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  • in real life

    IRL is a program of the:

    / irlasheville

    How do I sign up for IRL?STEP 1: Check out the IRL Program Catalog & choose what program(s) you want to sign up for.STEP 2: Complete the IRL Registration FormsSTEP 3: Turn in your completed IRL Registration forms at the IRL Oce, AMS Main Oce or to your teacher. Conrmation: IRL will contact you to conrm your enrollment & program schedule.

    Is IRL aordable? Yes! IRL has full & partial scholarships available to all families who need them. We will not turn anyone away based on nancial need! See the IRL registration forms for more information on program costs.

    Is transportation provided? Yes! For those families/students that need it, we have an after-school bus to help get students home.

  • Important Information for Parents/Families/Guardians

    Transportation Parent Pick-up at Asheville Middle School runs from 5:00 - 6:00 pm at AMS. Pick your child up in front of AMS, outside the auditorium lobby. (*Expect o-site programs

    to return between 5:15 - 5:30pm*) (* Students signed up for

    IRL Study Hall will be dismissed at 5:45pm.*)

    The safety of your child is important to us. Be prepared to sign

    your child out at the end of the day.

    After-School Bus leaves at 5:45 pm daily. Please complete the registration forms to secure a spot on the bus or

    contact our oce at 350-6270.

    IRL Attendance & Absences We check attendance daily and will contact you if your child is not present. Please contact the IRL oce before 3:30pm if you know your child will be absent.

    We expect your child to attend all days of each program that

    they are enrolled in. If your child has excessive unexcused

    absences, they may be removed from the program. | | 828.350.6270 Oce Hours: During Session (10AM-6PM) / Out of Session (9AM-5PM)

    in real life

    Program Schedule Information IRL Spring Session runs from March 31 - May 30, 2014

    IRL operates Monday - Friday from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. IRL Study Hall operates Monday - Thursday from 5:00 - 5:45pm. IRL Programs are cancelled on days when students do not have

    school. This includes ACS holidays and breaks, early dismissal and

    inclement weather closure.

    Behavior Expectations IRL is an extension of the school day and AMS school rules apply.

    Students are expected to follow the ACS Code of Student Conduct while involved with IRL. We want your child to have a positive and fun experience with

    IRL. If your child has consistent behavioral issues, you will be

    contacted to help with the situation. We are committed to

    working with all families to the best of our ability. We want to

    make sure your child is successful. Please contact Travis Herbert,

    Campus Director, with concerns or comments.

    ExpectationsWe want you to have fun, learn new things and be successful!

    Here is what we expect from you:

    Show up! If youre signed up, we expect you to be there. Two or more absences in a program and you may be removed

    from the program.

    Be respectful to everyone! We expect you to treat everyone in IRL with respect. IRL does not tolerate bullying

    of any kind!

    Follow directions and rules! We expect you to follow the directions and rules communicated by IRL sta,

    volunteers and service providers.

    No cell phones allowed during after-school programs! If you need to use your phone, you must ask permission

    from your service provider or IRL sta.

    ConsequencesPotential consequences for negative behavior include: Verbal

    warning, Call to parents, Involvement of AMS administration,

    Parent conference for continued participation, and/or removal

    from IRL programs. We want you to participate in IRL programs

    and will work with you and your family to support your continued

    participation if appropriate.

    At IRL, students have a voice & a choice! We want students to provide leadership for all parts IRL! This is

    your make it the best it can be! GET INVOLVED!!

    Important Information for Students

  • Want to learn circus arts skills such as magic, juggling, balance, acrobatics and clowning? Want to learn how to put on a performance with your friends? Then this is the class for you! We will explore simple magic, ball juggling, balance, two-person partner acrobatics and basic clowning. We will work on each area independently and then put them all together to form our very own variety show. You get to be the star and the creative force behind the show at the May LEAF Festival and IRL Showcase. Imagine the possibilities! *This is a LEAF Schools & Streets program and we are requesting that students commit to participate for both the IRL Winter & Spring session classes in order to prepare for participation in the May LEAF Festival. (Performance date will either be May 10 or 11.)

