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Investor Presentation, Online vacation rental marketplace

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  • 1. Netz Capital is a Venture Capital Fund & advisory based in Mumbai led by a group of successful entrepreneurs investing in start ups and early stage companies. http://www.netzvacation.comis a online Vacation rental marketplace serving $ 10 billiononline vacation rental stay Industry in India

2. International Tourists stats Over 8 million international tourists come to India Number to touch 10 million by 2010 95% of the travelers look for cost effective stay options at vacation destinations International tourists are used to booking their stay online. They have to depend on local travel agents to find a place to stay. 3. Domestic Tourists stats Over 350 million domestic tourists (Source : Tourism Dept.) 99% of the travelers look for cost effective stay options at vacation destinations Major tourists fight for reserving State Tourism owned properties. E.g. MTDC, GTDC, HTDC, KTDC, TTDC Rest are unsure about their booking and find anything that is available at random 4. The need and market size Market size of over $10 billion USD growing at 15% There is no centralized interface or inventory maintenance of vacation rental properties State tourism corporations do not have any online booking system/interface/inventory for people to get assured booking. Even after mobile internet, data cards and cost effective computer infrastructure has reached most parts of India, booking facility given to tourists is very conventional and not promising. 5. About Netzvacations Inspired from offers vacation rental properties in USA by giving them centralized booking infrastructure and quality maintenance process. The system has been developed after 1 year ground research and programming. provides a platform for property agents/home owners/state tourism organizations/travel agents/booking partners to effectively manage India $5 billion market for online vacation booking. 6. Setup for successful implementation ForeignDomesticTouristsTravelTouristsAgents Quality Maintenance Agency Property State AgentsTourism Bed and HomeBudget PropertiesBreakfast Owners Properties Hotels 7. Business Model charges monthly/yearly fees from home owners, but the same model might not work in India Hence, 15-20% commission per booking Quality Maintenance agency for every property can be paid for quarterly review/training of the property. $400/$500 kiosks with internet data card For State Tourism agency, we can invest by our own to provide them For rest of the players, we can provide with easy finance option 8. Launch Strategy Tie up with all State tourism agencies Approx resorts and costs required MTDC GTDCKTDCOthersTotalApprox Resorts 14 8 15 105 142Approx Rooms/resort888 8Total rooms per resort11264120 8401136Approx Kiosks Required 14 8 15 105 142Cost per Kiosk$500 $500 $500$500Cost Per Resort$7,000 $4,000 $7,500 $52,500 $71,000 9. First Year Target & Financial Projections Launch Strategy is to only target Rooms Availability 1136Approx Rent per day$35 state tourism companies and Total Rent Per Day $39,760 target 10% of their revenue Total Rent Per Year $14,512,400 The site will however be open to vacation rental properties as wellAssumption Yearly Occupancy 80%$11,609,920Target 10% of Booking$1,160,992FY01FY02 FY03 Properties Listed 1500 18,000 145,000 Turnover $1,200,900 $15,400,000$135,000,000 Revenue $240,000$3,500,000$31,000,000Worldwide Launch 10. Team Bios Atul Khekade is the partner of Netz capital, a venture capital fund and advisory focused on nurturing start-upsand emerging companies to take them to billion dollar league. Atul has successfully led several start-upcompanies and generated revenues in excess of $1.5 million. Netz capital portfolio consists of 8 companies withcombined net worth of over $50 million and annual revenues in excess of $5 million.Atul has authored a book on Graphical User Interfaces and was a visiting professor on computer programming.Previously, Atul was a consultant with i-flex Solutions(now Oracle) and played key role in development ofCitigroup's global transaction system designed to handle trillions of dollars of transaction every month. Atul wasalso a consultant for UK based Smartstream technologies for Transaction Processing System used by banks such asWells Fargo and Bank of America. Atul co-founded a executive education company in 2005 for which he wasnominated in Businessweek as one of the Top Entrepreneurs in Asia under 25. Atul is currently the chairman ofAirnetz Charter Inc, a global private jet charter marketplace ,GDS and end to end business flight service. Airnetzserves over 25,000 airfields globally with over 1200 aircrafts to it's global network.Atul is a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University and has travelled across the world during his professionalroles. Atul has been featured on various publications such as India Today, Businessweek,, UTV andFortune Innovation Forum. Atul likes working in the background building Business Model, strategy, direction,public relations and sales. Ritesh Kakkad is the partner of Netz Capital and has prior experience of growing the companies from scratch to multi million dollar revenues. Ritesh is the CEO of Indsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd., a premier web hosting and internet infrastructure solutions provider to Fortune 500 companies. Ritesh was featured as one of bring young entrepreneurs in Asia by BBC. Nikhil Khekade has over 4 years of experience in building technologies for practical applications. He is responsible for Airnetz Global distribution system and online marketplace and a unique commercial flight pool system that lets corporate travelers fly on demand at business class prices. Nikhil is a visiting faculty for software technologies at Sardar Patel College of Engineering. Nikhil was previously working with Cognizant technologies Ltd for their CRM, Rsearch project and SAO for IBM.Nikhil has expertise in web services, semantic web and system automation. He is a graduate in Information technology from Mumbai University. 11. Fund requirement & Utilization $3 million in Seed Funding to reach FY01 targets Utilized for hiring Key People CTO, CEO State Tourism Board properties Implementation Office Advertising/Marketing $5 million in Series A to reach FY03 Targets Marketing, Advertising Expansion 12. Valuation Post Money Investor equity with $3 million Investment 40% Post Money Valuation $7.5 million Exit IPO e.g Mahindra Holidays Trade Sale to Expedia, Travelocity, Sabre etc. Trade sale to Private Equity FY03 Valuation $300 million Expected ROI in 3 years, 2000% 13. Interested? / Phone : +91 98331 77620 Linkedin : Atul Khekade