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2. Rick ParadisDependable - Rick is a dependable senior in high school. He is the backup QB and Kicker on the F. Scott Fitzgerald High School football team. In the first chapter, Rick demonstrates his dependability by looking out for his friend Todd. He threw a beer in Todd's face to remove Melissa's lipstick. 3. Didi Didi is Todd's girlfriend, and Didi and Jake seem to have a past together. 4. Todd Rick Paradis's best friend Todd is Didi's boyfriend, but cheats on her. He is the QB in the football team and the main hero in the school. Everyone loves him. 5. College kidsThey give Jake the keg.... and pass on envelopes with Jake but no one knows what is in them. 6. JakeHes the guy everybody looks up to. Everyone wants to go to his parties. Hes the big man on campus at the nearby college and everyone treats him like he goes there. Hes a star on the football team and hes a star when it comes to parties. he's a people person who really gets and understands people and how to talk to them and make them feel comfortable. 7. Jakes dadHe is always working and making money. 8. NelsonIs the Alcholic he drinks till he passes out, hes big and dosnt mind picking a fight 9. Kevin FontaineThe Pizza Delivery Guy and a kid from the High School probably a Senior. 10. Melissadating nelson... Todd cheats on didi with her 11. JenniferThe girl that likes Rick and has been trying to go for him but Rick doesn't think it feels right. They've known each other their entire lives and he thinks they only have a brotherly/sisterly connection. Madeout with a basketball player in front of Rick and then told him she didnt like him but just wanted to kiss someone. 12. Dipsythe guy everyone picks on but he still continues to go to parties and hang out with the people. Because even tho he gets made fun of all the time he still has fun. Hes also a pushover and doesnt mind what the popular kids do to him. Even though hes always getting made fun of he says he has a good time.