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iPad apps for teaching. Version 2.

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2. Keynote: New and improved! Easy to create compelling presentations, even while waiting in the copy room PowerPoint compatible Embedded laser pointer and drawing tools Control from iPhone Email as PPT or PDF to staff and students in an instant Freedom to "walk the room" 3. Make beautiful and simple presentations from your iPad or computer The presentations are pre- formatted so all you have to do is select a picture and text Simple text and/or bullets No need to resize pictures or insert text boxes Type a keyword and the app will locate stunning pictures for you to use! Perfect for students to create presentations if they don't have a lot of experience with PowerPoint Haiku Deck 4. Easy to set-up classes Email daily plans Embed documents into daily lessons Attach links to Dropbox docs and videos Change times for special days Automatic Dropbox back-up Planbook 5. Flashcards Learning vocabulary and unit concepts in a fun way Students can practice on their iPhones and Android devices at any time Use as formative assessments on projector Import from Excel and export via email Lots of different functions, such as ability to view Side A, Side B--or both. Uses the vocabulary to create matching, crossword, and other fun games 6. Import PDF/Word docs and draw, highlight, and type text directly onto them. Voice record lectures and sync your notes to it Fill out forms, sign, and then email as PDFs. Great for HR and IEPs. Use on the projector to show students how to fill out an assignment or go over a quiz / test Use your finger, stylus, or on-screen keyboard to take meeting notes. Insert or take live pictures to add to your notes Notability 7. Sign forms and email as a PDF Grade presentations by importing student PPT, recording audio, and writing rubric notes; jump to a specific time to see your notes sync to the audio. Notability 8. Grade essays and quickly email them back as PDFs to your students Import Word docs., PDFs, or simply take a picture of a printed essay and correct Model an essay to your class on the projector and instantly annotate Notability 9. Explain Everything Create Webinars directly on the iPad Using a projector, show students the various components to a lesson on one screen Show students: documents, graphic organizers, a web browser, video files, or even live video using the cameras- -all at once. Pinch to zoom in and out to showcase different items Hit 'Record' to make a video file of everything you and the students say and do on screen Export video quickly to your iPad camera roll, Dropbox, or even your class YouTube account Perfect for flipping your classroom or recording events of a lesson or field trip for parents and absent students 10. Nearpod Import your PPT / PDF into Nearpod Insert quiz questions, polls, free text responses, drawing prompts Insert mp4 videos and YouTube links, and they'll instantly play. No more switching between apps. Students can watch at home as hw. Students see only your current slide Your presentation is downloaded onto their devices for later viewing Assign as homework or self-pace Formative assessments: as students answer questions on their devices, teachers get instant feedback Merge pre-assessment, direct instruction, and a review session all in one Nearpod presentation It's fun and engaging for students 11. AV Player HD Store and play almost any video file On laptop, drag video files directly to the app (and vice versa) via iTunes Or, just use wifi to transfer video files to or from iPad Play video on classroom projector via cord or wirelessly through wifi/AppleTV Easily adjust picture size Play video from 0.50x speed all the way to 2x the speed (great when there's a lot of boring horse riding) 12. Remind 101 Safely text your students and their parents No one can see one another's phone number Students and parents cannot reply via text Students register once by texting a code Teachers can text one class or multiple classes "We are meeting in the Library this morning." "Don't forget there's a quiz this afternoon." 13. Formative Assessments that are fun for students and informative for the teacher. Perfect if your class has computers for the period Grade papers/projects using a rubric, insert comments, and then instantly send to the student via Email or text message. Exit Ticket 14. iBooks Textbooks Textbooks are $14.99, no expiration date The Americans, World History available (plus most math and science textbooks that schools use) Dozens of History channel videos throughout the chapters and sections (2min - 60min) 3-D images / other fun learning aides Multiple-choice quizzes throughout the sections Embedded voice narration of chapter summaries 15. Use on a Projector "Just say: Remind me in 50 min to pass out school notices" RemindersCalculator