is on May 10th. · PDF file MOTHER's DAY is on May 10th. Would you like to do something for...

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Transcript of is on May 10th. · PDF file MOTHER's DAY is on May 10th. Would you like to do something for...

  • ​ MOTHER's DAY  ​is on May 10th.       Would you like to do something  ​ for your mom  together with your daddy and sister or  brother?       

    Making Mother`s Day Coupons.    1,You will need

    - A scissor - A ruler - A pencil and a pen - A paper (can be colored too) - And​ co​lo​ri​ng​ pencils

    2, With your ruler, draw some rectangles. Draw a dashed line around it. Like this: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Write somewhere on the top: MOTHER'S DAY COUPON Then write one thing what the coupon is for. Write things you are really going to do for your mom and safe for you to do. If

    you are doing it with your dad you can say things like: free carwash, doing laundry, etc.

  • 3, Decorate and color your coupons.

    4,Only one thing left. Cutting out the

    coupons. Make sure your coupons will not be just pieces of paper. Coupons work like promises. If you give them to your mom, then do not forget to do them too. That is the way you express your love and care!

    Only one thing left! Please clean up after yourself.

    Do you want to do more? Keep reading.

  • Making a ​ MOTHER's DAY CHAIN      Follow these steps:

      You will need:

    - Ruler - Scissor - Pencil and pen or marker - Glue - Papers (of any color)

    1,Use your rule to make some lines and cut them out.

  • 2,Write nice things on each of them for your mom.

    For examples:

    - good memories - nice wishes - Why you love her

    3, Use your glue and link them as chains.

    A great tip:​ Do not write anything on

    the last and first chains. Ask your mom to give you her perfume if she uses one. Gently spray a bit of it on those chains. Hang it somewhere in your home and enjoy the smell of your mom.

    You can also put some drops of lime on it. Will smell fresh! l When you are finished, please clean up after yourself. I hope you will have a lovely Mother`s Day!