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STUDENT NAME: STIENBERG TAN GEOK YONGEmail: robin.stienberg@yahoo.comI/C Number S7234046ITel: +65-87421029Student number: TM15-10163A TMC Academy Higher Diploma Essay ProjectCopyright 2016, All Rights Reserved.

Contemporary Hollywood?Hollywoods future past, preent, and futureSTIENBERG TAN GEOK YONG | FLM201 | October 5, 2016The Beginning

Hollywood is a story that many would say its and land of dreams that would come true if you work hard, smart and more. However, theres more to it than just a name that the world knew or do they knew what Hollywood represents?

American Cinema indeed creates an impact in the early 20th century which consists of four peculiar periods which is Silent Movies, Classical Hollywood Cinema, The New Hollywood and the Contemporary Period (after the 1980s). All these actions took place in the first exhibitions for massive audiences in vaudeville shows, the concept and the idea grew from which lives show which affords only by man transform into a whole party by women and all ages apart from been limited by adults only audience.

It was in the early days in New York where the major center of filmmaking began, and entrepreneurs traveled far and wide to exhibit their films as entertainment and art to the world as first forays into dramatic filmmaking.

How did all this begin? Who is Hollywood? Moreover, who owns Hollywood? Is it the Jewish Diaspora the cause or innovation from the sky? Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media?

If anything were to happen for the film industry to grow it is 1878 by a gentleman Eadweard Muybridge gave the demonstration in the power of photography that can capture motion. This is the first recorded of such experience by photography combined with reproduction of motion movement series of a running horse. It is Edwards idea to have it captured in Palo Alto, California with use cameras placed in a row. By 1894, the world first commercially film exhibition is featured in New York City with the use of Thomas Edisons Kinetoscope. This became the forerunner for sound film development in the following years, and since then the United States had built up its resources in Hollywood, California due to its year round preferred weather which is dry and sunny. In the early 20th Century, Florida has been considered as a film production center during the 1920s however because of the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane, the concept never realized and Picture City returned to its original name to Hobe Sound. Director D.W. Griffith is the pinnacle of the development of film grammar.

Moreover, yet the question arises Is Eadweard Muybridge a Jew? This issue yet was not concluded as they cannot compare the Hollywood prosperity a cause by the Jewish DNA? However, is inconclusive because if this was the case, then any other industry that is performed by the no Jewish community would not be able or have gained any form of wealth.

As for the history of movie theaters, it was Fort Lee, New Jersey who used to be the film capital of United States; it begins at the end of 19th Century due to the construction of-of Thomas Edison Black Maria which is the first film studio at West Orange, New Jersy. Other Major Cities and Towns on Hudson River and Hudson Palisades proposed land at a cost considerably less than New York City and because it was across the river it benefitted much with the result of increase growth of the film industry at the turn of 20th century.

Film Making started with and attracted capital and innovative workforce that is when Kalem Company began using Fort Lee in 1907 for this reason as an excellent location for filming in the area and other many filmmakers followed. By 1909, The Champion Film Company is the first to built the studio. Soon after many others moved into built new studios or to lease out space facilities in Fort Lee.

By the 1910s to 1920s, The Film Industry had Independent Moving Pictures, Peerless Studios, The Solax Company, Biograph Studios, Fox Film Corporation, Pathe Freres, Metro Pictures Corporation, Victor Film Company and Selznick Pictures Corporation, Pathe Freres, Metro Pictures Corporation, Victor Film Company, the Selznick were all pictures in Fort Lee were making massive investments and made prudent steps.

While in New York, the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens is the former silent film era, it was used by Marx Brothers and W.C. Fields. The Edison Studios located in the Bronx. Chelsea and Texas and Cuba. The Edison studios located at the Bronx. Chelsea, Manhattan is also frequently used and other major studios and productions used Chicago, Florida, Texas, California and Cuba.

The major film companies is the primary source of producing the best commercially films in the world with the examples of The Birth of the Nation (1915), Gone with the Wind (1939), The Sound of Music (1965), Star Wars (1977), ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) to name some. At Present day, The United States of America Film Studios produced several hundred movies annually making them one of the most prolific producers in film globally.

The question in the history of making of Hollywood is still underlying the following and is this, Are the Jewish community using the media to mold and the shape the worlds culture and opinion by continuously injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into the news broadcasting programs, films, television variety shows, childrens cartoon shows and all forms of related entertainment media.

When a question to New York Mayor in 2012- February 12, Mr. Michael Bloomberg by New York Times and the question was ask Do the American Jews own America and the Media?. Moreover, the answer is blatant Yes.

Many suggested The Jews control the media, and the Radio Talk Show host felt offended by the statement and branded the Jews as To be weary of Zionist Influence Nazis and Anti-Semites on air. The Host finally concluded that anyone that shares the same beliefs should go out and hang themselves to promote population reduction.

Before we can come to a conclusion who owns Hollywood Film and Media, Joel Stein one of Americas well-known Contributor to Time Magazine has this to say (December 19, 2008): Jews Totally Control run Hollywood. Stein proudly admits. He went on providing long lists of Hollywood / Media famous and infamous all Jews to prove his point. On this list were Fox News President Peter Chernin, Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, Walt Disney CEO Robert Igor, to name a few.

He went on mentioning the actors and entertainers such as Barbra Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow, from Adam Sandler to Ben Stiller. Moreover, it went on that Joel Stein comments Even the Head of the Actors Union, Screen Actors Guild, Alan Rosenberg, is a Jew.

The real question we seek to answer and conclude if any at all is this Contemporary Hollywood is it Contested by the Jews? Is it a game of representations and a contested terrain that reproduces existing social struggles and transcodes the political discourses of the era.

It comes to no surprise that since 1940s contemporary Hollywood seeks political endorsements, political donations played an important factor to remaining define and powerful influence for example President Barack Obama receive $2,300 per plate Hollywood gala which is hosted by DreamWorks founders David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg over at Beverly Hilton. Hollywood is one of the huge donors for presidential campaigns and money attracts politicians.

Another example, the Democrats, and Republicans see money in Hollywood; President Franklin Roosevelt was one of the first to see a great partnership with Hollywood, so he used Hollywood Stars for the National Campaign Melvyn Douglas to tour Washington in 1939 to meet key prospects to promote war efforts and resolve the post-depression era struggles. The beginning of the Golden Age of Films because of the added influence which is still developing the mark in History.

Here is the statistics of the United States Cinema:

There were 798 fictional & 21 Animated films made in 2011.

Number of Screens: 40,547 (2015)Per capita: 14.5 per 100,000 (2011)

Number of Admissions (2011) Total: 1,283,844,500Per Capita 3.9 (2010)Gross Box Office (2011) : $10.2 billion


Finally, I will elaborate how American films contested of representation and in a contested terrain, in short, lets examine American Westerns genre The Magnificent Seven demonstrates as a Mans world or Mans playground which its emphasizing much action, smoke, excitement rugged environment in the American frontier. This idea came from a book The Seven Samurai which brings readers of an awe of problems rain of bullying and murder by bandits until to the very point of cries in the soul and the villagers can no longer endure decided to hire mercenary warriors to avenge their loss.

However, as for the Magnificent Seven, the format is the Mexicans who were plagued by the activities and losses occurring by bandit Calavera and leave them with tortillas and a few beans.

This is how John Sturges explores and exploits the audiences views of the political struggles of the past about How America was in the western days, the thumb of laws were limited and contested by guns. Moreover, guns speak louder and demand at any price it deems fit.

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