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Transcript of IV3000 Presentation ASPS September 2016 Slideshare

W. Thomas McClellan, MD FACSIV3000 Dressing: An Innovative and Simple Treatment Option for Fingertip Injury

ProblemFinger tip injuries common on handIm disappointed with operative outcomes of grafts and flapsstiffness, loss ROM + length, flap or graft death, time off work, second surgery, donor siteLack of dressing change alternative to xeroform and gauze - bulky, sticks, painful, decreased ROM

Dressing NeedEasy to apply and removeNon-stickLow profileInexpensive and readily available in most hospitalsLeaves PIP Joint free to moveCan continue with ADLsAble to clean and inspect wound frequently

What is an IV3000Semi-Occulsive, Moisture responsive catheter dressingFilm and grid pattern allow optimum MVTR to reduce total moisture accumulation and bacterial growth.MVTR is 14,000g/m2 per 24h at 37oCWaterproof allowing pt to shower with dressing

$0.32c per IV3000Cost

How does it workIV3000 in contact with fluid its MVTR is up to16x higherOpsite + Tegaderm only 2.5x MVTRBetter than GauzeIV3000 retains enough fluid for healing milieu but not enough for maceration

How does it workImproved epithelialization rate for wounds in a moist environment is thought to be due to the retainment of growth factors that stimulate cell migration and cell division, increased oxygen partial pressure and a moist bed that encourages epidermal migration.

TE in at 4 weeks post-opHow to apply IV3000

ProtocolTissue debridement + washoutApply IV3000 sandwichImmediate release normal daily ADLs + return to workMay get hand wet normallyRemove + wash wound with soap and water and dry wound + reapply IV3000 every 2-3 daysI tell patient 6-8 weeks healing timeF/u patient q 3 weeks for wound check

My experience21 pts with distal tip injury completed IV3000 protocolage range 13 to 90 years17 men / 4 women7 Thumb, 2 IF, 4 MF, 3 RF, 5 SF

My experienceAll patient self directed dressing change at home All wounds healed by 8 week follow upAll had full return ROMNo complicationsNo infectionsNo nerve complaints4 patients required silver nitrate x 1

Silver Nitrate

A Few IV3000 Examples

TE in at 4 weeks post-opexamples

TE in at 4 weeks post-opexamples

TE in at 4 weeks post-opexamples

my examples

ConclusionIV3000 dressing protocol is an effective method to treat a multitude of fingertip injuries.

Thank you