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  2. 2. 1st PRIZE PEOPLE ON THE BEACHby Lim Saw Sing, Infineon Technologies, Kulim MalaysiaPolyimide surface after expose to reactive ion etching and sputter coating prior to SEM imaging create an art effect resembling many people on a beach.
  3. 3. 2nd PRIZE WINGS by Foo Fang Jie, Advanced Micro DevicesDuring fracture analysis of a silicon sample, the crack origin was identified at a series of chevron marks. These marks resemble a pair of wings, reminding the analyst thatthe sky is the limit, at work and in life.
  4. 4. 3rd PRIZETHE HOPE TERRACE by Tan Lee KoonThis is a SEM picture of wafer-edge chipping. It gives a terrace image step-likespectacular landforms overlooking many prospects.
  5. 5. Mysterious Jungleby Lim Chan Way, Infineon Technologies, Kulim Malaysia This SEM image results from the adhesion between a carbon tape (bottom) and a membrane structure (top).
  6. 6. Happy Frogby Lee Chee Hiong, Systems-on-Silicon Manufacturing Co.This is a SEM image showing a happy frog. It has helped us complete the process .Now it is standing on the passivation layer looking forward to the next challenge.
  7. 7. Silver Sulfide Crystals by Amy Ng & Angelina Lau, Micron TechnologyThis is a SEM image of silver sufide, Ag2S growth on a resistor network causing theresistance of the component to increase and eventually resulting in an open signal.
  8. 8. Lunar Eclipseby Joel B. Hosmillo; Analog DevicesAn optical image (dark field) of a capacitor in a 400 Hz low-pass filter, damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  9. 9. Big Nose by Wu Xing & Pey Kin Leong; Singapore University of Design and TechnologyThe specimen was a resistive switching memory device consisting of Ni/HfO2/Si. Thesample was subjected to electrical stressing while being monitored by a highresolution TEM in situ. The heat generated was so huge that the sample melted down. The resultant image resembles a face with two ting eyes and a big nose.
  10. 10. The Royal Elephant by Jacqueline Kwa, Advanced Micro DevicesTEM lamella preparation on a silicon sample created this image of an elephant decorated with headdress, getting ready to usher in the king.
  11. 11. Tortoiseby Nurhanani; Infineon Technologies, Kulim MalaysiaThis is a SEM image of a particle embedded in a metal layer, resembling that of atortoise at the water surface.
  12. 12. Long-Tail Kangarooby Jun Faith Rodrigo, Analog DevicesThis is a FESEM image showing a foreign material on the heat sink of a MEMS package. The image looks like the silhouette of a kangaroo with a long tail.
  13. 13. Fist of Victoryby Khoo Bing Sheng; WinTech Nano-TechnologyRaise your right arm and give a fist of victory. That is the effect of this picturecaptioned Fist of Victory , showing the nano fabrication capability of a FIB (Focused Ion Beam). The base material used is Copper.