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Transcript of Italy - Nikhil

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With over a century of history, Italian soccer--known as football outside of North America--is an emotional sport full of antagonism. The players and fans are deeply affected by each match, win or lose, and are often seen praying and weeping during and after games. Four-time Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup Winners, Italy's Serie A views soccer as a matter of national pride.
Traditional Italian Food
Traditional Italian Food
Traditional Italian Food
Italians do not put meatballs on spaghetti: an average Italian meal is divided in two parts, primo piatto and secondo piatto; the primi include all the different pastas and risotti whereas the secondi category includes any meat and fish meals, complemented by a contorno, a side dish of vegetables. So, spaghetti would be a primo and meatballs a secondo...two different dishes!
Fast Italian cars