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  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012


    Annual Report2012

  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012


    The Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

    is a member-driven, nonproft organization

    that cultivates and attracts research andtechnology-based economic development in

    the state. Our mission is to:

    Foster sector-driven public-privatepartnerships and executable projects that

    increase economic development.

    Attract ederal resources and private

    investment that increase our innovation


    Raise awareness and visibility or Illinois

    innovation ecosystem and advocateor state and ederal policies to enhance

    its development.

  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012


    1 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2012

    Board o Directors


    John Anderson


    Illinois Institute o Technolo


    Gerald Roper

    President & CEO

    Chicagoland Chamber o


    Percival Barretto-Ko

    Senior Vice President

    Corporate Strategy

    and Government Aairs

    Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

    Steve Johanns

    Area Manager

    Eaton Electrical

    Vince Kwasniewski

    Vice President o Business

    Development and

    Commercial Director

    GTL Resources

    John Larson

    General Manager

    Global Alliance Manageme

    Abbott Laboratories

    Jerey Mays


    Illinois Business Roundtab

    Azmi Nabulsi


    Takeda Global Research &

    Development Center, Inc.

    Warren Ribley

    Executive Director

    Illinois Medical District

    Matthew Summy

    Vice President

    Government and Regulato



    Greetings rom ISTC leadership

    This was a landmark year or the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition (ISTC), which celebrated new

    leadership, a new home, increased partners, and signifcant growth in research and technology-based

    activity in Illinois.

    In June, we joined this dynamic organization during a time o unprecedented momentum or the Illinois

    innovation ecosystem. The ISTC had just moved its ofces to 1871a 50,000 square oot innovation

    hub that now houses more than 200 start-upsto join a vibrant community o innovators and technology


    Throughout the year, with the strength o our members, the ISTC increased the states innovation capacity

    by advancing sector-driven economic development projects, advocating or and securing increased

    state and ederal resources, and elevating the visibility and awareness o the states world-class science

    and technology assets.

    Key highlights rom 2012 included:

    Helped secure resources that will revolutionize the energy economy, including unding or the $120 million

    Department o Energy Joint Center on Energy Storage and Research hub and the $72.5 million Energy

    Foundry (ormerly Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation)

    Launched the Illinois Open Technology Challenge, increasing the availability o public data across the

    state and encouraging the use o technology to address government challenges

    Selected to lead the Illinois Pathways R&D Learning Exchange to build a deeper talent pipeline o

    science and technology proessionals

    Completed the frst year o the Illinois Innovation Index, a valuable tool to measure and benchmark the

    states position in the innovation economy, and published the frst annual report

    We look orward to building on these eorts and accomplishments to cultivate more economic growth in

    the year ahead and thank all o our members and partner organizations or their continued collaboration.


    Mark Harris

    President and CEO

    John Anderson

    Board Chairman

  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012



    Sector-Based Research, Development,

    and Innovation Initiatives

    During the past year, the ISTC collaborated with its public and private

    members and partners to lead sector-driven initiatives that are

    advancing technology-based investment and economic development

    in Illinois. These areas include Energy and Sustainability,

    Biotechnology and Health Innovation, Advanced Manuacturing, andNanotechnology.

  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012


    3 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2012

    Energy and Sustainability

    Illinois is paving the way or next-generation energy

    solutions. The ISTC has targeted a number o

    initiatives to advance and accelerate transormative

    eorts around energy storage, grid enhance-

    ments, and sustainable energy innovation that will

    enhance the states position as a leader in the

    energy economy.

    Smart Grid Implementation

    The landmark Energy Inrastructure Modernization

    Act included an investment rom utilities Commonwea

    Edison and Ameren to spend $3.2 billion over the

    next decade to upgrade Illinois aging grid and integrat

    new energy-saving technologies. The ISTC acili-

    tated a key component o the legislation to mandate

    the ormation o the Illinois Science and Energy

    Innovation Foundationnow called Energy Foundry

    a $72.5 million eort to accelerate entrepreneur-

    ship and innovation and empower consumers to acces

    Illinois revolutionary smart grid.

    In 2012, the ISTC helped establish and launch the

    Energy Foundry, which is colocated with the ISTCs

    ofces at 1871. In addition, the ISTC is an Energy

    Foundry board member and is a ounding member o

    the Smart Grid Advisory Council (SGAC), the states

    statutory advisory board to monitor smart grid deploy-

    ment by the utilities.

    Korea-Illinois Smart Buildings Initiative

    In 2011, the ISTC spearheaded the ormation o the

    Korea-Illinois Smart Buildings Initiative (KISBI), a

    public-private partnership, and secured state unding

    to leverage $1.7 million in oreign direct investment

    rom the South Korean government. KISBI helps large

    residential consumers retroft their inrastructure

    to pursue energy efciency. Currently, KISBI is workin

    with six acilities to install energy efciency technol-

    ogy that will enable them to take advantage o deman

    response technologies and participate in ancillary

    energy markets in 2013.

    Oak Park Smart Cities USA Project

    In August 2012, Oak Park was selected rom among

    288 communities around the world to host the Smart

    Cities USA Demonstration Project, which will serve as

    best-in-class demonstration o the benefts to con-

    sumers o working together to monitor their energy u

    generate their own power, and pool their resources to

    ISTC and South Korean

    partners signed a letter o

    intent and memorandum

    o understanding that

    secured $3 million to

    support investments insmart meters, solar

    panels, and energy storage

    and consumer energy

    management systems.

  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012


    4 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2012

    participate in energy markets. The ISTC partnered

    with the Village o Oak Park during the Smart Citiesapplication process to secure the commitment o

    the Korean government and corporate partners. With

    the ISTCs guidance, Oak Park signed a letter o

    intent and memorandum o understanding with South

    Korean partners that will bring in $3 million to

    support investments in smart meters, solar panels,

    and energy storage and consumer energy manage-

    ment systems.

    Shedd Aquarium Energy Master Road Map

    The Shedd Aquarium has long played a leading rolein demonstrating how large acilities can promote

    sustainability. In December 2012, ater a six-month

    development process, the Shedd launched an

    Energy Master Road Map in partnership with the ISTC,

    Citizens Utility Board, Civic Consulting Alliance,

    West Monroe Partners, Institute or Sustainable Energy

    Development, City o Chicago, and State o

    Illinois. The plans goal is to cut the Shedds energy

    consumption in hal by 2020 through a mix o

    smart energy strategies, saving approximately 10 mil-

    lion kilowatt hours annuallyenough to power

    750 households. This groundbreaking eort will serve

    as a national smart energy model or other museums

    and civic institutions.

    The Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation

    ClusterOver the past two years, the ISTC acted as managing

    partner or the Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation

    Cluster (ISGRIC), which was launched in 2010

    to promote cluster-based market segment economic

    development. To support ongoing eorts, the ISTC

    helped to secure a ollow-up grant rom the U.S. Small

    Business Administration to participate in a third

    year o cluster development activities. The ISTCs eorts

    with ISGRIC are already star ting to bear ruit:

    in 2012, the organization hosted the second annual

    Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid and the NewEnergy Economy and also extended fnancial support

    to 12 smart-grid start-ups.

    In February 2012, the ISTC produced the Illinois Smart

    Grid Market Inventory through the eorts o

    ISGRIC to chronicle the analytical, regulatory, and

    technological developments related to the smart

    grid currently under way in Illinois.

  • 7/30/2019 ISTC Annual Report 2012


    5 Illinois Science & Technology CoalitionAnnual Report 2012

    U.S. Energy Secretary Steven