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$99 Dollar

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  • Basic Starter Kit is only $99 and Enhanced Starter Kit is $198 for all applications and agreements submitted from January 1st January 31st at 11:59 PM PT. Host Dollars may not be used toward the discount kit promotion, but may be applied to standard kit prices. 70% discounts will be available within 48 hours once $1,000 in commissionable sales is entered into the system. Discount to expire 30 days from date of issue.

    To celebrate a successful

    start, new Consultants will receive a 70% discount on the entire catalog when they submit

    $1,000 in sales within their

    first full month of business.

    2012 Building Bonus Program Promote to a Group Leader by March 31, 2011 and youll

    also increase your commission to 40% and qualify for a $250 Bonus!

    Theres never been a better time to join!

    Enhanced Starter Kit (shown above) is available for just $198.

    january SponSoring incEntivE

    In January New Consultants can join

    for just $99or $198

    to sparklewe want you

    S T Y L E

    B O O K

    2 0 1 2

    spring summer

    m E m BE r O f

    T h E Sw a r O

    v S K i gr O u p

    1 800 203 2488 www




    TAL wraps up Swarovs

    ki's luxury

    and style and presents

    it in a fun, social shopp

    ing experience.

    Its a fabulous business

    opportunity for talent

    ed women

    like you to fashion you

    r income and your fu


    As a Consultant, youll

    bring Touchstone Cry

    stal jewels to

    your friends, neighbor

    s, coworkers, and peo

    ple you meet

    every day. Well set up

    your business website

    right from

    the start, and provide t

    raining, encouragemen

    t and support

    every step of the way


    Youll always earn gene

    rous commission on yo

    ur actual

    sales, but never have i

    nventory to keep. And

    its as flexible

    as you need it to be, w

    hether youre looking

    for part-time

    income or lots more. N

    o experience needed; n

    o income

    limits either. Now wha

    t could be more stylish

    than that?

    Your Consultant can sh

    ow you how

    simple it is to start, or j

    oin us at




    in styleis always

    a great



    to fashion your future

    on your terms

    starts with two easy o


    $199 Business Kit ($7

    50 value)

    $298 Enhanced Kit ($

    1200+ value)

    (shown on page 62)