iOS, Android or Windows Phone? The best mobile platforms for your target

download iOS, Android or Windows Phone? The best mobile platforms for your target

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HOW TO CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE PLATFORM FOR YOUR TARGET WITHOUT HEADACHES Have an idea for an app but do not know where to begin? Start from this infographic, which helps you to figure out which operating system to choose and why. The apps market is now huge and full of contents, make your app better, speaking directly to your audience, studying trends and head straight for the most suitable platform. Many of our customers, both big and small, have serious doubts about it and often feel lost and confused in a world that only talks about mobile apps, with the risk of wasting money, time and more importantly, a very good idea. There are 3 platforms (Apple, Android, Windows) which together take almost all of the mobile market. They have huge differences among them, not only in hardware but also in functionality and aesthetics in the target and in how they approach the market. Each one has its audience and each app has its own content, each content has a style and each style has its best suited platform.

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2. APP REVENUESUSABILITYBIRTH SECURITYINTERFACEOPERATING SYSTEM iOS 9 GEN 2007 MINIMAL ELEGANT INTUITIVE CLEAN ACCURATE IN EVERY DETAIL AND EASY TO USE MINOR ATTEMPTS TO ATTACK BY HACKERS HIGH REVENUES NATIVELY INTEGRATES SOME USEFUL APPLICATIONS % % 3. ANDROID Since 2007 HIGHINTERFACE CUSTOMIZATION FREECONFIGURATION OF SCREENS AND WIDGETS AVERAGE REVENUES MECHANISMS TO BLOCK ANY MALICIOUS APPLICATIONS IN GOOGLE PLAY DESIGNED TO BE IMMEDIATE PROVIDE A FLUID INTERFACE % USABILITYBIRTH SECURITY APP REVENUESINTERFACEOPERATING SYSTEM 4. WINDOWSPHONE 15 FEB 2010 XBOXINTEGRATED SCREEN MULTITASKING MOREBATTERY LIFE CUSTOMIZABLE START SCREEN COMPOSED OF LIVE TILES SYMPLE EFFICIENCY YOUTH LOW REVENUES APPROVAL OF THE APPS BY MICROSOFT FOR PUBLICATION IN WINDOWS PHONE STORE % USABILITYBIRTH SECURITY APP REVENUESINTERFACEOPERATING SYSTEM 5. DIFFUSION IOS DOMINATES IN WESTERN COUNTRIES AND IN HIGH LEVEL MARKETS ANDROID IS MORE WIDESPREAD GLOBALLY THAN IOS. IT DOMINATES ESPECIALLY IN EMERGING COUNTRIES WINDOWS PHONE IN EUROPE IT IS MORE AND MORE PRESENT. FAST GROWTH IN ITALY AND THE UNITED KINGDOM 6. TARGET Ideal for who wants a stable and intuitive operating system. For "fashion victims" and who have other Apple products. Its a good compromise between performance and reliability. Also great for all professionists who work with their device. THE FASHION iOS 7. TARGET Is very suitable for who wants great customization at a reasonable price. Suitable for two types of users: the "nerds", who loves new technologies and the "basic users" who come in small steps towards the world of smartphones and tablets. THE NERD ANDROID 8. TARGET Suitable for young and dynamic people, music lovers and media content watchers. Also recommended to those who wont pay a lot for an interesting device. Also great for those who like the Windows world and all its services. WINDOWS PHONE THE DYNAMIC 9. DEFECTS Stability and user-friendliness at the highest levels. High UX and also the less experienced users are able to move in the best way Extreme customization. Android is available for a large number of devices; due to its philosophy Fluidity and attractive design. Full control in one place. Wide compatibility with all Microsoft services Inability to customize to your liking this operating system. Controlled by Apple (small additions issued from year to year) Extensive fragmentation of devices. Disadvantages of a system too open Big deciencies in some key elements of the system (notication center and the ability to have a xed status bar) ADVANTAGES 10. Created by DuckMa Srl - All rights reserved SOURCES