Issue 7 FLYING THE COOP - Florida Department of .representatives, who worked together to build their

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Transcript of Issue 7 FLYING THE COOP - Florida Department of .representatives, who worked together to build their

  • AN EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER Ju l y 2008Volume 2

    Issue 7

    Because hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes constantly threaten our state, DMS recently took a big step to minimize the impact disasters could have on the crucial services we provide to citizens of Florida.

    Over the last five months, DMS team members worked together with an outside consulting group to build the agencys Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). This COOP is a comprehensive and detailed plan outlining the steps each division takes in the event of an emergency or disaster. From unusable buildings at the Capital Circle Office Center, to evacuation of the entire city of Tallahassee, the COOP allows us to adapt our plan based on the type and impact of any disaster.

    Leading the charge for DMS is Joe Wright who, in addition to his duties as Chief Information Officer, also serves as IncidentCom-mander for the agency. Wright provided guidance and leadership to the more than 40 division and bureau representatives, who worked together to build their plans. Once completed, each division and bureau plan combined to form the final agency-wide COOP.

    I am extremely proud of the hard work our division COOP coordinators put into this extremely important project, said Wright. Even though we hope we never have

    to activate our COOP, its a great feeling knowing we have one in place.


    The only way to ensure the plans thoroughness is through an agency-wide COOP-training exercise. With the Executive Team leading the way, in June each division acted out its plan after be-ing presented with multiple disaster scenarios.

    Afterward, the teams discussed any gaps or mistakes in their plans and addressed them in their final report. Even though the exercise went well and the agency now has a COOP ready to go, the work doesnt end here. In fact, its only just begun.

    Its important that all employees help their divisions keep our COOP up-to-date and accurate, said Wright. Employees should keep their contact information updated and talk

    to their managers to ensure their division has everything needed to continue operating in the event of an emer-gency.

    No matter what event or crisis lies ahead, we should all rest a little easier knowing that DMS has a plan allowing us to continue serving those who serve Florida.

    FLYING THE COOPBy James Miller


    Its important for each employee, to create a family emergency plan, if you havent done so already. To learn more about what should be included in your familys

    plan, visit:

    Got A Plan?

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    m t






    1. Develop HR practices that recruit, retain, develop, recognize and reward employees making DMS a workplace of choice

    2. Improve our contract management abilities3. Create a strong strategic plan for each

    program area 4. Create world-class performance by

    focusing on our core competencies 5. Improve our quality of services by measuring what matters

    DMS SERVICE MOTTOWe Serve Those Who Serve FloridaDMS SERVICE VISIONEngaged Employees; Satisfied CustomersDMS SERVICE MISSIONProviding Smarter, Better, Faster ServicesOUR SERVICE PROMISETo Serve with CLASSC ommunicate Concerns ImmediatelyL isten, Learn and Grow TogetherA ct with Integrity and HonorS trive for GreatnessS erve with a Servants Heart

    Its the beginning of a new fiscal year with changes for us here at DMS. Recentlegislation changes the Shared Resource Center to the Southwood Shared Resource Center (SSRC). Its management changes from us here at DMS to a board of directors. This new governance means that while we will support them administratively, the customer-represented board will set its policies. This is an ideal situation for this type of service. Who better to make decisions than the customer?

    Our role is to ensure a smooth transition. What makes us so unlike other agencies? Lots of risk; less than exciting subject. We play a valuable, behind-the-scenes role to make certain state government runs smoothly. The transition of the SSRC to continue its mission means support from us. And I am proud of the dedicated team there who will make this happen.

    As you enjoy vacations this summer and time to yourself or with loved ones, remember how precious our time is here. We have only one opportunity to put our very best forward for the people of Florida lets keep up the momentum!

    Secretary South enjoys the Fourth of July in the Florida Panhandle.

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    meetCharles Ghini



    Just what does the Director of Telecommunications and Radio Services do?

    I oversee three different areas: SUNCOM telecommunications products and services, Statewide Enhanced 911 (E911) Coordination and the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS).

    What takes up most of your time each day?

    Reading my e-mail. I receive e-mails from all agencies, counties and customers throughout Florida. The e-mails span from new services people want, to requests for improvements to those services, or simply needing help with something. As product manager for MyFloridaNet, I oversee the product development, which means a large amount of the e-mails I receive I have to take care of myself.

    What is the best thing about your job?

    The people. When you satisfy a need or make someone happy with your services, it gives you a good feeling. I also enjoy the engineering part, when I have time.

    Where are you from originally and how did you land at DMS?

    I grew up in Nice, France. I started going back and forth from Nice to the U.S. in July 1981. I became interested in engineering at an early age and ap-prenticed for Boeing in Nice when I was 13. Thanks to a family friend I was able to come over and learn more about engineering. I went to college at Lively Technical Center and Florida State University (FSU), both in Tallahassee, where I earned two bachelor's degrees in computer science. From there, I got a job with the state here in Tallahassee.

    What motto do you try to live by?

    For work, Work the problem, and at home, Work to live not live to work. I dont always succeed at the latter but I definitely try.

    What is a unique or startling fact about you that people may not know?

    I am a motorcycle fanatic, and I own two motorcycles.

    What's the last book you read or movie you watched?

    The last book I read was The Universe In a Nutshell by Stephen William Hawking. My wife and I recently watched the movie, The Illusionist.

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    By Barry Krauss, Chief Learning Officer

    After several months of work, we selected a Learning Management System (LMS) for DMS, called MOODLE." A LMS is Web-based software that provides a virtual university-like environment for learners, and many features for learning administrators.

    Now I know you are thinking, Whats a MOODLE? and Im glad you asked. MOODLE stands forhey, did you really think I was going to spell out a long acronym using a bunch of words no one understands but me? Whats important to know is that MOODLE supports the development of learning communities, and when you think about it, DMS is a collection of learning communities.

    Thats why were calling our MOODLE site the DMS Learning Place. We have many service areas at DMS and each is different. It can take time for our people to develop their professional expertise. The DMS Learning Place supports that in an easy-to-use and flexible online environment.

    So what else is in it for you? You can share your professional knowledge and expertise with others in your learning community. We can extend these learning opportunities to our customers, whether they are state employees in other agencies, other branches of government or citizens.

    Youll hear more details about all this very soon. If you are one of those early adopter types or if this article makes you want to share your knowledge, please contact me immediately and well meet at the DMS Learning Place.

    youAre braincandyMOODLEin the

    for learning?

    RED, WHITE AND GREEN By Melissa Leon, Office of Supplier Diversity

    The Fourth of July makes us think of fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics and baseball games as we celebrate U.S. Independence Day. While a great deal of emphasis is on the red, white and blue this month, many small and minority businesses are on the hunt for the "green" and struggle to survive among budget cuts and downsizing.

    Through its new Measuring What Matters campaign, the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) is geared up to help them find more of the money they need. We continuously improve how we track positive matchmaking results between minority vendors and purchasing officials who participate in the states regional one-on-one sessions.

    During those 15-minute sessions, minority vendors meet buyers who need what the vendors are selling. As a result, matches are made, contracts are signed and minority vendors gain more business. Unfortunately, OSD is not always aware of these success stories.

    Thanks to an improved evaluation and analysis process, we now capture information on our customers business income, number of years in business, minority designation, education level, age and gender. We review comments and suggestions from vendors on ways to improve what we do.

    More importantly, as the latest evaluation results reveal, business owners are extremely pleased with the events we sponsor, especially the one-on-one sessions, and find them beneficial. Since our tracking started in April, we identified two matches so far between vendors and spenders. With MatchMaker 2008 just around the corner in November, tha