IQAC - Central University of Kashmir am happy to know that IQAC is brining out first IQAC News...

download IQAC - Central University of Kashmir am happy to know that IQAC is brining out first IQAC News Letter. I congratulate Coordinator, IQAC and the entire team of IQAC for their tireless

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Transcript of IQAC - Central University of Kashmir am happy to know that IQAC is brining out first IQAC News...

  • IQAC newsletter


    IQACA Newsletter of Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Central University of Kashmir

    newsletterIQACVolume 1, Issue 1

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell

    In pursuance of the National Action Plan of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore, for performance, assessment, evaluation and accreditation of institutions of higher learning, NAAC proposes that every accredited institution should estab-lish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a pre or post accreditation quality sustenance measure. Since quality improvement is a uninterrupted route, the IQAC becomes a part of an institutions system and work towards achieving the goals of quality sustenance and enhance-ment. The fundamental duty of the IQAC is to develop a system for alert, reliable, visible and tangible improvement in the performance of institutions. The IQAC makes a important and momentous con-tribution in the pre-accreditation phase of institution. During the pre-accreditation period, the IQAC channelizes the efforts and measures of an institution towards ac-ademic excellence. Central University of Kashmir setup an Internal Quality Assurance Cell in the year 2014. Ever since its establishment, the IQAC is keenly working towards de-veloping excellence alert milieu in the University. For achieving its objectives, the IQAC has conducted several internal meetings on issues, requirements and

    The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) shall be established in all Universities/Colleges as per the UGC/ National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC) guidelines with the Vice Chancellor, as Chairperson (in case of universities), and Principal, as Chairperson (in case of colleges). The IQAC shall act as the documentation and record-keeping Cell for the institution including assistance in the development of the API criteria based PBAS proforma using the indicative template separately developed by UGC. The IQAC may also introduce, wherever feasible, the student feedback system as per the NAAC guidelines on institutional parameters.

    6.0.11-The Gazette of India, part III, sector 4

    achievements of the University, its accreditation and integration of quality in the University processes. From its inception, IQAC has been working hard to prepare the University for NAAC accreditation. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is pre-accreditation nodal agency for quality related activities in the University, with the main aim of in-stitutionalising long-term objectives of the University. It is to develop a system to improve the educational and organizational actions by planning involvement approach based on inputs to smoothen the progress of deci-sion-making. IQAC is non-financial resource support and acts mainly on feedbacks to create participatory and facilitative functioning, with an in-tention to build up support and channelize energy for sequencing academic activities and institutionalizing quality enhancement. IQAC is to work for change in the University; to improve level of clarity and focus in its perfor-mance; develop and put together various actions of the University; develop the work culture and accept checks and balances to examine and evaluate the degree to which its objectives are achieved in the University.

    Prof. N.A. NadeemCoordinator, IQAC

    Central University of Kashmir

    September 2015

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    Layout and Design: MOHAMMAD YOUNIS ZARGAR

    Prof. M. A. ZargarRegistrar, CUK

    Quality of an educational institution can be determined by the number of the internal resources that it posses and also by the efficient usage of these resources to produce productive manpower. Universities are expected to set mission goals and objectives to guide their faculty, administration, staff, and governing bodies in making decisions related to planning, resource allocation, programs, curriculum development, student learning, other outcomes, and institutional improvements which ultimately shall deter-mine the quality of the institution. I am glad that IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) of Central University of Kash-mir committed to implement the set quality parameters of the NAAC at this institute of higher learning, has come up with first issue of IQAC Newsletter. On national and international scene, higher education has proved to be a potent force and one of the major factors responsible for development of nations. For continuous upgradation, per-formance evaluation, assessment, accreditation of institutions, and to uphold, maintain and sustain the quality of education, bodies like IQAC assume great importance. For a university set up the system needs to work towards quality enhancement and suste-nance. Initiatives like IQAC will certainly help the system to work towards realization of the these desired goals. I congratulate IQAC, its Coordinator, all its nodal officers for their efforts and hope to see it grow with efficiency and complete professionalism.

    Prof. N. A. NadeemCoordinator, IQAC, CUK

    Welcome to the first issue of IQAC Newsletter of Central Universi-ty of Kashmir. The aim of this publication is to keep you informed of the progress that University has already made and the new initiatives and updates concerning the sustenance and improvement of quality in Higher Education to be taken by the University. Our University is striving hard to focus on quality assurance, human brilliance, per-sonality development and social concerns is at the heart of the ed-ucational process in Central University of Kashmir. In this regard the role of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is important. An excellent education system is identified by the quality of its contents, pedagogies, the best practices and the output. Some innovative initiatives have been taken by the University which include Curric-ulum Transactional Strategies (CTS), Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Due to our concern for the quality, our University is figuring among few top universities in the list of newly established Universities. I wish IQAC nodal officers and the members of the teaching and non teaching staff better prospects, professional development and en-hanced focus on pursuit of quality education.

    Prof. Mehraj-did-Din Mir Vice Chancellor

    Central University of Kashmir came into being in the year 2009 by an Act of Parliament. The State Government has allotted a good chunk of land in the District Ganderbal and the efforts are on to establish its own campus on the allotted site, despite the fact the University is confronting a number of bottle-necks on this count. The University in a short span of time has become a hub of academic activities and with the help of dedicated and committed senior and young talented faculty and of course dynamic supporting staff has been in a position to carve out its space in the All India map of Higher Education. The University in pursuance of Vision - 2025 adopted by different academic bodies is working for academic expansion and diversification by widening the academic canvass on horizontal and vertical dimensions. The University puts in sustained efforts to create brand equity and offers leadership by way of differen-tiation in all its intellectual pursuits. Accordingly focus is on development of contemporary relevant curriculum and quality assurance. In this regard, the Central University of Kashmir has established Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to sustain and improve the quality standards in its programmes at Integrated, Masters and Research Degree levels. Internal Quality Assurance Cell under the leadership of Prof. N. A. Nadeem, Dean, School of Education has taken the shape of an important Centre in the University set-up to provide academic leadership and right from its inception has organized a series of academic activities. I am happy to know that IQAC is brining out first IQAC News Letter. I congratulate Coordinator, IQAC and the entire team of IQAC for their tireless efforts and hardwork in bringing out the first issue of IQAC Newsletter highlighting the various activites conducted by the University during the recent past.I wish IQAC all the best in its academic ventures.



  • IQAC newsletter


    Pursuant to the approval of the competent Authority, IQAC constituted under the Order No. CUKmr/Admin/14/1544 , dated 30-06-2014 is as under:-


    1. Prof. N. A. Nadeem, Dean, School of Education Coordinator

    2. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Gilkar, Controller of Examination Associate Coordinator

    3. Mr. Syed Reyaz Rufai, Librarian Member

    4. Mr Asif Khan, Coordinator, Department of Convergent Journalism Nodal Officer

    5. Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu Nodal Officer

    6. Dr Mohd. Sayid, Assistant Professor, Department of Education Nodal Officer

    7. Dr Zia-ul-Haq, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies Nodal Officer

    8. Mr Sheikh Nasrullah, Assistant Professor, Department of IT. Nodal Officer

    9. Mr Bilal Ahmad, Assistant Professor, Department of Law Nodal Officer

    10. Ms Ishrat Bashir, Assistant Professor, Department of English Nodal Officer

    11. Mr Faizan Ashraf Mir, Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism Studies Nodal Officer

    12. Mr Tasleem Araf Cash, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics Nodal Officer

    13. Mr G.M Sufi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics Nodal Officer

    14. Mr Hilal Ahmad Najar, Assistant Professor, Department of Law Nodal Office