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This presentation is a fun informational powerpoint that explores bussiness communication in Ireland.

Transcript of Ireland Business Communication

  • 1. Ireland culture communication
    Group 3:
    Carrie VanVleet
    Jesse McCandless
    Brittany Erpestad

2. St.Patricks Day
Ireland Holiday
St. Patrick
March 17th
3. Best Impression
Business Communication,
Public behavior,
Dress wear,
Deal negotiation,
Follow these Tips on :
4. Greeting and Gift giving
Eye contact
Firm hand shake
Hug if you know them well
Avoid using titles
5. Conversation
The Irish prefer direct eye contact.
The Irish find arguments and opinionated conversation entertaining.
Subjects not to talk about.
6. Mixing Business and Entertainment
Drinking forms a huge part of Irish Culture and psyche of the countrythe troubles of the day and the world are generally sorted out over a pint.

  • Monday morning office conversations will entail the amounts of alcohol consumed over the weekend along with the following hangover.

7. When ordering a drink make men must order a pint or it is considered unmanly. 8. Also in an Irish pub each person is expected to pay for a round of drinks or it could leave a bad impression. 9. If invited out for a drink it is said not to bring up business subjects unless host does so first. 10. When hosting a dinner or lunch at a restaurant is it almost customary to drink wine unless Guinness or tea is preferred. 11. But at lunchtime, most business people will not take a drink.