Italy Universit£  Politecnica delle Marche - a short and concise manner, with the...

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Transcript of Italy Universit£  Politecnica delle Marche - a short and concise manner, with the...

  • Italy

    Università Politecnica

    delle Marche

  • 2017

    Time Plan


    The Future Forum Conference (location to be announced)

    Partner Report delivery

    The Back-to-school seminar, France

    The OTaC Conferences in France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the United States

    The OTaC Company Audits take place

    Publication of the OTaC study results

    The OTaC Study annual Field Period Gathering of data in our global survey


  • “A dynamic Facebook page (with different

    news), interactive, and on which

    candidates easily can get updates on the

    work environment“ Female, 24, Master

    Student, Engineering, EDHEC Business

    School, France

  • “Share last news about the company and

    the hiring sessions. Dynamic and active

    account. Rapid answer to our questions.”

    Male, 26, Master Student, Natural

    Sciences, IFP School, France

  • “It should be immediate: easy to understand, personalized on what the

    candidate is looking for/ on what his skills are, give all the valuable

    information without the need to browse through different pages.” Male,

    Business/Economics Student, Italy

  • “The website should be interactive and informative. Information about what you

    expect from a candidate must be there. Contact information of people who can

    be approached for career related queries would be really appreciated.” Female,

    23, MBA student, Business/Economics, Xavier Institute of Management, India

    “More focus on how candidates should develop necessary skills and talent to

    work for them.” Male, 24, Master student, Business/Economics,Tsinghua

    University, China

  • “I just filled in an online application process where I had the opportunity to record a short pitch to present myself. I was a good way to complement your CV and cover letter and I felt that I got a better chance to show who I am. This is something I think employers should include in their application process more often.” Female, Swedish, 26, Master Student, Business/Economics, EDHEC Business School Lille, France

  • “For their online application process, I think employers should be more

    detailed in what information they need and also what they are looking for

    in their candidates. I think the more specific they are with the process,

    requirements, etc, the easier it'll be for both them and the candidates.”

    Female, 22, Bachelor Student, Social Sciences, United States

  • Some companies offer an option to candidates to use their professional network profile (such as LinkedIn) when applying via the company's job application system. How do you prefer to apply for jobs using professional networks ?

    “Above all [employers] should try to simplify their online

    application solutions. Maybe consider the option of linking

    our LinkedIn page but also upload our personal CV. This

    way they would get the most important information as

    well as our "personal touch" in both forms of input.” Male,

    25, Master Student, Business/Economics, ISEG Lisboa

    School of Economics and Management, Portugal

  • “You need to understand your target audience and how well do they take in new information. [We] no longer have the wish and sometimes the ability to go through long texts in order to find what we are looking for. Instead we like to get our information in a short and concise manner, with the necessary information right in front of us. And if we have to go through complicated and long application forms, we probably won't do that, we are more likely to look for another ways how to do it. “ Female, 22, Bachelor Student, Business/Economics, Riga Technical University, Latvia

  • “The process of information [on mobile phone]

    should be simplified by allowing uploading of

    documents from cloud and linking the information

    with LinkedIn.” Male, 25, Bachelor Student,

    Engineering, United Kingdom

  • “A career fair with international companies , which offer jobs related to my field of study.” Female, Irish, 28, Master Student, University of Innsbruck, Austria

    “Has the right ideas but sometimes lacks information about a broad range of job opportunities which don't come under the 'traditional' roles umbrella.“ Male, 20, Bachelor Student, Social Sciences, United Kingdom

    “Because I am in Business, it seems that only consulting and finance are plausible career choices so it would be nice for more variety.” Female, American, 21, Bachelor Student, Business/Economics, Bocconi University

    When I asked them about how I could get an internship, they gave me a few tips and the guidelines needed to find a job and apply for one.” Male, 20, Bachelor Student, Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

    “We should receive more emails with job openings and opportunities in different companies and employers should be more involved in the curriculum. Sometimes I feel the environment is too theoretical and it is hard to get practical insights which would help in the career search.” Female, 25, Master Student, University of Maastricht University, the Netherlands

  • “Our University doesn’t want to have companies at the campus.” Female, 29, Master Student, Natural Sciences, Freiburg University, Germany

    “It gave me really good [advice on] how to apply for jobs (such as CV and LinkedIn), as well as [advice] for how to act in a job interview.” Female, 25, Master Student, Natural Sciences, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

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