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  • 1. New Team Organization Front of House Rules Schedule Strategy for Assigned task Issues

2. 1. Focus on the career future2. World Class Performance3. Professional Aspect 3. Lessen drop calls at least 50% from 2012 Lessen tickets aging and customer complain 4. No bags allow on the workstation Workstation should be Clean Up Eliminate distraction during duty like personalcelphone, psp and other gadgets Strictly Compliance on Tardiness andAbsences(Nina) 5. Back up Email GSM Closely monitor all tickets aging and escalated Compliance Report on Tardiness and Absencesof their Agent Dispatch and Liquidate Field Engineer 6. Front line support Provide interim solution to prevent disrupption Manage tickets aging Escalating tickets to 2nd level support 7. Avoid technical words translate in lemans term All pending email issue should be retain onINBOX Update client for any development of concern Sending confirmation to client (template) Survey 8. Strickly comply on 15mins conversation 9. Reformat all MSI unit or replace for new unit Session for Service Desk Agent every monday