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  • 1. iPhone 4sApples iPhone 4S is one of the most amazingphone discovered till date. Since its release, it has created a sense of excitement among thepeople. It has got a range of hardwarespecifications and software updates that reallyappeal to the users.

2. iPhone 4s FeaturePROCESSOR: CAMERA:The iPhone 4S has a 1 GHz Cortex A9The camera of the iPhone 4S is of 8dual core A5 processor which is very Megapixel. It gives outstanding picturefast. You can download any music,quality with features such as autovideos or any application at anfocus, LED Flash, face detection andincredibly fast speed. The Operating check quality. It has a very highsystem used in it is the OS 5 which is resolution of 3264 X 2448 pixels. Itupgradable to OS 5.1.The iPhone 4S has got a front facing camera throughhas a 1 GHz Cortex A9 dual core A5 which you can do video calling withprocessor which is very fast. You cananyone.download any music, videos or anyapplication at an incredibly fast speed.The Operating system used in it is theOS 5 which is upgradable to OS 5.1. 3. iPhone 4s FeatureSIRI: DISPLAY:The best part in this gadget is the voice The display offered is a 3.5 inch multi-control software that can serve you astouch retina display. It has fingerprintyour personal assistant. Siri lets youresistant oleo-phobic coating on thespeak to your phone. It also responds front and the back.to you and behave accordingly as youwant. It understands what you sayand knows what you mean. 4. iPhone 4s Image Gallery 5. iPhone 4s SpecificationHardware Specifications: Software Specifications:The iPhone 4 offers a VGA front facing The iPhone 4 supports FaceTime. It is acamera that lets you video call. A 5 way to video call using either the frontMegapixel iSight camera is present or the back camera over a Wi-Fithat gives quality photos with a video connection. Thus, through this, yourecording up to 720p. It has photo and can communicate with other cameravideo geotagging ability.equipped iOS devices.The display offered is a 3.5 inch multi- This gadget has got various sensors suchtouch retina display. It has fingerprintas the accelerometer, ambient lightresistant oleo-phobic coating on thesensor, proximity sensor and three-front and the back. axis gyro. 6. iPhone 4s OverviewiPhone 4 is considered to be one of the mostamazing phones discovered so far. This gadget is the fourth generation iPhone that runs on Apples operating system. It is mainly controlled by users fingertips on the multi- touch display which is very sensitive tofingertip contact. For more information visit athttp://www.iphone4sbestdeals.co.uk/.