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All About iPadRead Mobzilaa.com for latest

news and updates on iPad / iPhone

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There is a new star in town

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Launch facts

Almost 500,000 iPads sold in

America during the first week

(More than 85 million iPod Touch

and iPhones sold worldwide)

9.7 inch touch screen

(1024 x 768 resolution)

Always on with at least 10 hours

battery life while being used

Nearly all existing iPhone apps

work on the iPad, with 3,000

tablet specific apps already

available and 1000s more under


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Change of media consumption

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In the beginning, there was TV...

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... then internet came along

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And now we have …

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... iPad = comfortable computing

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Evolution of media consumption

Media TV WEB iPad / tablet PC

Primary model

Watch Scan, Interact, Do Read, Watch, Interact, Do


Creativity Interactivity Ease and pleasure of the experience

Contribution to sales

Awareness +Personalize,configure, consumer testimonials

+ Effortless buying

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What will tablets be used for?

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Daily Newspapers



Multimedia Books…

Page 12: Ipad ipad ipad



TV Shows

Catch up TV, Streaming TV

Your own Video & Photos


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View & Edit Documents


Keynote, Pages, Numbers

Email, Calendar, Adress Book, …

Show Presentations…

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Internet & Intranet (VPN access)

E-commerce websites

News websites, …

Youtube, Vimeo, … but NO FLASH!

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Interactive text books


Activity books

Page 16: Ipad ipad ipad


From Casual Gaming…

To Hardcore Gaming

Network Gaming

Multiplayers games (Scrabble)

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Email, Instant Messenging, …

Skype, SIP Phones, …

Facebook, LinkedIn, …

The ultimate Twitter client

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Device control API

Over Bluetooth and Wifi

Control Lighting, Heating, Plugs, …

Remote PC Control & VNC


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Where will tablets be used?

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At Work

Perfect in Meetings

To Show a Presentations

(with VGA cable)

Quick document edits

Approve documents

Access files on Windows Server,


Checking email, gmail, Me.com, …

Fully compatible with Microsoft

Exchange and ActiveSync

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Lean Back Computing: online purchases, email, social networks, …

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Out and about

City Guide &Roadbooks

Google Maps with POI

Downloadable Museum Guides (Japan)

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School / Universities

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Always with you

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What marketing opportunities are there for brands?

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Display Advertising (iAds)

Page 27: Ipad ipad ipad

Local Advertising

Page 28: Ipad ipad ipad

eDirect marketing

Page 29: Ipad ipad ipad

Social media marketing

Page 30: Ipad ipad ipad

Emotional full screen video advertising

Page 31: Ipad ipad ipad

Online Campaigns (NO FLASH!)

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Branded Gamevertising

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Direct Sales

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Reality assessment

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What’s the iPad about? Is it an e-book?Is it Apple’s response to Amazon’s


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Comparing Apples with… ?

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It’s far more

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Barriers & Myths…



iPad = an icon for a new

generation of tablets


initial high cost makes it a

(very nice) gadget but a

gadget nonetheless


anti-hype reaction

Planning & buying ads

new media format to be



No flash

Perfectly compensated by


Reading and eye-sore

Not the case

Shared or personal

Move from family device to

personal device, like a

mobile phone

Location targeting

Extra services through

location based features

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Will it live up to its promise?

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What can Emakina offer to brands who want to go iPad?

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What does the future hold

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