iPads: FLW Team 6A

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iPads: FLW Team 6A. Hours 3 & 4: Overview of the WAWM School District handouts and the iPad rollout and use in Team 6A. Hours 6 & 7: Questions and Answers regarding the iPads. (Blue Handout) By allowing students to have personal learning devices, the School District will: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of iPads: FLW Team 6A

  • iPads:FLW Team 6AHours 3 & 4: Overview of the WAWM School District handouts and the iPad rollout and use in Team 6A.

    Hours 6 & 7: Questions and Answers regarding the iPads.

  • WAWM 21st Century Skills(Blue Handout)By allowing students to have personal learning devices, the School District will:Enhance and accelerate learningLeverage technology for personalizing instructionPromote collaboration, increasing student engagementIncrease access to digital curriculumPrepare students for the on-line administration of the new SMARTER Balance state assessmentProvide access to anywhere, anytime learning in classrooms, schoolyards, cyber cafes, homes

  • FLW Team 6APreparing students for iPad use:Student understanding of how to care for and handle the iPadPersonalizing the iPadIn-class instruction on navigating the iPadAppropriate use of social/collaborative networkingIn-class practice/instruction on specific apps, on-line textbook uses and assignments

  • iPad RolloutRequirements for iPad use in the classroom: Student Rights and Responsibility Form must be completed and on file with the school.

    Requirements for iPads to go home:Student Rights and Responsibility formiPad Usage Agreement, signed and returned (yellow handout)Student has an iPad cover ($6.00 cover can be purchased at FLW.)

  • AccessoriesiPad cover this is a requirement before the iPad can leave the classroomHeadphones or earbudsOther iPad accessories are not recommended at this time.

  • AppsiPad Apps will be downloaded to the iPads by your childs teachers.

    iTunes requires a person to be 14 years or older to have an account.

  • Care and Maintenance of your iPad

  • iPad CareCarefully transport your iPad to school everyday.

    Avoid placing weight on the iPad. Never throw or slide an iPad. Never expose an iPad to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight. An automobile is not a good place to store an iPad. No stickers or any other items should be attached to the iPad itself unless placed there by school staff.

  • iPad CaseStudents must purchase a case for their iPad and must keep the iPad in the case at all times when transporting it to school each day.

    The purpose of the case is to protect the iPad, especially while the iPad is being transported.

  • iPad BatteryIt is the students responsibility to charge the iPad at home and ensure it is ready for use in school each day.

    When not in use, powering down the iPad will save battery life. The iPad must remain in a protective case at all times. The iPad should be charged, using the provided wall charger and brought to school ready to use each day.Fully charged iPad batteries will typically last 1215 hours of use.Waiting to charge the iPad until the charge is low (less than 20% life or red indicator light) will extend the battery life.

  • iPad ScreenThe iPad screen is glass and can crack. Never place heavy objects on top of the iPad and never drop your iPad. Careful placement in your backpack is important.

    The iPad is an electronic device; handle it with care. Never throw a book bag that contains an iPad.Never place an iPad in a book bag that contains food, liquids, heavy, or sharp objects. While the iPad is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof. Avoid using any sharp object on the iPad.

  • iPad ScreeniPads do not respond well to liquids. Avoid applying liquids to the iPad. The iPad can be cleaned with a soft, slightly water-dampened, lint-free cloth.

    Avoid getting moisture in the openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the iPad. Use of unapproved cleaners may remove the protective film covering the face of the iPad.

  • iPad UseNever leave an iPad unattended. When not in your personal possession, the iPad should be in a secure, locked location. Do not lend your iPad to another person.Each iPad has a unique identification number that is assigned to each individual user. This number is used for tracking purposes within the school and outside the school environment.

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged iPadsThe iPad is a technology resource that is owned by the School District of West Allis-West Milwaukee. The District retains the sole right of possession of the iPad and the issued accessories for the iPad. It is your responsibility to maintain and keep secure the iPad and accessories while it is checked out to you.During the school day, you are to either keep the iPad in your possession or secured in your locker at all times. You are not to leave your iPad unattended at any time.

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged iPadsDo not attempt to gain access to the internal electronics or repair your iPad.If your iPad fails to work or is damaged, report the problem to the School Media Center (Mrs. Naber) as soon as possible. iPad repair/replacement options will be determined by the School Media Center staff. You may be issued a temporary iPad or other materials until your iPad is working properly or replaced. If the iPad is experiencing technical difficulties outside of school hours, you will need to wait until you return to school to fix it.

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged iPadsIf the iPad is lost, it must be reported to the Media Center Staff as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the student and family to work with the school and police to assist in the recovery of a lost or stolen iPad.

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged iPadsRepair of an iPads broken glass and LCD screen usually costs approximately $150.00. Full replacement cost of the iPad is approximately $400. As with any other District resource, which has been loaned (such as textbooks, library books, musical instruments) loss, damage, or theft of a District iPad will result in a financial liability for the family. It is the responsibility of each family to protect the iPad from damage.

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged iPadsIf your iPad is damaged or stolen, your family will be charged a replacement fee of $40.

    Should any reissued iPad be damaged or stolen again, your family will be charged a replacement fee of $60.

    A third damaged or stolen iPad may result in not being allowed to remove your iPad from the schools location.

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged iPadsStudents who leave the West Allis-West Milwaukee Schools must return the iPad, along with any other accessories at the time they leave. The iPad and all accessories should be returned to the Media Center Staff.

  • Questions and Answersregarding student-issued iPads iPad use in other classes Monitoring/restricting your childs on-line access in a wireless environmentImportant FAQs