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My latest iPad update June 2014

Transcript of iPad Apps for Elementary Schools

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    iPad Apps Mid-2014 (6/3/14)

    Grade Main Folders

    (Page #)

    Main Apps + More

    Content (Page #)


    Kinder (4)

    Kinder Lit (5)

    K-2 Math (10)



    Sight Words (6)

    1st Grade

    Words K-2 (7)

    Sentences (8)

    K-2 Math (10)

    Sight Words (6)

    Math Bonus (11)

    Sentences (8)

    2nd Grade

    Words K-2 (7)

    Literacy 2-6 (9)

    K-2 Math (10)

    Math Fractions (15)

    Sight Words (6)

    Sentences (8)

    Math Bonus (11)

    Math Drills (12)

    3rd Grade

    Literacy 2-6 (9)

    Math 3-6 (14)

    Math Fractions (15)

    Sentences (8)

    Math Bonus (11)

    Math Drills (12)

    4th Grade

    Literacy 2-6 (9)

    Math 3-6 (14)

    Math Fractions (15)

    Math Drills (12)

    Spelling City

    5th Grade

    Literacy 2-6 (9)

    Math 3-6 (14)

    Math Fractions (15)

    Math Drills (12)

    Spelling City

    6th Grade

    Literacy 2-6 (9)

    Math 3-6 (14)

    Math Fractions (15)

    Khan A.

    Spelling City

    Other: Tools (17), Create (18), Create Stories (19), IWB (20),

    Accounts-Need (21), Google Drive (22), 2nd Page (22),

    The Sciences (15), Art & Music (22), Free Time (23)

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    A Teachers Favorite Apps Literacy: K-6

    Alphabet Tracing & Sight Word apps: any in the guide

    Reading Rainbow, Puzzleland, Endless Reader, Phonics Genius

    Grammar Jammers: Primary Edition, Grammarpolis, Sparklefish

    Jumbled Sentences (1-9), Opposites, Madlibs, Bluster!, Shake-a-phrase

    Articulation Station, Spelling City, Google Docs, Google Sheets

    More Starfall, Scholastic News Students: School account

    Math K-2: MeteorMath, Mathboard Addition, Any other math drills app MathTappers: Find Sums (iPhone section)

    Sushi Monster, Pearl Diver, Number Rack, Math Slide apps

    Todo Math, Addimals

    Thinking Blocks (Addition & Subtraction): Manipulatives

    Math 3-6: Math Champ, Math Drills Lite, Marble Multiplication

    Pearl Diver, Khan Academy (Videos), Math Slide Multiplication

    Questimate!, Door 24 Math, Pick-a-Path

    Chicken Coop Fractions, Fraction Factory

    Thinking Blocks Multi/Division, Ratios, Fractions

    Other: Stack the States/Countries Lite: Free ($1 Full), Geomaster US

    Nearpod, Socrative: Student-teacher interaction apps

    Story Wheel, My Story, Sock Puppets, Scribble Press

    Educreations, Show Me: Interactive Whiteboards

    Note: * = iPhone version, change to iPhone if downloading from an iPad

    # = means no longer available from the iTunes Store

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    Main Screen

    Folders: Sort apps into categories Great for finding what you need.

    Dock: Max of 6 apps/folders (Folder: Drag an app onto another)

    Move Mode: Move Apps/Folders: Hold down on it until it shakes

    Home button: Clears the move mode

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    Kindergarten Apps

    My First Tangrams HD Lite: Shapes, tangrams

    PBS Kids: Videos from PBS Kids

    Shape Puzzle HD Free: Interactive puzzle

    #ToyStory 3 Memory Match#: Memory game

    Puzzleland: Interactive puzzles

    iTooch Recess: Color identification

    Reading Rainbow: Reading with cool videos

    Underwater Memory Match: Memory games.

    Squiggles: Interactive game making objects move

    Play123: Interactive game making shapes

    Simon Says: Color matching game Simon Says

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    Kindergarten Literacy Apps

    ABA Flash Cards Alphabet: Tracing letters

    Alphabet Tracing: Tracing letters

    Alphabet Animals HD: Tracing letters

    I Write Words Lite: Tracing letters

    Dora ABCs: Tracing letters ($4.99, not worth $4.99 though)

    First Words Sampler: Short words with pictures

    Articulation: Amazing phonics app, a must download

    Endless Reader: Visual sight words and entertaining monsters

    Bobs Books Reading Magic Lite: Interactive book, making words

    ABC Alphabet Phonics: Sound-letter recognition

    Word Games for Kids - Futaba: Sound-Word matching

    Literacy Preschool (Ice Land!): Spelling

    Manulife Word Hunter: Find basic words

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    Sight Word Apps

    1000 Sight Words Free: Sight words

    *Sight Words Dolch Primer and pre-primer*: Sight words ($1)

    *Sight Words - Dolch 1st Grade*: Sight words ($1)

    Cimo Can Spell Lite: Spelling

    Cimo Spelling Sight Words Lite: Sight words Sight Words List Learn to Read: Sight words

