Ipad Apps to Teach Finance

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Ipad Apps to Teach Finance. Presented by: Chuck Martucci & Terrie Schmitt. Overview of Ipad2 Top 10 Financial Applications BYOT Emerging Trends. Session Agenda. Top Ten Financial Apps. How do we do this?. BYOT Bring Your Own Technology This can include: IPADs Tablets Smart Phones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ipad Apps to Teach Finance

  • Presented by: Chuck Martucci & Terrie Schmitt

  • Overview of Ipad2

    Top 10 Financial Applications


    Emerging Trends

  • BYOT Bring Your Own Technology

    This can include:IPADsTabletsSmart PhonesAny Mobile Device

  • A BYOT approach allows students who already have devices to use them in a classroom setting.

    This can provide cost savings within a school district where we cant provide tablets or mobile devices to all.


  • There are many additional apps that can be helpful in teaching not just personal finance.

    We are going to review a few of the emerging applications.

  • The trend towards software application is towards a cloud environment.

    The Web becomes your file server.

    As a district we will be utilizing OFFICE365 which is a cloud based office software. Students will be able to access their Microsoft office files anywhere anytime.

    We are also showing students, parents and staff that there are alternatives to traditional office software (ie. Docs, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint) to communicate and solve tasks.

    Here are just some great emerging software links:PREZI-KingsoftstoreSlide Rocket/youtube Clip-ZohoEmpressr/youtubeClip-Open OfficeSlide Shark-CloudOnShowme-Goodreader (IPAD platform only)Khan Academy - Example-onliveGo To Meeting

  • There are two useful sites for capturing and downloading videos:Convertfiles.comKeepVid.com

  • BYOT can be successful for students to use in many classes.

    Active and reliable wireless/infrastructure has to be in place for this approach to be successful.

    I find that in my area it should be a compliment to traditional methods such as laptops. Again key is you need that reliable infrastructure.

    Many Mobile devices lack mirroring for use with projectors on the educator end but many existing devices can be used successfully by students for day to day tasks. Ipad 2 allows for successful projector hookup with a simple add on.

    We should embrace new technology and not fear it; I find that allowing students to use technology to take notes, research assignments or communicate cuts down on the non- educational aspects.

  • Contact us for copies of the presentation