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June 2011 Issue 6. Featuring young Indian artists.

Transcript of Issue 6


    JUNE 2011 ISSUE 6




    !START magazine June 2011 Issue 6All images belong to the respective artistsCover image by Saranya Gunasekaran Respect copyrights

  • dearreadersSTART (even before it was called start), was originally supposed to be an inspiration blog where I would interview young people like me, who created something of their own. As the links in my inspiration bookmark folder increased, I discovered and the whole idea of START to be an e-zine took shape. START is growing every month and for me, it feels great to be that medium between the artists and you. As months pass by,I see more folks joining me in creating START and take it in a particular direction.

    This issue has a nice variety of art from individual photography projects to designing personal sketchbooks. Creative writing is back, and I was surprised to see it still fresh and undying. Also, look out for that 17 year young girl who taught me that photography is about learning about your subjects and not just about clicking something artsy. At the end of it all, may it be poetry or painting, art remains our favourite medium of expression.

    Keep creating.


  • featured

    BHARAT BASWANI .. travel keeda

    ANGAD PAL SINGH KINGRA ...delhi uncommon

    MADHUVANTHI MOHAN ... something sketchy

    SARANYA GUNASEKARAN ..colours on canvas

    NAMRATA GOYAL .. life in an art school

    ABHIJNA DESAI ... winged jewels

    EJAZ AHMED .. small, little and big things


    is a 20 year young electronic media

    student from Indore, showcasing

    two of his photography

    projects - Doors, Windows and Locks and, Children from

    different worlds captured along his

    travels across India.


  • I'm an enthusiastic photographer, low budget traveler and backpacker from Indore, India who is on his quest to explore and capture the incredible country of India. Being an explorer, I have a wide range of interests. From Indian classical music to trance, I love listening good music. Birdwatching, trekking and camping help me increase my proximity to nature. Having explored many waterfalls around the city, bathing in waterfalls is my hobby. Riding on curvy mountainous roads is also in my list of favorite activities. Apart from these, I'm also interested in movies, sports and culture.I love photographing historical monuments and structures from a different perspective and point of view. Doors, Locks and Windows is a theme that I would like to work upon as a long term project.

  • Spotted this array of windows in Devguradia village. This photo is a personal favorite. The contrasting colors, the shadows and the monotony broken by the last window. I've named this one as "Things change". No matter how many hardships you face, a day will come when things will change. This is the idea behind the picture.

    Another one from my favorite series. A monochrome photo offering a range of tones.

    Location Rajbada, Indore

  • The door and the pillar are from the Holkar Palace (aka Rajbada) of Indore.

    Ice-creamy colors. Location Ujjain, MP

  • Children from different worlds is about capturing the essence and hardships of childhood as seen from different places. It gives the viewer a contrasting perspective about how children from distinct locations experience their world.

  • This one was taken in Piwdai village in Indore district. I was on the cycle yatrawith some like-minded people. We cycled for some 25-30 km one way to the village with only a camera and a cycle, worked a bit with villagers and slept outside a small concrete room in the middle of the fields. The next morning when we moved ahead, we were greeted by these children who were curious about my camera. Each one of them approached me for a picture. I then asked them to line up height-wise for a group picture. Some say that, it is similar to the signal bar in the cell phones!

  • Shivji Ka Halma - More than 10,000 tribals got together on the hills of Hathipaava, approx 1 km from Jhabua (MP), to build trenches and other infrastructure for rain water harvesting.

  • Clicked this urban kid while trying my hands on the magical 50mm

    Shot at Kampel VIllage during the Hatyari Khoh Photowalk.

  • While roaming around in the old streets of Maheshwar (MP), I found these two sisters peeping out from a window. Soon they came down and approached me for a picture. I saw an old bicycle resting against the wall. I chose it as the backdrop. The cowdung lying nearby added to the old and raw feel of the photograph so, I decide to include it as well.

  • Photography for me is a lifestyle. It is a way of living. You see things from your perspective, you interpret the surroundings in your own way and try to capture your feelings in a frame.

    I've had so many ambitions since my childhood. I wanted to be a civil engineer, a software engineer, an electronic music producer and a dj. Now I want to be a photographer, want to be a traveler and travel writer, want to open a cafe in the mountains. Let's see how and where it goes!

  • delhi

    by ANGAD PAL SINGH KINGRAa 24 year young startup guy from Chandigarh


  • In 6th grade my dad gave me his trusty old yashica automatic film camera, that was waswhere it all started. For as long as I can remember I've always viewed the world around me with a certain sense of awe. I've had this notionin my head that people around me don't quite appreciate this world we live in quite as much.I moved to dSLRs with a Canon 350D in 2007 and have never looked back!

  • All the pictures for this project have been shot within the ChandniChowk and Chawri Bazaar area of Old Delhi on a single day. This is, in my opinion, the real Delhi, the Delhi that is soon being forgotten and replaced with malls and flyovers.

  • I went there with my friends to explore the innards of Old Delhi, and ofcourse to visit Karim's!I had never really shot people before, mainly because I'm too shy to approach them and am afraid of how they might react. This time however, I was determined. I must confess this determination was the result of some great advice from some of my photographer friends online.

    The couple of hours I spent shooting people left me humbled, this place and it's people were very different from what I'm used to. I was amazed at the conditions people put up with and how they survive.

    This may sound incredibly clichedand boring, but the world and it's people inspire me! Everyday, mostly when I'm commuting to work I look at people and try to imagine their side of the story, the hardships they face, the problems they deal with, but still take each day head on.

  • Photography is important alright, but I try not to think of it as the only thing I love doing. That said, there is nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than getting a great picture.

    The way I photograph has changed over the years, I now try to get it right in the camera itself rather than rely on intense photoshop surgery. It is a life long exercise, you learn something new everyday.

  • sketchysomething

    Brainchild of


    a 23 year young copywriter working in Mumbai,

    something sketchy is all about light, funny, quirky, relevant, comic and funky

    pop art! Read on to find more about her journey as

    an artist and about The sketchbook Project.

  • I moved to Mumbai about two years ago, to study advertising at XIC, and thats when I started doodling in my notebooks. Ive always been the writer, but lately art has been giving me such a creative high. The XIC notebooks are sort of where I started.

    The first proper sketch I did was for my companys internal campaign, on how the company works. Id initially conceptualised and visualised the idea, but my art director asked if I could sketch it out too, which is eventually what I did and it turned out pretty well. The company sent me to Amsterdam to attend a creative workshop soon after. I really loved it there, Amsterdam is amazing for art.

  • A month or so later I heard about The Sketchbook Project, run by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, New York. They send you a bar-coded sketchbook, you pick a topic (mine was Help!), fill it up with whatever you want, and send it back to them. Then your sketchbook along with thousands of others goes on a tour across the US, and is displayed at different art galleries. I took part, and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. You can see my entire Sketchbook at

  • Comic ReliefThis was on a particularly frustrating day at work.

    Toes with teethIts Christmastime, the stockings are all up.

    That leaves the poor toes out in the cold,doesnt it?

  • Something in my EyeI was listening to Pretend by MGMT. Look

    carefully in the more intricate designs of the iris. You'll find some words in there. The

    something in the eye, is a vision that wehavent achieved yet, or are trying to.Youll be my Angel

    I was listening to Angel by Dave Matthews Band. Read the letters spelt out on the angels fringe. Bit

    difficult to spot.It reads M-a-m-a.

  • MUST we be Social Today?Sometimes too many people can really get to you.

    Santa Stuck in a Chimney. The aerial view.

  • Meanwhile, one of the MDs of my company saw my sketchbook and asked i