It’s rhyme time! ï‚ End rhyme ï‚ Repetition ï‚...

download It’s rhyme time! ï‚ End rhyme ï‚ Repetition ï‚ Alliteration ï‚ Onomatopoeia ï‚ Simile ï‚ Metaphor ï‚ Free Verse

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Transcript of It’s rhyme time! ï‚ End rhyme ï‚ Repetition ï‚...

  • Its rhyme time!

  • End rhymeRepetitionAlliterationOnomatopoeiaSimileMetaphorFree Verse

  • Rhyme is used in many poems. Using words that sound alike makes poetry fun to read and write.

    Examples:drink & stinkworld & hurled

  • Repetition is used to make an impact on the poems tone. Words or phrases are repeated throughout the poem. Here comes summer,Here comes summer,Chirping robin, budding rose.Here comes summer,Here comes summer,Gentle showers, summer clothes.By Shel Silverstein

  • Alliteration uses the same beginning word sounds over and over, like a tongue twister.

    My beautiful bubbles burst and then,I simply blow some more again.

    The setting sun slipped slowly down,Making room for the milky moon.

  • Similes are comparisons that use like or as. Her eyes are as green as emeralds. Clouds soft and fluffy like marshmallows.

    Metaphors are comparisons that say one thing is another. My fathers anger is a volcano about to blow.

  • Onomatopoeia is the use of words that imitate sounds.

    Wham! Splat! Pow! I am in trouble now!

  • Patterned poems usually do not rhyme!They follow a specific pattern.

    Examples include haiku, cinquain, acrostic, initial, and concrete poetry.

  • Some types of poetry to know..

  • Has three non-rhyming lines.First line has 5 syllables.Second line has 7 syllables.Third line has 5 syllables.Often about something beautiful in nature.

  • Has five lines:Line 1: nounLine 2: two adjectives describing the nounLine 3: three verbs showing the actions of the nounLine 4: a four-word phrase telling about the nounLine 5: repetition of the noun or use of a synonym for the noun

  • Five line poemUses the rhyme scheme of a, a, b, b, aUses the syllabication of 8, 8, 5, 5, 8 Funny or nonsensicalFirst line often begins withThere once was

  • There once was a sweet little frogWho lived by himself on a log.He saw a fat fly,And he said, Oh my!I think Ill go out for a jog.