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Islam Spreads. Abu Bakr. Caliph: "successor to the Prophet" Abu Bakr - successor to Muhammad Battle of tours- stopped further advancement of Islam into Europe. Abu Bakr. Treatment of the Conquered Did not require conversion to Islam Muslims in Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Islam SpreadsAbu BakrCaliph: "successor to the Prophet"Abu Bakr- successor to MuhammadBattle of tours- stopped further advancement of Islam into Europe

Abu BakrTreatment of the ConqueredDid not require conversion to IslamMuslims in EuropeMuslims, Christians and Jews all monotheistic

Movements within IslamDivision over SuccessorSunni agreed to accept Muawiyah as caliphShiites insisted that only Alis descendants should be caliphsSchism- a division or a split 90% of Muslims are SunniSufi- Muslim mystics

Empire of the CaliphsUmayyad FamilyProblems:adapting from desert to city lifecontention between rich & poorShiites hate Umayyads

Empire of the CaliphsAbbasid DynastyGolden Age of the Middle EastEnded Arab dominanceKilled off the Umayyad family

Empire of the CaliphsBaghdad Becomes new capital with greater size & wealth than ConstantinopleMinaret- Slender tower of a mosque

Decline of the Caliphate900-1400: InvadersSeljuk TurksSultan: Turkish rulerGenghis Khan first to lead Mongols into Middle EastConvert to Islam