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  1. 1. % of Traffic% of Revenue% of Traffic 21.74%iOS Android% of Revenue 47.16%Last quarter Android devices surpassed i0S globally in terms of traffic and revenue generation;Android has had the trafc lead for some time.In the Opera data,the i0SAndroid revenue gap is less than a point between the two platforms (chart above).What's noteworthy is that the iPhone generates less than a third of the trafc of Android smartphones but almost 75 percent of the revenue.All iOS devices outperform in terms of revenues generated vs. trafc.In particular, the iPad generates the most ad revenue per device relative to its trafc share.I app impressions eipawApp vs.Web by regionUnited StatesOceaniaMiddle EastEuropeAPACAmericasAfricaweb impressionsAfrica shows little app penetration vs.the mobile Web.At the other end,the US market sees more than 90 percent of ad impressions in apps.It would be interesting to see Europe segmented by markets.My guess would be that the big ve countries (UK,France,Germany,Italy,Spain) would overall show more in-app impressions.It would also be interesting to see APAC segmented by market (i. e.,China,Korea,Japan).