    Sight Words Flashcard Lite Free: Sight words

    Gopher Finding Sight Words Lite: Sight Words

    Sight Words by Little Speller: Sight words

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    Words K-2 Apps (Grades K 2)

    Phonics Genius: Phonics

    ABC Phonics Word Families Free: Word families

    Phonics Awareness: Phonics, segmenting and blending

    ABC Phonics Animated Free: Phonics and spelling

    Phonics Vowels Lite: Phonics

    Phonics Tic Tac Toe: (Lakeshore) Phonics

    Kids Vocab Mind Snacks: Challenging vocab app with levels

    Endless Alphabet (ABC): Visual sounds and spelling words

    *Grammar Jammers Primary*: Grammar videos

    Hungry Howie Monster Build Lite: Word building

    Howie Finding Vowel Lite: Vowels find the right vowel

    Howie Word Family Lite: Words Word families

    Sparkle Fish: Verbal madlibs

    Word Families by 24x7digital: Word families app ($2)

    I Can Write 2: Sentences with location words

    Phonics Silly Sentences 2 Free: Lower grades, word matching

    Read on Sight Free: Pre-primer sight words

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    Sentences 1-3 (Grades 1-3)

    Jumbled Sentences: 9 separate apps, put the jumbled words in order

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    Literacy 2-6 (Grades 2-6) Bluster!: Academic word practice

    K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite: Reading


    Grammar Wonderland (Elementary): Parts of

    speech, other grammar games

    The Opposites: Opposite matching

    Mad Libs: Madlibs

    Word Search Star Free: Word search

    Grammaropolis: Grammar practice

    Tell About This Free: Speaking prompt

    Write About This Free: Writing prompts

    Word Search Unlimited Free: Word search

    Word Shaker HD Free: Make words

    *RhymeNow Free*: Rhyming help

    Wordventure!: Madlibs

    #Word Search PuzzleMania#

    Grammar Up Free: Grammar exercises

    Word Mover: Word poetry

    Vocabulary Buddy: Spelling practice

    Phrasal Verbs Machine: Learn different

    phrases and idioms

    News-o-Matic Daily Reading: News articles

    Shake-a-phrase: Make words

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    Math K-2 Apps (Grades K 2) Number Rack: Abacus math work

    #Hen House#: Counting

    Number Scale: Finding #s on a scale

    Sushi Monster: Adding/multiplying 2#s

    Monster Squeeze: Number line

    Math Zoom: ($) Number line

    Everyday Mathematics Top It: Adding


    *MathTappers: Find Sums*: Adding two

    numbers up to 10

    Lobster Diver HD: Number line

    Number Cruncher: Finding numbers in


    Brain Tuner Free: Math facts

    Math Motion: Hungry Fish: ($) Adding two


    Math Motion: Wings: ($)Choose the

    largest number

    Math Dojo Free: Math facts, adding two


    Math Challenge 1 Lite: Math facts +-

    Scribble Math: Interactive math facts

    Mathboard Addition: Adding with

    regrouping and help

    Appolino Plus & Minus: +- w/ # line

    Measure Length: Measuring lengths

    Thinking Blocks Addition & Subtraction:

    Great manipulative +-

    Math Slide: +- math group game

    Math Slide Tens & Ones: Place value

    Math Slide Hundreds: Place value

    Number Line by MLC: Number line

    Teachley: Addimals: Adding various ways

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    Math Bonus (Grade 1-3)

    Money, Time and Shapes Counting Money: Counting


    Count Money!: Counting


    Sticker Shop: Buy stickers with


    Splash Money: Basic money skills

    and games

    Money--: Counting money with

    coins and bills

    Amazing Coin USD: Sequencing

    with money

    Keep the Change:

    Make Change: Make change with

    bills and coins

    *MathTappers: ClockMaster*:

    Clock practice

    Tell Time Lite: Clock and time

    What Time is it Mr. Wolf: Time

    mixed with a game

    LetsTans Classic: ($1) shapes

    Slice It! Free: Equal shapes

    New iCut: ($1) Equal shape game

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    Math Drills Apps (Grades 1 6)

    All free math drills games (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

    Math Tour Lite

    Math Drills Lite

    Math Evolve Lite

    Meerkat Math (only addition is free)


    Math Champ Challenge

    Mathlands: Math puzzles

    Mathmateer Free

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    Math 3-6 Apps (Grades 3 6) Khan Academy: Video learning

    Pearl Diver: Number line

    Everyday Mathematics:

    Divisibility: Divisible by

    Pick-a-Path: Math puzzle

    Appolino multiplying

    Math Zombies: ($5) Math facts

    Chicken vault: Rounding

    Save the Sushi Free: Multiples

    Door 24 Math: Multiple-steps equ

    Ace Multiply: grid math facts

    Everyday Mathematics: Beat the

    Computer: Math facts

    *MathTappers: Multiples*

    Geoboard: Geometric shapes

    Marble Math Lite Multiplication: