Iris on Rainy Days

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Transcript of Iris on Rainy Days

Iris on Rainy Days

PrologueHere is the scrap of a robot. Its left arm has been torn away with its left shoulder. The remaining right arm bends towards an unnatural direction. The lower body, being torn off, is non-existent. From its stomach, tubes and organ-like parts are crowded out untidily. At first glance this robot looks no more than a piece of scrap. But once upon a time it led a happy life, serving in a family and being loved by its master. HRM021-, its registered name is Iris Rain Umbrella Based on the data in the mind circuit of HRM021-, the following record was reconstructed by Ralph Ciel, the First Robotics Laboratory, Oval University.

Chapter 1DismantlingTake care on the road! Come home earlier! (Iris Rain Umbrella)

Dismantling: 7 Days Before At the center of the Venus Fountain Plaza, there stood the statue of a stunning goddess. She has slim limbs, skin as white as silk, and a great figure. Today, the goddess is still wearing a gentle smile on her face, silently observing the surrounding crowd. Oval Town had once burned in the flames of war. That time, most of the town was burnt into ground, only the goddess statue survived without so much of a scratch, just like a miracle. From that day, the statue of the goddess became a symbol of hope and revival, and has been protected as the most important cultural asset of our country. Beside the goddess statue that is about a hundred and seventy centimeters, the fountain is blooming flowers of water, having colors of a rainbow. On the dark tea-colored benches that were placed around the fountain, there are old men chatting with each other, children playing around, and lovers proclaiming their love for each other. It is a harmonious scene that looks like it came from a painting. its indeed similar. A squeaking sound starts to ring, and I start to adjust the pupil function of my visual system. After focusing my pupil of the white goddess statue, I sigh lightly. The goddess statue looks like Professor. Professor is the top researcher of robots, Professor Wendy von Umbrella. She has a tall figure, black hair that

is beautiful and luscious, wears glasses with a sleek, silver frame that suits her very much, and is the professor that I am proud of. While thinking of the beautiful outline of Professor, I stare blankly at the goddess statue when the sweet sour smell of circlet cigarette floated over. I start to turn the angle of my neck, confirming the source of the fragrance. The person who sat on the bench, smoking a circlet cigarette, is a middle aged man donning a dark blue suit. He is reading todays copy of Oval Daily, but from just now, he started to peek at me once in a while. I use a gentle smile to greet him, and he shyly shifts his gaze. By the way, circlet cigarettes are products used for smoking cessation. Its shape is as the word circlet in its name indicates, and its size is about the size of a circle made using the thumb and the index finger. When people start to smoke it, the ring-shaped cigarette would immediately straighten, and then the tip of the cigarette could be lit. Although it is a replacement for tobacco that was made to prevent the mouth of the people who are trying to quit smoking to be too free, but recently the smokers who buy it because they like its smell is gradually increasing. Among the similar products, the one that sells the best is the type that combines two circlets into the shape of the number 8. This type of cigarette can be split into two halves, half of it to smoke, and the other half to fill the ashes. The reason that I am so knowledgeable about this, is because Professor Umbrella loves this type of circlet cigarette. Mnn. I shift my gaze to the goddess statue again, and suddenly started to ponder. The goddess statue looks very similar to the tall professor. However, I just have this feeling that it is lacking something. Every time I see it, I would have this uncoordinated feeling in me.

When this meaningless question surfaced in my mind, times up. After five more minutes, you will be unable to reach home in the scheduled time. The inorganic, electronic voice of my mental circuit starts to urge me to hurry home. Alright already, its almost time to go home. With my back to the plaza, I start to walk home quickly. The shopping basket in my right hand is stuffed full of the ingredients for todays dinner, and a La Bier fish that is glittering in rich silver is tied to my back, causing the pedestrians who pass by to turn their head around when they see it. Seeing me carry a huge, one meter long fish while Im only a hundred and fifty centimeter, being surprised would be quite natural. But after they notice that I am actually a robot, they showed an expression that said that this is understandable. Differentiating between humans and robot is very simple. The ones that have a round antenna on their ears (It looks really like an earphone) are robots, the ones who dont are humans. Its the robot from the Umbrella residence! a voice clearly projects into my auditory system. So, I smiled back at the person. Though robots used in families is not uncommon, but since Professor is a famous person, I get noticed sometimes when I walk in the streets. After walking about ten minutes from the Fountain Plaza, I arrived at the Umbrella residence. Looking at the blue door that is full of ivies, I started to say: Certification number HRM021-, Iris Rain Umbrella. Im back. After the electronic voice says Certification complete, please enter, the large door opens silently. The Umbrella residence is a grand mansion. There is a courtyard here that is the size of three station squares, and it is a large residence that would not

