  • 7.What is Golden duck in cricket a) out first ball b)An award c)A blow on the head d)out last ball without scoring ANS a) out first ball
  • 8. Merdeka cup is associated with a)Badminton b)Football c)Hockey d)Polo ANS b) Football
  • Who wrote the famous book - 'We the people'? A.T.N.Kaul B.J.R.D. Tata C.Khushwant Singh D.Nani Palkhivala ANS:D.Nani Palkhivala
  • Who is the author of the book 'Nineteen Eighty Four'? A.Thomas Hardy B.Emile Zola C.George Orwell D.Walter Scott ANS:C.George Orwell
  • Which of the following is NOT written by Munshi Premchand? A.Gaban B.Godan C.Guide D.Manasorovar ANS:C.Guide
  • The lead character in the film 'The Bandit Queen' has been played by A.Rupa Ganguly B.Seema Biswas C.Pratiba Sinha D.Shabama Azmi ANS:B.Seema Biswas
  • When was the first elevator built A.1743 B.1739 C.1760 D.1785 ANS:A.1743
  • What James Watt invented Diving bell Steam boat Hot air balloon Rotary steam engine ANS:Rotary steam engine
  • Who invented Jet Engine Sir Frank Whittle Gottlieb Daimler Roger Bacon Lewis E. Waterman ANS: Frank Whittle
  • Who invented the first controllable flying AEROPLANE (AIRPLANE)? Wright Brothers Lidenbergh Brothers South Brothers West Brothers ANS:Wright Brothers
  • Which was the first Asian country to launch the earth satellite? (a) India (b) Japan (c) China (d) None of these ANS:(c) China
  • What was the name of the lunar module which saved the lives of three astronauts of Apoll