J3P Proposal : Colorado Legal Aid Online eLearning Suite & LMS for CLAO Legal Advocates

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J3P. J3P Proposal : Colorado Legal Aid Online eLearning Suite & LMS for CLAO Legal Advocates. Presentation Overview. 1. 2. J3P Team & Approach. Schedule & Implementation. 3. Risk & Mitigation. 4. Change Management . J3P. J3P. Presentation Overview. 1. 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of J3P Proposal : Colorado Legal Aid Online eLearning Suite & LMS for CLAO Legal Advocates

J3P Approach

CLAO: Staff, Instructors & Forum Experts

J3PCommunication StrategyCLAO: Project SponsorProject ManagerAdministrationStakeholdersCLAO: Legal ExpertseLearning CommitteeCurriculum Committee

Polly Jill

John Jenna

6J3P organizes our communication structure for clarity and efficiency.

John, our project manager is the point contact person for you the ps, the pm, administration and major stakeholders. John is also the person who will be in regularly scheduled contact with CLAO to provide updates and andswer questions.

Polly, our design lead will be in contact with CLAOs subject matter experts, and committee members.

Jenna and Jill will have direct contact with the CLAO stafff beginnning late in the implementation phase as CLAO staff training begins.


J3PCommunication PlanIdentifies the means, mode and personnel required for communications on deliverablesBi-weekly web conference/working session during design and development process Weekly progress reportThe J3P Team is available and easily accessible to you throughout the project12347Our Communication Plan is outlined in greater detail within the proposal.

A few critical points from that plan include: 1. bi-weekly web conference or in-person meeting/worksessions during design and development phases 2. weekly progress reports that continue for the duration of the project.


J3P Project ManagerProfessional Experience: Project Management, Estimation, Budgeting, Negotiation & Technical Writing

Education: Bachelor of Science in Finance, Michigan State University

Masters Degree candidate in Information & Learning Technologies, University of Colorado at Denver.

John Seelhoff

Project Manager


8John Seelhoff, our Project Manager, has a background in finance, project management and cost estimation.

He is a skilled leader and communicator with the ability to envision the ideal result while ensuring every detail is attended to.8

J3PWhat J3P ProvidesKnowledge & ExperienceThe J3P Team brings 30 years of professional experience in education, instructional & curriculum design, multi-media design and project management.Cost EffectivenessOur eLearning solutions are based on your needs, your system, your budget and your timeframe. We deliver learning products that can adapt as your needs grow and change.Proven ResultsWe employ the most current learning methods and design practices; proven to produce the best results in the online learning environment. 4J3Ps greatest advantage is the range and extent of our teams knowledge and experience. With 30 years of professional experience in education, instructional and curriculum design, multi-media design and project management we know how to realize great projects within the specified time, resources and budget.


J3P Design Lead

J3PProfessional Experience: Instructional and curriculum design.

Project management in both instructor-led courses & Learning Management Systems

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education, University of Colorado

Masters Degree candidate in Information and Learning Technologies



9Polly Dunlop is our Design Lead.

She is the team visionary and master collaborator who work is firmly grounded in wide ranging knowledge and years of experience.9

J3P Developer/Trainer

J3PProfessional Experience: Graphic Design, Marketing and CommunicationSoftware/Systems Literacy: MS Office, Articulate,Adobe CSS, Blackboard, Canvas & MoodleEducation: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications & EnglishMasters Degree candidate in Information and Learning Technologies, University of Colorado



10Jenna makes up one half of our development and training team. She is a multi-media design machine, with fluency in every aspect of instructional design and development. 10

J3P Developer/Trainer

J3PProfessional Experience: Graphic, Information & Web Design, eLearning Multimedia Development Software/Systems Literacy: MS Office, Articulate,Camtasia, Adobe CSS, Canvas & Moodle Education: Masters Degree in Architecture University of ColoradoMasters Degree candidate in Information & Learning Technologies Jill Kamas


11Jill makes up the second half of the development team. She is a skilled and experienced multi-media developer with many years of teaching adults under her belt.11

J3P Development Process

J3PTest & RefineTest & Refine12J3P follows the industry standard ADDIE design process. Addie stands for Analyze, Design, develop implement and evaluate.


