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  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


    The Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

    works to cultivate innovation and

    technology-based economic developmentin Illinois. As the only organization

    representing the full range of science and

    technology activity in Illinois, our

    mission is to:

    Foster public-private partnerships to

    develop and execute research, development,

    and innovation (RDI) projects.

    Advocate for funding for RDI initiatives.

    Collaborate with public and private

    partners to attract and retain RDI resourcesand talent in Illinois.

  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


    2 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2011

    Board of Directors


    Michael Hogan


    University of Illinois


    Gerald Roper

    President & CEO,

    Chicagoland Chamber of


    Percival Barretto-Ko

    Senior Vice President,

    Astellas Pharma US, Inc

    Steve Johanns

    Area Manager,

    Eaton Electrical

    Vince Kwasniewski

    Vice President of Busine

    Development and

    Commercial Director,

    GTL Resources USA, Inc

    John Larson

    General Manager,

    Global Alliance Managem

    Abbott Laboratories

    Jeffrey Mays


    Illinois Business Roundta

    Mark Zanoni

    Vice President of Inform

    Technology Infrastructur


    Dear Colleagues,

    I am happy to report that over the last year the ISTC has advanced our goal of making Illinois a

    recognized global leader in science and technology. We have enhanced our profile, increased

    resources for research, development & innovation in Illinois, expanded our advocacy efforts and

    initiated new programs.

    These accomplishments have allowed us to make a significant impact in Illinois. A few highlights

    from 2011 include:

    Increased collaborations with international partners to cultivate economic opportunity and attract

    investments to support research, development and innovation in Illinois.

    Worked with the State of Illinois to launch, providing access to public data in a format

    that allows software developers to easily design mobile apps.

    Partnered with members of the Illinois General Assembly to support the passage of the Technology

    Development Account II, providing capital and technical resources to technology-focused start-up

    companies in Illinois.

    In partnership with the Illinois Innovation Council, the ISTC and partners launched the Illinois

    Innovation Index, a monthly informational source to measure, index and communicate Illinois

    performance as a global source for innovation.

    Partnered with the Illinois General Assembly to establish the Illinois Research, Development &

    Innovation Caucus, a focused group of legislators committed to stewarding economic development

    in Illinois through science and technology.

    I am proud to report our advancements to date and look forward to the great accomplishments

    that lie ahead.


    Matthew Summy

    President and CEO

    Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


    3 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2011






    In 2011, the Illinois Science & Technology

    Coalition focused on five priority areas:

    Energy and Energy Storage

    Smart Grid Development and Deployment

    Illinois Smart Buildings Initiative

    Electric Vehicles

    Research, Development and Innovation

    Illinois Innovation Council

    Illinois Innovation Index

    OpenData and Apps for Metro Chicago, Illinois

    Policy Awareness


    Illinois Nanotechnology Collaborative

    Food Innovation

    Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Biotechnology and Life Sciences

    International Collaborations

    Showcasing Biotechnology and Life Sciences

    State and Local

    Public Sector Grants

    and Projects



    U.S. Small Business



    7% Membership

    ISTC Fiscal Year 2011 Revenues, by source

    The Illinois Science & Technology Coalition is a 501(c)(6) membership organization supported by public and

    private sector partners.

  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


    4 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2011

    Energy and Energy Storage

    As a core component of our mission, the ISTC collaborates with universities, federal

    laboratories, public sector entities and international partners on projects to further develo

    and expand Illinois energy ecosystem. In 2011, these included:


    Clean-energy investments

    create 16.7 jobs for

    every $1 million in spending.Center for American Progress.Clean Energy Investments Create Jobs in

    Every State. 2009

    In 2011, the Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster

    (ISGRIC) completed its first year of organized operation

    with impressive metrics on businesses counseling, train-

    ing, mentoring and technical assistance. ISGRIC is

    led by the Illinois Institute of Technology, the ISTC, Clean

    Energy Trust and O-H Community Partners. Basedon the strength of year one performance, ISGRIC was

    renewed for a second year of funding by the U.S.

    Small Business Administration.

    Smart Grid

    Development and


    Below are highlights from 2011 of Cluster supporte


    ISGRIC company Intelligent Generation secured a

    multi-home pilot program with Commonwealth Ediso

    ZBB Energy, a small energy storage business, entere

    into a $600,000 project to install a 500 kWh Zinc

    Bromide Flow Battery on the Perfect Power microgrid

    the Illinois Institute of Technology. This development

    allowed the microgird to be used as a testbed for th

    first deployment of its kind in the U.S.

    Smart Grid Networkwas started as a direct result of

    ISGRIC activity in Illinois. The spin-out of cluster

    small business Adica, LLC will serve as the countrys

    first smart grid social network.

    ISGRIC company Power2Switch secured venture fund

    allowing them to continue to add capacity, and

    advance their position as a leader in electricity price


  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


    5 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2011

    Efforts to align electric vehicles (EV) resources in Illinois

    yielded great results in 2011. The ISTC facilitated

    co-investment by the State of Illinois and the City of

    Chicago to ensure coordinated regional electric

    vehicle infrastructure deployment. The joint StateCity

    investment leveraged a 3:1 investment from theselected private vendor. Under the plan, 70+ level III fast

    charging stations and 200+ level II charging stations

    will be deployed in the Chicago region by Spring 2012.

    Electric Vehicles With the charging infrastructure now coming online,

    our goal of attracting related investment is starting

    gain traction. In early July, the charging network

    developer, 350Green, announced a comprehensive list

    of charging locations. Then on July 19th, Nissan

    announced expedited delivery of their new EV producthe Leaf to Illinois. This was followed a few days

    later by Walgreens announcement of an $8.9 million

    national EV infrastructure rollout that will result

    in 800 new stations. And, all of this followed the wor

    announced in February of a Memorandum of Under-

    standing between the State of Illinois and Mitsubish

    Motors North America that will translate to the

    deployment of 1,000 EVs in Illinois over the next 3 yea

    The MOU also establishes the long-term goal of EV

    production in Illinois.

    When powered by non-polluting sources of electricity, electric vehicle

    deployment results in a 2069% decline in 2030 greenhouse gas emissions

    from U.S. light-vehicles over 2005 levels. Emissions are 847%

    lower when electric vehicles are charged using the current electricity grid.

    Center for Ent repreneurship & Technology,

    University of California, Berkeley.

    Electric Vehicles in the United States: A New Model

    with Forecasts to 2030. November, 2009

    Mitisubishi iMiEVs

    charging at Eaton Electrical

    charging stations as part

    of Normal, Illinois EV Town.

  • 8/3/2019 ISTC Annual Report FINAL 2011


    6 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2011

    The Illinois Smart Buildings Initiative (ISBI) continued

    to illustrate the potential upside in the application

    of technology to energy management practices. This

    project, a collaboration between Korean innovators

    Korea Telecom, LGE, and Nara Controls and Chicago-

    based property manager Draper and Kramer, theISTC, and the Citizens Utility Board.

    When launched, the ISBI will be the first of its kind

    multi-building ancillary services and energy efficiency

    project. The ISBI will showcase the opportunities

    for demand side participation in PJMs ancillary service

    markets using advanced communications, control

    technology and energy efficient equipment installed in

    several multi-unit residential buildings and one

    commercial office building.

    Illinois Smart Buildings