Is It Possible To Get Nail Fungus From Artificial Nail Shops?

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Is it possible to get nail fungus from artificial nail shops? Artificial nails, also known as fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, or nail extensions, are coverings placed over fingernails as fashion accessories. Learn how artificial nails affect your nails!

Transcript of Is It Possible To Get Nail Fungus From Artificial Nail Shops?

  • Is it Possible to Get Nail Fungus From Artificial Nail Shops? Artificial nails have come to stay. It is rare to find a woman who doesnt wear it these days. This naturally follows that they are used in covering their natural toes and to make them more beautiful. However, women have been known to use artificial nails to cover up nail fungus infection hence resulting in a coined word artificial nail fungus.
  • Unfortunately, this doesnt cure nor solve the problem. Instead, it worsens it. Let me explain. Nail fungus grows in a favorable environment in which there is a lot of moisture and it is dark. Now when you apply artificial nails to the already infected toe nails, it creates an environment that is both dark and has a lot of moisture.
  • Since these fungi grow only in areas that are airless and on feet that are both damp and warm, the artificial nail thus inhibits the easy flow of air around the toenail. Fungal nail infections are more common among the toe nails than among the finger nails. But please note that any finger nail that isnt natural but attached to the real finger nail is a huge contributor to the spread of the fungal infection. It is understandable that when the nails look yellowed as a result of the infection, the natural inclination is to want to put it out of sight and hide because of the stares you get on the fingers or toenails. But know that when you hide the nails under artificial
  • nails, you are creating a more enabling environment that will foster the faster growth and spread of the fungus. So, while it is covered, no one else of course sees the nails while it keeps getting destroyed and the condition worsens. If this gets to the extreme, you may not even be able to hide it any longer as the nail becomes so bad that it is virtually impossible to even apply the artificial nails. This is the reason it is better for you to nip the monster in the bud. The spread of the fungus nail infection is even more common among the women than men because of the flourishing beauty industry. It is common fact that women these days visit nail shops where professional nail experts help apply the artificial nails they want. Now, it very easy for women to get their pedicures and manicures done for them at these shops and because of this, nail spas are very rampant and well patronized by women and even some men. However, these same shops which are a source of satisfaction to women can also be a source of sadness as they beautiful nails they go to sculpt their nails, can become infected by the nail fungus infection. This is possible because certain women who also visit these shops may have the nail fungus growing in their fingernails. For more information visit: