ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY ... Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) is a...

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Transcript of ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY ... Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) is a...

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  • Contents Higher Education in Turkey Studying in Istanbul Istanbul Aydın University (IAU)

    Dr. Mustafa Aydın, President, Board of Trustees Prof. Yadigar İzmirli, Rector

    IAU Facts and Figures

    Academic Programs Graduate Programs Graduate Institute of Health Sciences Graduate Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences Graduate Institute of Social Sciences

    Bachelor’s Programs Faculty of Architecture and Design Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty of Communication Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Education Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine

    School of Foreign Languages School of Applied Sciences

    Vocational Schools Anadolu BIL Vocational School of Higher Education Vocational School of Justice Vocational School of Health Services

  • Research IAU Unesco Chairs Research Centers Techno Center Medical Sciences Laboratories

    International Erasmus+ Program International Academic Relations Office Short Term Study Programs Mevlana Exchange Program International Students and Staff Affairs Office (ISSA) International Student Recruitment Office IAU TOMER

    Campus Life Social Life on Campus Campus Facilities Campus Services

  • The higher education system in Turkey is supervised by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE). The CoHE is an autonomous institution which is responsible for the planning, coordination and governance of the higher education system in accordance with the Constitution and the higher education laws.

    Higher education institutions in Turkey can be classified as follows: Universities, Institutes of High Technology, Post Secondary Vocational Schools, Other Higher Education Institutions (Military and Police Academies). There are two types of universities in Turkey, namely State and Non-profit Foundation Universities.

    All of these higher education institutions are recognized and accredited by the CoHE. There are 183 universities in Turkey, 71 of which are Non-Profit Foundation Institutions (March 2017). These universities host more than 6 million students. A list of universities and their contact information is available at

    Turkish universities offer: Associate’s degree programs (short cycle): These

    programs take 2 years. Vocational high school graduates can qualify for associate’s degree programs without the central placement test.

    Higher Education in Turkey

  • Bachelor’s degree programs (first cycle): These programs generally take 4 years. Specialized programs such as medicine (6 years) may be longer.

    Master’s degree programs (second cycle): A master’s program with thesis generally take 2 years; a master’s program without thesis take 1.5 years.

    Doctoral degree program (third cycle): A doctoral program after a master’s degree take 8 semesters, an integrated doctoral program after a bachelor’s degree take 10 semesters. A completion of coursework, proficiency exam, dissertation proposal and succesful oral defense of the dissertation are the requisite steps in doctoral programs.

    Post-Graduate programs: Duration depends on program and university.

    The National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey, developed with reference to the Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area was adopted by the CoHE in 2010.

    Turkey has actively participated in the Bologna Process, which define the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The Bologna Process has been an important opportunity for reconstruction and internationalization of Turkish higher education system.

    For more information on the Turkish higher education system, please refer to the CoHE website

  • Studying in Istanbul Istanbul has a wonderful location spanning the European and Asian continents across the Bosphorus straits.

  • Throughout history, this unique location made Istanbul

    politically, commercially and culturally a very important

    city. Once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman

    empires, Istanbul has grand historic monuments, a

    commercial culture that is still very much alive and a

    cosmopolitan culture that welcomes all.

    Today it is not the capital of the modern Turkish Republic

    but it is the most populous city of Turkey with 17

    million inhabitants. Istanbul is still the heart of Turkey’s

    commercial, financial, artistic and cultural activities. It is

    a touristic destination which attracts around 12 million

    tourists a year, with its historic palaces and mosques,

    wonderful museums, art galleries, festivals, and world-

    class shopping and entertainment.

    Istanbul is also an education hub. 58 universities are currently operating in Istanbul hosting around 600.000 students. Living and studying in Istanbul is a great experience with so many places to see and so many things to do.

    Both Turkish and international students agree that studying in Istanbul is an opportunity not to be missed.

  • Istanbul Aydın University (IAU)

    Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) is a non-profit and state-

    recognized Foundation university. It was established in 2003

    offering vocational programs of higher education. It became

    a university in 2007, delivering bachelor’s and graduate

    programs. The university has grown rapidly, opening new

    faculties, increasing the number of its students and staff.

    IAU now offers a wide range of academic programs in order to

    meet the demands of the labormarket in the global economy.

    The latest additions to the university are the Health Sciences

    and Dentistry programs. The university recently opened its

    Faculty of Medicine.

    The future plans of the university include emphasizing quality assurance and accreditation procedures and further developing its graduate programs.

  • From the President

  • Istanbul Aydın University equips its students with the 21st century skills, and the innovative and the

    creative spirit of our age with the help of our qualified teaching staff, up-to-date curricula, foreign

    language teaching, high-tech facilities and the active social life on campus.

    I believe that modern Turkey will be able to rise as a leader in science, technology and world affairs with

    the efforts and contributions of the young generation. I sincerely hope that our students will discover

    and plan the career that they dream and build a happy future for themselves.

    In order to realize these hopes and beliefs, we pursue our continuous work at Istanbul Aydın University

    with the mission of becoming a model university and assuming an important role in Turkey’s education


    Dr. Mustafa Aydın

    President, Board of Trustees

  • From the Rector

  • Education and learning are the main impetus for a society’s development. Universities are valuable

    institutions with ties to various segments of society, focused on solving the problems of society,

    developing and spreading technology, while embodying the principles of academic freedom.

    Although the number of universities in Turkey has increased recently, there are still over a million young

    people every year who are unable to access higher education due to insufficient number of seats at


    With this concern in mind, Istanbul Aydın University has worked relentlessly since its establishment

    in 2003 to reach its goals and has created the roadmap with its academicians, administrators and

    directors to be a leading, socially responsible and globally engaged university.

    Prof. Yadigâr İzmirli


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    IAU Facts

    IAU Facts and Figures

    Students’ Top Choice IAU is the most-preferred university by Turkish

    students in the central placement test for

    bachelor’s programs. IAU is also preferred

    by international students; it has the highest

    number of international students among the

    foundation universities in Turkey.

    International University IAU has an international campus with around

    2500 international degree-seeking students

    from 101 countries. IAU also welcomes

    international students through the Erasmus+,

    bilateral exchange programs, and the Delightful

    Istanbul programs. IAU offers numerous study

    abroad opportunities to all its students at its

    partner universities abroad.

    Focus on Competency IAU emphasizes professional competency in its

    teaching. Students have internships integrated

    into their curricula and on-the-job-training

    opportunities through the many indu