J3PTest & Refine = NO SURPRISESThroughout every phase of the projectTest & RefineTest & Refine13A hallmark of the J3P process is that we test, evaluate and refine the eLearning solutions beginning very early in the process. This allows us to reach project implementation without any costly , time-intensive modifications. This process saves significant time and expense. It also yields a much better end product in which everyone can have great confidence.


Analysis: Needs Assessment

J3PIdentify problems triggering the trainingUnderstand needs of the target learnersClarify specific knowledge/skills neededDelineate scope, timeline, budget & resourcesEstablish expectations & measures of successDefiniteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.~ W. Clement StoneAnalyze14Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement W. Clement Stone

This quote so eloquently explains the importance of the analysis phase of the process. Taking the time to dig a little deeper into WHY? The project is needed and how solving the problem serves the organizations larger goals is invaluable.

J3P kicks off the project with a day long working-session with the CLAO team that delves deeply into each of these five points of inquiry:

Identify the problems triggering the trainingUnderstand needs of the target learnersClarify specific knowledge/skills neededDelineate scope, timeline, budget & resourcesEstablish expectations & measures of success

This working session builds the foundation that gets us all moving in the same direction with the same purpose.14

The Design Process

J3PIdentify learning objectivesDevelop assessment instrumentsOutline content and instructional strategies to facilitate learning objectivesCreate prototypes, test, evaluate and refine

Design15The analysis leads us to, perhaps, the most important aspect of instructional design creating clearly defined and measureable learning objectives. It is these learning objectives that drive the design. Everything we make the interactive lessons, video, role playing exercises, pre and post learner-assessments are all determined by asking what tools can we use to best teach this learning objective? or, what is the best way to learn this subject matter? How can we teach the material so the learners can quickly and directly apply it to their professional practice? AND, how can we best measure the learning?

Throughout the design phase, J3P is working very closely with CLAO subject matter experts, eLearning and curriculum committee members, CLAO instructors, and trial end users. J3P prides itself on creating effective, productive collaborative environments. 15

The Development Process

J3PCreate all artifacts for the eLearning modules (graphics, text, audio, video, animation, assessment, etc.)Alpha and Beta testing, evaluation and refinement

Develop16Once we have clarity and agreement on the learning objectives and methods of assessment development begins.

At this point, we are clear about what the eLearning products need to accomplish. We have the experience to know which selection of tools will best serve each type of learning need.

We quickly mock it up and try it out debugging and refining as we go.

During this phase, Polly and the development team are working most closely with CLAO experts, instructors and trial end-users.

John, our project manager, will be in consistent contact with the CLAO project manager and project sponsor who will ensure all CLAO stakeholder of project progress.16

Implementation & Training

J3PIntegrate into LMS and CLAO websitesTrain CLAO staffDeliver eLearning SuiteProvide needed support to CLAOInitiate plan for learner support

Implement & Train17As Beta testing wraps up and we approach full implamentation. Our development team Jenna and Jill shift their focus to preparing the CLAO personnel to take on their respective administrative and teaching roles with the LMS and with the eLearning courses and expert forums.

Our training is focused on preparing CLAO personnel to field the end-user needs that will arise as learners engage the eLearning Courses and Forums.

We provide four categories of training: General Introduction, LMS (Moodle), Course proctoring and Forum Management


Project Evaluation

J3PWe use a Two-Tier Approach to project evaluation.

Test and Refine processWhat is the real impact?Evaluate18J3P uses a two-tier approach to project evaluation.

Tier One: is the test, evaluate and refine process that occurs throughout the project. Again, the Learning Objectives are the driver for all evaluation processes.

Tier Two: Happens after implementation. It is the What is the real impact of the project?18

What is the real impact?

J3P19Tier 2: What is the real impact of the training?

Acceptance: learner surveys,