be inferior to the mansions of administrators. The outer wall that was formed by red bricks makes people understand the grandeur of the history and traditions of the Umbrella family. After entering the mansion, a luxurious hall could be seen immediately. The sunlight that entered from the skylight passes through the chandeliers, giving out a colourful radiance. The carpet spread on the floor is similar to the style of the ones in old castles. Large paintings are hanging on the walls, and the value of each work can provide for a luxurious life. Passing through the corridor with the shiningly exquisite floor, I first place the fish in the freezer. I feel much better after that, and I started to walk towards the west-most room on that floor the research room. The research room is stuffed full of materials and tools, the clean but chilly space is like a snowy field on a winter day. Sitting on the creamy white bed near to the wall, I start to confirm the gauge on me. Battery level 82.50%, waste in body 1.73%. The energy level is more than enough for labour, but charging my battery is the order that Professor had given me. So, I immediately start to charge. After sterilizing the long, thin tube with a chemical for two times, I open the lock on my wrist, showing the connection plug. If I made a mistake in the steps, the black machine oil might just splatter through the whole room, so I must be more careful. I insert the tube into my right and left hand in succession, then pressed the switch on the machine. Electric power and additional lubricating oil slowly flow into the connection plug on my right wrist. At the same time, the teacolored waste in my body is being sucked out from my left wrist. In the introduction manuals for robot maintenance, they would usually say that the system is similar to humans using IV drips. In reality, as the system

undergoes the excretion and cleaning of the inner part of the body, it is more like artificial dialysis when compared with IV drips. While looking upwards when charging my battery, I stare at the metal boards on the ceiling. The ceiling that is like a smooth mirror reflects my whole body. Technically, theres not much difference in gender in robots, but I should be a girl. My age setting is fifteen. I have blue eyes, with delicate eyebrows on it. My maroon hair is slightly wavy, and the length reaches my shoulder. The length of my limbs is similar to Professors, and my face is that of a beauty, just like professor this is my own knowledge, and not just my opinion. It might be because Professor always praising that Im cute that I feel like that. The maid costume that I am wearing was designed in a fairy tale style. A maids headdress lightly waved on my head, while the cutting of the apron emphasized the curves of my breasts. The peach coloured dress tightened at the waist, while the dress itself is quite loose, and would make people thinks of a wedding dress. Where did Professor buy such a lovely maids costume, I wonder? Right until now, its still a mystery. After twelve minutes and one second, the process of charging finished. Battery level 99.93%, body waste 0.02%. Alright, target level achieved. I jump down from the bed, leaving the research room. My destination is the kitchen, because I have to prepare for dinner. In the large kitchen that is not inferior to high classed restaurants, I start to make a Bill La Bier stew pot. There are a lot of pots, sinks and gas stoves here, but I would always cook at the left side of the kitchen. Professor is very rich, and she could even hire over ten, or even over twenty chefs, but she didnt hire any up till now. Not only a chef, she didnt even hire other

maids, and I have to handle the whole large Umbrella residence. I could only use all my effort, diligently finish the chores like cooking, washing the clothes and sweeping the floor. I quickly cut the La Bier fish, and lightly picked up the pieces of peachcoloured fish. 200.0025 grams. While referring to the recipe searched from my mental circuit, I finish the preparations of making the Bill Labier stew pot. By the way, La Bier is a fish very similar to salmon fish, while La Bier is actually the name of a person. Ive heard that a fisherm