Is EU membership is good idea for citizens

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Transcript of Is EU membership is good idea for citizens

  • 1. Presentation about EU and Eurozone Natascha & Janina DNS12 DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College

2. Introduction to EU 3. Definition of European Union - is social, economical, political Union of member countries all over from the European continent. Now there are 28 member countries. The common currency Euro among 18 EU members This Union already exists for 60 years since it was set after the Second World War. 4. History of EU Reasons for setting up the Coal and Steal Comminty Trades (tax free market) Rebuilding the Europe out of its ruins Preventing wars To have a strong base and be able to compete again USRS by keeping up and developing capitalism system prevent from spreading communism USA need a market to trade their goods. 5. History of EU - Time line Video 6. EU today Governing bodies European council: comes up with idea/law/directive*(elected people from the EU commission) European commission: are making a directives.(Elected from EU parliament Either Council of ministers) Council of Ministers: they have to agree, correct, reject the new laws, make yearly plans, rise the goals for their sectors (ministers of different sectors from EU member countries) Parliament: Approving laws or rejecting.(EU member country politicians elected by EU population) 7. Video 8. Pro and cons for EU Pros Free trade and no tariffs between the membered countries. The broad range of membered countries opens up the access to a lot more resources The broad range of membered countries opens up the access to a lot more resources. The European central bank monitors interest rates. There are subsidies for farmers Regulations have been put in place so larger countries, like France and Germany cannot dominate the smaller countries. 9. Pro and cons for EU Cons The extra level of government can remove some of the power and the responsibility of the country. The executive, the European Commission serves the EUs interest not the individual country. Loss of sovereignty as many individuals The wealthier countries like Germany have shared their wealth with other membered countries Hard to withdraw from the EU once you have joined. The EU can kick out leader of government if they feel it is necessary In Greece they removed the democratically elected leader and appointed an alternative. 10. Good or bad idea? The out many advantages there are stronger dissatvanges towards the citizens. What do you say about it? 11. Conclusion 12. Thank you for your attention!