IPTC Photo Metadata Conference - Digital images and digital preservation

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@dart_ulcc http://dablog.ulcc.ac.uk Digital images and digital preservation IPTC Photo Metadata Conference, Zagreb, 2016 Ed Pinsent, ULCC
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Transcript of IPTC Photo Metadata Conference - Digital images and digital preservation

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Digital images and digital preservationIPTC Photo Metadata Conference, Zagreb, 2016

Ed Pinsent, ULCC



About meDigital Archivist at ULCC since 2004Teaches digital preservation on the DPTPBackground as archivist / records managerExperience in web-archiving, repository management, metadata projects, migration, digitisation, project management, etc.See more at digital archives blog http://dart.blogs.ulcc.ac.uk/



Digital preservationDigital preservation means ensuring sustained, continued access to your content, over along time; not just backing-upFor image collections, this might mean:Preservation of digital image filesPreservation (and continued management) of metadata

This presentation will define these targets of preservation, and propose some interventions



Drivers for doing digital preservationYou might want it, e.g. To respond to threats caused by software changes / format changesTo respond to an entire system failureTo have a definitive preservation copy, in case of exports going wrong

If youre managing an image collection, then you might want to:Protect your workProtect your investmentRecognise that digitisation / image creation takes time and moneyRecognise that metadata curation takes time and money

Other possible scenarios:You have a user community whose needs you must meetYou have a commercial operation which would be strengthened by good preservation of the assets



Production chainCreatorsDigital imagesArchived digital imagesAccess copies

Authoritative library-approvedMetadataOnline DAM



Metadata creation - embeddedDigital imagesPhotographerImage softwareIPTC Metadata

EXIF Metadata

Technical MetadataCreators




Metadata creation not embedded, descriptiveAuthoritative library-approvedMetadataOnline DAMDescriptive metadata




Intervention 1: preservation storageArchived digital images

Fixity / checksum



Long-term storageIdeally, wed want preservation-standard storageThis is not the same as backing-up a network, or storing content on HD / USB DrivesPreservation-standard storage is:Dedicated archival storageLittle if any network trafficFixity, validation, monitoring and reportingMultiple independent geo-redundant copiesA place to keep our master copies of digital images, probably hi-res images stored in lossless formats, so they have a big footprint



FixityCrucial part of archival storage / long-term preservationMeans of detecting change or corruptionWe must generate a checksum for each fileChecksum = fingerprint of digital object; also called hash or fixityIf checksum changes, this is an indicator that object has changedRegular validation of checksums is strongly recommended



Intervention 2: metadata management

Technical MetadataMetadata ExtractionArchived digital imagesPreservation Database



Technical metadataMetadata about the digital image, very often embedded in the file headerHelps us identify the format with high degree of certainty