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    JANUARY 8, 2013

    Make Us Laugh

  • Anne Atkinson

  • Betty Locke

  • Charlotte Whiteley

  • Ida Marie Threadkell

  • Janet Peters

  • Janet Peters

  • Lenore Le May

  • Lenore Le May

  • Marilyn Boechler

  • Marion Craig

  • Pat Wheatley

  • Ria Lewis

  • Shirley Johnson

  • Judy Lowood

  • Thank you! for viewing this months Galleria.

    The Galleria topic for February 2013 is

    "Complementary Colours"

    Create a piece in complementary colours on a background

    using something new to you (medium, tool, etc.) "

    Make it personal, write your own words.

    If you have found this page through viewing on our website or on issuu.com,

    we invite you to participate in the Galleria.

    To contribute your artwork, follow the above parameters.

    Submit a jpg of your work, scanned at 300 dpi, to

    bqualley at gmail dot com

    (you know what to do with the at and dot)

    Contribute your artwork!