IOB Custom sell Sheet - Stamps • Best impressions! • Over 50,000...

download IOB Custom sell Sheet - Stamps • Best impressions! • Over 50,000 clean, clear imprints. • Unconditional lifetime guarantee. • Good for rapid repeat impressions

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Transcript of IOB Custom sell Sheet - Stamps • Best impressions! • Over 50,000...

  • Custom Stamps

    Best impressions! Over 50,000 clean, clear imprints. Unconditional lifetime guarantee.

    Good for rapid repeat impressions. 10,000 imprints.

    Requires separate ink pad. Dust cover included to keep ink off desk/counter.

    10 years of dates. Can be customized. 10,000 imprints.

    We made ordering custom stamps EASY...




    Self-Inking Daters

  • Custom Stamp NSNs Assigned to Industries of the Blind Greensboro, NC





    2 x 2 Custom Pre-Inked Stamp 2.5 x 3 Pre-Inked Stamp.375 Diameter Pre-Inked Stamp.5625 Diameter Pre-Inked Stamp.625 x 2.5 Pre-Inked Stamp1.5 x 2 Pre-Inked Stamp.5 x 1.5 Pre-Inked Stamp1.25 x 3 Pre-Inked Stamp.875 x 3 Pre-Inked Stamp.875 X 2 Pre-Inked StampUp to 3 x 4 Pre-Inked Stamp w/LogoUp to 1.625 x 4 Pre-Inked Stamp w/Signature1.625 x 4 Pre-Inked StampCustom Pre-Inked Stamp for USPSCustom Pre-Inked Stamp for USPSReinking fl uid for Pre-Inked Stamps - BlueReinking fl uid for Pre-Inked Stamps - BlackReinking fl uid for Pre-Inked Stamps - Red1 x 1.5 Self-Inking Stamp1.5 x 3 Self-Inking Stamp.5 x 2.125 Self-Inking Stamp.625 x 1.5 Self-Inking Stamp.875 x 2.25 Self-Inking StampUp to 1.5 x 3 Self-Inking Stamp w/SignatureRefi ll ink for Self-Inking Stamps - BlackRefi ll ink for Self-Inking Stamps - BlueRefi ll ink for Self-Inking Stamps - Red

    For more information about Industries of the Blind Greensboro,, or the AbilityOne Program, contact:

    Industries of the Blind, Inc.920 West Lee Street

    Greensboro, NC 27403Phone: 336-274-1591 or 800-909-7086

    Fax: 336-544-3739Email:

    To order Custom or Stock Stamps, go to

  • Stock Pre-Inked Stamps Soft-touch grip provides eff ortless stamping Microporous gel provides thousands of crisp, clean impressions Dust cover keeps your desk clean Made in U.S.A.





    Refi ll Ink Red, 7 ml.

    Refi ll InkNSN No.


    Actual Impression size: 9/16 x 1-11/16

    4 Piece Stamp Kits Contains 4 of the most popular titles Available in 6 diff erent kits

    16 Piece Stamp Kit SKU: 5242 NSN: 7520-00-NIB-1090 Includes counter/wall tray, 14 small pre-inked stock stamps, & 2 large pre-inked stock stamps As shown only

    File Master Stock Stamp KitSKU: 5236

    NSN: 7520-01-453-1965

    Accountant Stock Stamp KitSKU: 5237

    NSN: 7520-01-453-1968

    Mail Room Stock Stamp KitSKU: 5238

    NSN: 7520-01-453-1969

    Route-It Stock Stamp KitSKU: 5239

    NSN: 7520-01-453-1967

    Administration Stock Stamp KitSKU: 5240

    NSN: 7520-01-453-1964

    Security Stock Stamp KitSKU: 5241

    NSN: 7520-01-484-0014

    Tray Only SKU: 4009 NSN: 7500-00-NIB-1107

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