ive Training and Coaching Session - understandings you gain from this interview. Include thoughts,...

download ive Training and Coaching Session - understandings you gain from this interview. Include thoughts, realizations,

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Transcript of ive Training and Coaching Session - understandings you gain from this interview. Include thoughts,...

  • Live Training and Coaching Session

    Show Me the Money II

    Managing Your Finances

    with Jim Bunch

  • By John Assaraf

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    Include thoughts, realizations, and concepts you will use to enhance your business/life.

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    Training & Coaching Session

    Quote #1

    “And your

    goal, I know, is

    to earn enough

    money to live

    the lifestyle of

    your dreams.”

    JB Hello everyone, and a special hello to all gold members and everyone on the call considering becoming a gold member. Welcome to “Show Me the Money” month; interactive coaching and training with our special guest today, Jim Bunch. This is Jennifer Bailey, Head Coach for the John Assaraf Companies. And I want to give a special hello to my personal clients on this call who I’m delighted to support in coaching them to achieve their lifestyle and goals in their life. And today, we’re going to be talking about specific wealth-building and business growth strategies for winning the inner game of money and business. We’re going to learn three C’s of money that will work for you or against you, the top ten wealth-building habits that will give you the breakthrough you are looking for, and understanding the five pathways to money; how many are you actively using in your life today? And then John will also be announcing live today, he’ll be doing a live drawing for the three winners who have won a day at his home in San Diego to mastermind for the day around their business and their goals. So, again, welcome everybody and, just one more thing, a little housekeeping. During the live Q&A from the maestroconference platform; so those of you that have called in to maestroconference, please be sure that when you press “1” on your phone to cue you up to ask a live question that you turn off or turn down your audio on your computer because we have an echo and reverberation there. So, thank you for that ahead of time, and we are live with John. Hi John, are you there?

    JA Hey Jennifer. Hi everybody. I just want to make sure that you all can hear me well, you can see me well and I’m sporting a nice new tan right now. I just got back from Cabo San Lucas fishing with my boys and a dear friend of mine and his kid. And so I actually landed about one hour ago at the private airport here in San Diego. So, first and foremost, if you can hear me and see me, great. And you are able to hear Jennifer, great. Just let us know right now in our live chat and that way we can see here on our screen. I’ve got Mike here in the studio with me and Patrick and Tom as well. And then our team over at the Praxis Now offices. We’re here to support you. I’ve got a couple of items I want to go over and then we’re going to get right into, “Show Me the Money,” ya know, managing your finances. And this is going to be just an amazing topic around growing, ya know, your personal net worth so that you can live that ultimate lifestyle. Every one of you, ya know, got into the brain training system – either the money one or the business one, or both. And your goal, I know, is to earn enough money to live the lifestyle of your dreams. Now there’s a variety of different strategies and tactics that you can use in making money, managing money, in saving money, investing money, in preserving money and we’ll talk about some of those today. And so let me just get a show from all of you; can you hear me, can you see me? Mike?

    M You’re good.

    JA You’re all good. All right, so, number one, congratulations to all of you that participate in the $90,000.00 contest that we had. We have lots and lots of winners. We had about 200 winners from time with me to coach you or consult you, to events that you can go to, to gift certificates on Amazon.com, or to CDs or DVDs, and a lot of different promos. I hope you had a lot of fun. What I can share with you is the activity in the form, in the members there. It was just off the charts, which was great. And what I also want to do is thank you for, those of you who really went into the training area where all of the training programs, the last ten or so training programs we did, like we’re doing today, are in there. Plus all of the expert interviews we do every single month are in there. And, and really to listen to it and then share what you learned with other people in the forums and communicate in dialogues. In about a two-week period of time we had over 20-, I think 25- to 26-hundred separate topics and 25-thousand different posts. Ya know

    Copyright 2011 Praxis Now, LLC. All rights reserved.

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    that was our way of getting you connected, getting you communicating. The next step of what we’re doing is to really pair that down and focus on the critical area that you want to focus on, which is obviously growing your business, making more money, living a lifestyle of your dreams. And what we discovered obviously is that you all love to connect. You all love not just to learn for me and the guests that I’m bringing you, but also from each other. And if I was to give you a guesstimate of how much just the, I think there’s about 1,570 or 1,580 people signed on into the community. Those people collectively probably have spent $20-, $30-, $40-million on personal development programs, and that’s who you’re going to learn from going forward. So I really want to compliment you on that. So, as you know, we have sent you an inordinate amount of email to get you to join us in the gold membership or the silver membership. And you’re going to have one final chance today to sign up, if you haven’t signed up already. And hopefully we’re showing you the quality of the work that we’re doing is, I mean, unmatched I don’t think, anywhere else, for the investment of joining the gold program, or the silver.

    “You want to

    be immersed –

    week in, week

    out, focusing

    on money,

    focusing on

    getting the

    answers to

    your questions,

    focusing on

    learning new

    stuff, new

    strategies, new

    tactics, from a

    variety of


    vantage points

    so that it


    Ya know, also by the way, tomorrow, be able to join just the forums in the bronze level membership. And so we want to give people who signed up already the absolute best deal that you’re ever going to see. Right now, the gold membership is $1,997.00 and we’re already starting to sell that to people on the outside and getting them engaged. As of tonight at midnight California time, that is the price that we’re going to be charging. And so if you’re even remotely considering it, today’s your last to do it, so enjoy this program. But for many of you, this is going to be your last live session with me and people