    Asheville Middle School & O-Site Locations

    Circus ArtsNina Runi, Teaching Artist

    in real life

    IRL Study HallHomework Help 5:00 - 5:45pmYou have asked for it! Now you got it! Students and families have asked for time to get their homework you can sign up for IRL Study Hall on any day, Monday - Thursday. This targeted homework time will take place after normal IRL programs end. Staed by adult volunteers & IRL sta. | | 828.350.6270

    Sharpen your skills of communication and creativity through theatre arts. Discover the basics of theatre through improvisa-tion, group games, and character studies. Develop your acting skills through original stories, skits, and scenes for the stage. No experience necessary - - just an open mind and willingness to try! Our program will culminate with an on-stage performance at the May LEAF Festival. *This is a LEAF Schools & Streets program and we are requesting that students commit to participate for both the IRL Winter & Spring session classes in order to prepare for participation in the May LEAF Festival. (Performance date will either be May 10 or 11.)

    Asheville Middle School

    Theater ArtsErinn Huntley, Teaching Artist

    Explore the biggest questions and greatest mysteries human beings have ever encountered. Use your curiosity and imagina-tion to uncover your inner philosopher and discover timeless wisdom in words, art, music and everyday life. We will meet in a coee shop, a place where philosophy is always happening, and go on eld trips to test out our ideas in the real world.

    O-site - Various Locations

    Platos Cafe: for the Love of Questions Leslee Johnson

    After-School TutoringGet help in Reading & Math!

    TEACHER INVITATION ONLY! IRL is partnering with AMS to deliver grade level tutoring to students in need as identied by their teachers. Tutoring will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Contact IRL oce for more details.

    8th Grade Math 1 LabGet help in Math 1!

    TEACHER INVITATION ONLY! This grade level tutoring lab is staed by 8th grade math teachers and focuses on High School Math 1! See Mr. Holton or Mr. Laws for more information.

    Youve got to, Move it! Youve got to move it! Come ready to have fun and DANCE in this high energy class. Learn about the history of Hip Hop music and dance, and its inuence on many of the artists today. Dances will include electric boogaloo, Kid N Play, pop and lock, Running Man, Cabbage Patch, Soulja Boy and the Dougie, along with many more. Best of all, you will have a chance to perform a medley of these dances at the May LEAF Festival and the IRL Showcase! Session two will pick up where session one leaves o, so it is highly recommended to sign up for both sessions. *This is a LEAF Schools & Streets program and we are requesting that students commit to participate for both the IRL Winter & Spring session classes in order to prepare for participation in the May LEAF Festival. (Performance date will either be May 10 or 11.)

    Asheville Middle School

    Hip Hop Through the AgesChristine Garvin, Teaching Artist

    Talent InitiativeCenter for Diversity Education, UNCAMe2We Conference

    Talent search! Calling all students forward! This program is featuring a Talent Initiative, to discover your inner awesome-ness! Beyonce is Flawless and Macklemore is Thrifty, so what are you? This program will help bring out your inner EPIC. Plus, put your talents to use planning this summers 2-day Me2We Conference!

    Asheville Middle School

    Emerging Young LeadersAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc

    Our program is focused on developing academic and social skills by using a variety of dierent team building activities. It also is designed to help students transition from middle to high school. The program will also help students develop into model citizens and document their goals. This next term we also will learn how to make Jewelry and prepare for o-campus activities. Come help us plan and put on a TEEN SUMMIT in April 2014, by expressing your talent, projects in the arts, sciences, dance, singing or any other talent you may want to display. This will be your time to SHINE!

    Asheville Middle School

  • in real life | | 828.350.6270

    Chess ClubVictoria Angelotti, AMS Teacher

    Our re program is designed for young adults who are interestedin learning about a career in Fire Service. Want to wear reprotective clothing, go 100 feet in the air, ride a re truck, climb aladder, and squirt water? This is the program for you! Studentsare encouraged to be enthusiastic, hands-on, and teamworkoriented individuals.

    O-Site: Various Locations (AVL Fire Dept. Stations)

    Be a big buddy for Isaa